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  1. Super stoked to try it! thanks for your hard work
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  2. You are doing a great job Alex, your efforts are appreciated by the community and I know it's a big task but you can do it. 👌
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  3. allright, i tried outer on my attempt but run into my old board issues, have to revisit that soon 🙂
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  4. IMO it was never a good idea to allow disabling tess. It made a lot scores not comparable to the real world. I also dont see how you can call it tweaking if you simply disable a feature via one click. Its not like 3dm01 where you have to find the best value for each scene. I hope next benchmark from FM simply refuses to run if tess got disabled.
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  5. Can't get W7 installed atm on the current bios, so decided to try out W10 on a completely untweaked os, just boot direct from bios and run to get some baselines for Vermeer. Using a dual rank kit which is a first for me and performance seems pretty strong. Unfortunately both cpu's cold bug here no matter what fclk so this is all air cooled since no point in wasting juice on this.
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  6. Maxxmem will no longer be supported due to this new updated faster version that messes up the entire ranking
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  7. That amount of people need to come in here and elaborate what the so called faking is about.... RDNA2 is bloody fast in Firestrike , but less powerful elsewhere, same as in games right... bit faster in Call of Duty, slower in Tomb raider,...
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  8. I think brand loyalty to a chip producer is hilarious. Nvidia could easily add the ability to disable tessellation and destroy if they cared at all about records.
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  9. Hi guys, What do you think about the amount of people that are saying that HWBOT is faking the results after the record on fire strike of the RX 6800XT ?
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