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    @Splave Congratulations on the first place in the current calculations! 🖖🖖🖖
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    Finally have the memory! Submitted :)
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    Yep, pretty nice cpu. Looks like AMD did a great job of optimising silicon of Spitfire - early cpu steppings clock way worse than later ones, so that durons with later manufacturing dates will do 1.2-1.3GHz air while it's not possible with earlier cpus even at SS. These cpus are also affected by fsbwall - unlocking multi to go higher fsb, though easy to do by L1 mod, won't always bring benefits as one will hit into fsbwall rather into core limit (this exact cpu will do 1.27ghz air with x8 multi and won't do 1.0ghz with x5 multi).
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    Nope you can only enter either the AMD or the Intel competition. you can't participate in both and only claim in one a prize. There was no temp limit in the rules, but if its subzero it does not count as watercooling, that's chilled water... honesty prevails. If unsure we ask for video proof before cashing out
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    Hey guys, For trade the best 4790k i got out of 6 pieces recently. Core is very strong, 5 ghz@1.22 v in 2c wprime32 and 5 ghz@1.25/6 wprime 1024. IMC i was able to bench 2950 9-12-12 very tight. Testing was done on z97 Oc Formula, Cpu input voltage at 1.71v ,ambient 20 degrees,cooling AIO. If the new owner can relid it properly, will gain 10 degrees lower than what i obtained and maybe better results. I want to trade with similar 4770k/3770k.or very good 2600k/2700k. Offers via PM.
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    The future is emerging strong ^^
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    Only way to bin Maxwell is on LN2. But Asic is aqtually a decent indicator. lower than 70 means they are likely to scale with volts. 80 or higher are likely to be decently strong at low volts but will hit a wall and not respond to voltage. Cards I have tried in the middle 70-range have been pretty bad. This card is a 79,5 and actually not very good. Max 2000 core in Fire strike.
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    Thank you @shar00750 and @AKM, testing different v.mods has helped this card fly on water chiller at -21c. @M1RR0R this is an Asus Tuf Gaming 3090 2x8 pin with all v.mods done and not an Asus Strix 3x8 pin.
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    Stop hacking benchmarks plz
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    @flanker I was testing both BIOS versions on P5E Deluxe a while back and Maximus Formula topped out around ~520 with Wolfdale (E8400) while Rampage Formula BIOS did ~610 with everything else exactly the same (or as similar as possible).
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    why do you think that Nik? Some people already volunteered so I hope to have 2 moderators operational in the next month or so. I hope Frederik can resolve/fix some annoying bugs like the links that don't work, etc Biggest issue is I have not enough knowledge of the ultra old stuff or the brand new 3D stuff on LN2 so we need a few experts that can keep an eye on eg. the LOD used subs in Timespy or such benchmarks... It is like with any club or such, volunteers keep the boat afloat, if you loose those than it will be over and done...
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