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  1. I actually tested them the other day when binning my PSC on phase:
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  2. Nick is working on it, he's fully into some new upcoming stuff... Hang in there
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  3. Are you thinking of Allen's custom PSC kit's with 8155KO pcb ? http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?286435-I-bin-PSC-per-IC-at-Home-!! The kit I was lucky enough to get from Splave was not uber good like some of the others but still better than random bin. I gave them to Noxinite when he was having hardware troubles as a little pick me up, plus I wanted to see what he can do with them since I never pushed them very hard
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  4. No particular interest, I do ultimately want to get my hands on one of each IC (since it's hardly unprecedented for enthusiasts to discover a random IC that's actually useful, see Samsung 1Gb G), but I have a Pi Black 2000 9-9-9 kit of it. It was actually an accident, I didn't even notice they were 1GB sticks until I got them. Freegeek, I assume? That is a good deal, I myself got a lot of 2000-2200 sticks from them a while ago, haven't tested all of the sticks but the 2000 Ripjaws I got in that lot turned out to be excellent. Whether the blacklines are GT depends on the part number, I nabbed a kit of those when I was just getting into DDR3 and was a bit disappointed to find out they were JN. To be fair, I didn't actually pull the spreaders, but they weren't any good. Kingston also depends on the P/N: 2000C9D = 9-9-9 BBSE, 2000C9AD = 9-11-9 BDBG or BFBG, depending on production date. My wishlist was also enormous, but, well, with a lot of time, money, and patience, now the number of kits I have is enormous (a bit too enormous...) Well, shoot, now I have to talk about my favorite subject, insane (near-)vaporware bins. At least, my understanding of some. Near-vaporware (extremely limited): F3-19200CL8D-4GBPIS, 2400C8 Pi. Very good bin, source of some of the best air results I've ever seen (though I believe the particular kit I'm thinking of, which TaPaKaH had at the time, hated cold; air isn't everything), but I've seen kits that were merely "pretty good". Apparently was retail but I don't think there were more than like a dozen kits. F3-19200CL8Q-8GBZHD, 2400C8 Ripjaws Z, same deal as the Pi. Some insane sticks, very limited. As far as I know it was only quad kits, so that doesn't help things. F3-20000CL9D-4GBTDS, 2500 9-11-9 1.65V PSC. Found in an OC3D review. I would guess this exact spec didn't go retail, or if it did, insanely limited. F3-20000CL9D-4GBTDS, 2500 9-11-11 1.65V PSC. The only results I have a link to are from Hiwa, he claimed they were a retail purchase and sold out immediately. If some of those results truly were done with memory on air, that kit of his was golden. Demo/ES SKUs: F3-12800CL5Q-8GBPI, 1600 5-8-5 1.65V PSC. F3-16000CL6D-4GBFX(D?), 2000 6-9-9 1.65V PSC. Look like some sort of Reaper-Flare hybrid. F3-18400CL7D-4GBPID, 2300 7-10-10 1.65V PSC. I know where this kit is but only one stick is still alive. F3-20000CL8D-4GBTDS, 2500 8-12-8 1.65V PSC. Used by Hiwa at a Computex 2010 demo. I believe Andre Yang had a kit as well. Don't have a clear picture on hand. KHX2544C9D3T1FK2/2GX, 2544 9-11-10 1.65V BDBG. PR. F3-20800CL8D-4GBPIS, 2600 8-11-8 1.65V PSC. The "3" and "4" on the PCBs in the picture make me think there were at least two kits... Vaporware (don't have any concrete evidence of these existing, beyond people asking if it exists ) : F3-14400CL6D-4GBFLS, 1800 6-8-6 1.65V PSC. F3-18400CL9D-4GBTDS, 2300 9-9-9-24 1.65V BBSE.
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  5. Please don't follow the urge to collect memory kits. Collectors are the plague of the benching community. Items made in low volumes are hard to find as they are, and people who let them fall apart in their drawers to satisfy their ego aren't exactly helping.
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