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  1. The only reason i didn’t freeze a kit so far is that i coudn’t remove damn heatspreaders. I consider that i paid 300$ for that service and not the item itself :)).
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  2. I vote @suzuki has to freeze the PSC within 3 months of purchase or pass them on to someone else in the community!
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  3. Can be closed Paypal through pp f&f / bank transfer. Buyer covers shipping, can ship worldwide. SOLD Section: #5 ASUS ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME ENCORE SOLD Perfect condition, with OVP + accessories. Modded 0702 Bios for performance /remove meltdown and spectre. #4 normal 10900k „avenger special edition“ capable of 5.3GHz not tested on LN2. Sold elsewhere #1 my 10900k lapped SP99 capable of 6.9G+ in Cinebench R15 To my knowledge still the highest clocking retail chip. Results done on a non-OC Gigabyte 4-Dimm Board. Not optimized OS etc. s
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  4. Geekbench 3 single core or superpi32 Intel & AMD per socket and mem (help me with old hw) 3dm2001 (?) / 3dmark2003 and or 3dmark2005 1xVGA 2xVGA; maybe per socket or mem
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  5. Won't make any difference to you anyway as the US hasn't been a contender in a decade.
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  6. 29 noobs figured it out, https://hwbot.org/competition/keeph8ns_ACGC_LGA1151_farewell/ cant be that hard can it? XD
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  7. Then ban more offenders. Convict is easier than prevent.
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  8. First real test for my apex on 16gb sticks, imc is extremely picky and needs too much volts, but at least 4600c14 works. Should not be the max for Gskill 4000c16 and board
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  9. It is a detection error in XTU, HWBot can not address this. You are not the only one sadly with this ES error. Which XTU version where you running?
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