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    A little bit of progress, this is already quite a few revisions in...
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    It's not dead at all! I have had multiple success stories. I was a noob bencher having done DICE a few times when a few guys from OCN, pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to be part the Skype benching community. With a lot of encouragement and also some very helpful info I started to bench almost every weekend. I learned how hwbot works and started gaining points. After a few years I had made it to #1 in apprentice by running tons of dry ice and learning how to mod GPU's. Once I made it to #1 in apprentice I became stagnate and had difficulties gaining points with dry ice. Due to financial reasons, LN2 was not an option. @Splave took notice of what I was doing with DICE and GPU modding by my posts on Facebook. He generously offered to help me out by sending me a box with 30+ old GPU's that he didn't want. Furthermore, he offered to help me make the transition to LN2 and gave me a 50L dewar for the price of shipping. Splave's help didn't stop there, he continued to support my endeavors and teach me the world of LN2 benching. Eventually I ended up getting supported by ASRock for platform hardware. I devoted a few solid years to LN2 benching and pushing myself and the hardware as far as it would go. Splave continues to help and support me to this day... Throughout the years I have worked hard to give back as much as possible and build up the OCN team. Sharing of information and creating a family-like environment has been critical to OCN's success. We are constantly evolving and working on promoting overclocking though benchmarking competitions such as the Freezer' Burn competitions. Speaking of competitions, I am working with vendors now to get huge prize support for the next competition, which will happen at the end of this year. I see some limitations at Hwbot, but no, overclocking is not dead, it just looks a little different now that it has in the past.
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    To put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself: I am going to release the first version of my generic wrapper on the 11th of April. Regarding donations/financing, let's talk about that when the first version is out and stable.
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    Thanks Gregor for all the work you did. Much respect bro what you, Carl, PJ, Frederik, Michael and Chris pulled off, to make this free service enjoyable. I withdrew from the conversation as K5 and all this old hardware is not my cup of tea, however if I look back on 2018 alone many of the OSIBS subs have been heavily discussed over and over again regarding the the validity of many submissions or the hardware being used. You can draw your own conclusions on who's too blame... Seems the centrum of the universe nitwit wins again by using an abundant, probably in his point of view a democratic usage of words. Give yourselves a big cheer and a tap on the back. Another amazing achievement: Self Destructive mode is fully unlocked. However this unexpected departure means the bot's evolution might come to a halt, and this from right now: There might not be any more future hardware additions to the Bot's database. Thanks to those that supported Gregor and the BOT for its free service. To the others; if you don't like it here, why don't you go and play somewhere else where it is much better structurized, better moderated and where you can all have your little saying ... Just let us be happy in our elite biased bubble.... Democracy stopped right here, right now... if one ever pulls this word out of the hat again or starts to copy paste the entire wikipedia to waste my time and lecture me, I'll ban him without even blinking... You all have been officially warned.
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    Already applied to all previous country cups not to redirect to oc-esports.io and use the blue scheme: http://hwbot.org/competition/country_cup_2017
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    K guys time to get crancking again after a month off To open the field to everyone I want to try out a Low Level Clock challenge in a few divisions. Meaning some divisions will be MHz limited and a few even also temp limited. I already discussed our monitoring options with some very old german moderator. For monitoring use either: HWinfo V6.00, CPUID HardwareMonitor Pro or Open Hardware Monitor Open Hardware monitor can be downloaded here: LINK CPUID Hardware Monitor Pro: LINK HWINFO: LINK Ensure that the maximum CPU frequency is being monitored and if needed the idle and load temps (during the run)!!!! . Div VII : Intel legacy: LGA1150 or older socket with a max CPU speed of 4703MHz + Pos. Temp limit GPUPI 100 v3.3 3DMARK11 PHYSX (ver link required) X265 1080P PI32M DIV VI: AMD legacy: AM3+, FM1 or older socket with a max CPU speed of 4503MHz + Pos. Temp limit GPUPI 100 v3.3 3DMARK11 PHYSX (ver link required) X265 1080P PI32M DIV V: Dual core only, max CPU speed of 5103MHz GPUPI 1B v3.3 Cinebench R15 X265 1080P PI32M DIV IV: Quad core only, max CPU speed of 5203MHz GPUPI 1B v3.3 Cinebench R15 X265 4K PI32M DIV III: Hexa core only, max CPU speed of 5303MHz Geekbench4 Multi core Cinebench R11.5 X265 4K 3DMark 11Physx (ver link required) DIV II: Octa core only, max CPU speed of 5403MHz Geekbench4 Multi core Cinebench R15 X265 4K 3DMark 11Physx (ver link required) DIV I: max CPU speed of 5503MHz (no LGA 3647) Geekbench4 Multi core Cinebench R11.5 (divided per core) X265 4K 3DMark TimeSpy Physx (ver link required) This will only work of everybody abides to the speed (and temp limitation) therefore a general warning is already included in this proposal: get caught cheating and it will be instant ban. I don't care bout your current status or Instagram level. Either you play by the rules or you can find something else to do in the upcoming months. Current round will focus on 2D only, The next round same CPU specs but with GPU limitation and 3D only. Round 3 will be a mix of 2 and 3D Example of a valid screenshot: no clipping so full res desktop screenie Taskbar fully visible and time CPU-Z for CPU, memory and mainboard tab CPU Maximum frequency and temp ( if required) during the run
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    lo all, Team Cup is still in full motion however already time to focus on the last compo of the year: the Country Cup. Early announcement so you still have time to get the gear aligned.. This year countries will battle over 10 stages, 5 2D and 5 3D stages. CountryCup will start from the 4th of November and run till 31st of December. Current selected benchmarks (stuff can still change ofc) for the stages are: Stage1: X265 4K - 8 scores required over different sockets Stage 2: CB R15/core - 8 scores required over different sockets Stage 3: Max FSB/Bclock - 6 scores required over different sockets Stage 4: AMD Superpi32M - 6 scores required over different sockets Stage 5: GPUPI 1B with Single core CPU - 3 scores required over different sockets Stage 6: Single card Dual GPU only 3DMark05 - 5 scores required over 5 different videocards (no Radeon Pro Duo or titan Z) Stage 7: AMD CPU/GPU 3DMark01 - 5 scores required over different videocards (no Vega FE edition) Stage 8: GPUPI 32B single AMD GPUs only - 5 scores required over different videocards (no Vega FE edition) Stage 9: Night Raid IGPU - 5 scores required over different IGPUs (no VEGA M) Stage 10: TimeSpy Extreme single nVidia GPU - 5 scores required over different videocard generations (No Titan V) Country Cup is for retail hardware only! the validation and screenshots will be in line with the ongoing TeamCup ( so don't forget mobo tab and GPU-Z Sensor tab!) For stage 9 and 10 a Futuremark verification link is required and must be VALID at UL website There will two backgrounds this year, change of background will be announced 5 days ahead so you can still post all of your done scores. New competition background available. Newscores need to submitted with it!!
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    Want to simplify code and decrease server load, and at the same time decrease load on your poor already short staff? 2 Leagues Pro/Sponsored Everybody else Stop with the silly leagues by cooling method in which temperature can't be proven anyway. Want to move up the ranks? Move up your game. It doesn't get any simpler than that.
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    Some people have issues with USB port on this mobo after lots times benching under Ln2. Bcz the Polyfuse will break if temp lower than -40 degree. here are 3 pictures of Polyfuse locations on this mobo . You can remove the polyfuse and short both pad with tin . Then usb should work again.
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    For me it was always important what the community thinks. Hwbot lost a lot of users. For instance my whole team is not active anymore. The feedback I got was mostly around everything is getting too complicated. Ranking, rules, hardware categories. Everything gained too much levels of complexity and in the end its no fun anymore. Now, while you can't make everyone happy, you also gain nothing if you spend time on an website which has no users anymore. And since its a dance between correctness and happy users you have to listen what the people say. The last feedback I got was because of splitting 9800 GT category which I heard made many people upset but none of those said something as they were already too frustrated of the whole situation. Of course I was thinking about if that was worth the trouble, if it was worth the thing to upset people. Back then I believed it was necessary to keep a fair competition alive and was somehow logical as the rest of hardware db had the same scheme to separate categories also by Shader count. Since you are one of those which were affected Im actually quite surprised by your statement. While its very important to know for me if the community still in favor of my work, there are also some other points which made me decide to leave. Most important its my family. I just cant spend so much time anymore for hwbot. And the other thing is the question how does the development of hwbot evolve. In the moment I see just to many bugs and no indication that something will change. I wait for a response from Frederik and how he visualizes the future of the bot. And if there is a reasonable plan, count me in again. Even just for some light tasks. About Order: Those are very good suggestions. And now thats why I think this will not happen: Over the last years I made the experience that even if you say there is a broken link, there is bug on the website, there are duplicate categories in the db, there is no one who fix your reported stuff. Or it takes months up to years (Im not exaggerating). On top of that I think this needs some kind of coordination. Someone who assigns tasks like PJ did before he left. But that would usually need someone who works full time for the bot. And I guess the bot raises just enough funds to keep itself running. Its not like the bot could pay someones salary. That leaves two options. Either Frederik agrees to work at least one day in the week for the bot just to do the maintenance work, fixing small bugs, makes additions to the db which I cant do, talks to the team makes suggestions to important topics and and and... Or as this will not happen, theres only the possibility to distribute the work to more people. Which would mean someone is moderating competitions, one or two deal with the reported stuff, one for the hardware db and one who has some control over the website and post news can edit the rules etc. About Democracy: I know the bot made many people unhappy because of decisions which discussed somewhere in the forum and where never announced in the news. I guess thats why some people lost the confidence in this website. And I absolutely agree on this. But I wonder how should democracy work for this website? I remember we had polls. I remember the majority was always about to give more points, more benchmarks, equal points for same positions,... But there were very good arguments against. Yet always the greedy faction won. I think its good to hear different opinions. And the decision should be made on those opinions, but in the end stuff decides. Because they need to run this service. Thats absolutely true. The question is always to what degree we accept submissions which are flawed. I can accept when the CPU-Z memory tab is missing for a score which is somewhere in the middle of a ranking. But when I think of those Win10 results, I really begin to ponder what the best approach would be. Either let every submission in the ranking which doesnt look suspicious. But then, arent we de facto allow Win10? Doesn't we punish user who read the rules, especially because Win10 performs better than Win7 in some benchmarks? Or be strict and remove anything, causing many frustrated users. And when we dont remove Win10 results we make the people angry who obeyed the rules. If we would decide to let those Win10 results in the rankings because 90% of them are probably correct, how do we distinguish a tweaked run from a RTC bugged run? In my opinion, this is the door to meaningless rankings. Given that Win10 becomes more and more the standard OS in the world I guess that many users must be frustrated. It is a disaster. But everyday more and more of those results come in. And I dont think that the users actually even think of that there could be something wrong with their result. How many do really look in the rules. And even if they do, they see there is someone else having a result with Win10 for two years in the ranking, so it must look like the situation has changed and things are allowed now. In my opinion users need to get warned, they need to get aware of the situation. But that doesnt happen. I talked about this problem in our internal forums to no avail. It is just really frustrating. This was a common thing I heard from some people. First announce changes and then, let people discuss. I must admit, I really underestimated that the removal of those results would cause such a misunderstanding. I really thought that things would be clear. Instead I think many people are confused. But probably discussion is needed to help people understand the issue. So I think it should be a common thing to announce every change in the news section of the website. Its just too bad that we lost our news writer and no one from the team has access to the news section of the website. The only exception is Frederik but since he variously visits the forums, the time when such an article could be published could range from one day to several months. And thats just way too unreliable. However its not only hard to publish those announcements its also hard to actually write such an article. Sometimes it is just simply hard to explain the decision itself. But given that the result in this particular case wouldnt be any different, I went ahead wrote a small article trying explaining the problem and removed the scores. So maybe this was a tiny bit too hasty. But my feeling from the discussion was that many people didnt really tried to understand the problem. Instead they tried to convince me that their result wasnt affected by the bug or tried to express how evil the bot has become. Which doesnt matter at all in this case. So in my opinion those discussions will always end up the same. Its just about "please dont remove my points". And probably all good suggestions end up with much more work for the mods. And thats the reason I say we can do this, we can announce decisions and give time to talk but people should understand that for the most cases the decision was already made for good reasons. Id like to thank you all for your kind words.
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    I agree any snipping should be outlawed completely taskbar and full screen should be shown in all subs.
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    guys back to class plz... cleaning thread, damn Down Under benchers...
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    @_mat_ Oh, if it isn't clear enough from our previous interactions already, you have my permission to integrate BenchMate with y-cruncher. Just keep me updated with what you have in mind. I'm willing to make any minor changes that are needed if they would make the integration easier and/or more secure. I just won't have the time resources for anything significant. If it's useful, I can also give you access to the source code for the HWBOT submitter and verification algorithm for the stage 1 protection of the validation files. (which is all that's currently enforced for HWBOT anyway)
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    Hi John welcome to hwbot, its unfortunate it took you this long to make an account and be represented on hwbot especially if you care about our community Bench-mate does not subvert the licensing to geekbench at all, you run geekbench via the launcher (benchmate) and include your key if you want to use the 64 bit version. (trial is limited to 32bit). I can see why you may not have liked the software being bundled. (make take some clicks away from your site etc.) But it also makes it seamless and distributing what amounts to shareware will just lead back to people buying the key for 64 bit off your site no? How can this be fixed and moved forward in your mind? Thanks again. EDIT: I apologize for anyone calling you names. Surely that is childish and will be fixed by the mods. Most of us are grown ups here.
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    I'm fine with dumping geek bench. It's become bug bench anyways, maybe Matt can secure 2 other benches to replace them that are open source. Black hole time!
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    BenchMate 0.9 is here! After six weeks of (absolutely necessary) legwork I'm finally releasing the next major version of my Benchmark Verfication Software. All reported bugs have been fixed, a good part of the benchmark integration rewritten. I also put more effort into supporting Windows 7 and have extensively tested it on multiple platforms. If you like where this is going, spread the word and bench your stuff with BenchMate whenever possible. This is the most secure, reliable and trustworthy option to present your overclocking achievements. 💪 Download | Change Log | Donate
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    your choice how hard you push... never had any issues with the benchmark... It's still OC right...
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    TUSL2-C is natively compatible with tualatin core, CUSL2 requires mods to hardware to run tualatins. On the other hand, TUSL2 won't run mendocino celerons. I would pick TUSL2 of these two boards. Mendocino celerons are not that popular. Another challenge will be to get the following 2 things: IDE-SATA adaptor (to allow high fsb overclocks - native IDE drives won't let you overclock more than 20-30% in a lot of cases) and good memory that is able to go >200MHz CL2-2-2 (that is Quimonda chips of >2007 production - memory performance is crucial with s370). And probably you should also have several AGP cards as it also may limit your overclock (however, most simple agp cards as GF2MX, GF4MX should allow agp overclocking over 100MHz from stock 66MHz and the problem may be overclocking of AGP over 127-130MHz). You can look for Gigabyte 6OXET as alternative - these are rather difficult to find but they should be cheaper being considered garbage by many second hand resellers. I was able to hit even more stable overclocks with it but killed it during research.
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    No matter how I moderate I will be annoying somebody. Galax imposed these limitations on driver versions and I got the heads up to adhere to them. If everybody had some scores up like eg a week ago we could have spotted this and rectify it by warning the user... It's a dirty job and I have to do it... Sorry lads. I'm on it within an hour. Still have to drive back
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    Initial loops would be really quick but then the final few would never end.
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    Completed and sent to @GeorgeStorm Prise for this cup is: 1° place - selected Asus TUSL2-C 246+ mhz fsb 2° place - selected Pentium lll 1400 Tualatin 3° place - selected SDR ram 208 mhz CL2
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    In recent months consumers have seen Samsung based DDR4 prices steadily increasing and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. However, I am happy to report to you today that there is hope. In the overclocking world, Samsung B-Die based memory modules have become ubiquitous with tight timings and high frequency. The market demand has grown exponentially for B-Die memory because of its many advantages, but the downside to this is the constantly increasing prices. Teamgroup Inc. decided to meet the demand of this market by launching their Dark Pro line of memory which appears to be a budget conscious memory module based around highly overclockable Samsung IC’s. While not all of the memory in the Dark Pro lineup may not be equipped with the coveted B-Die, I have confirmed that my test kits do indeed use it. You may not be familiar with them, but Teamgroup Inc. is not a new company. They were founded in 1997, and they have been a top contender in the memory market since the days of DDR1. The dark pro lineup offers a few different choices to meet your demands, all are certified XMP 2.0. For the purposes of this research project and review, I will be looking at the kit of memory that is confirmed to be Samsung B-Die. While other modules in the lineup may be highly overclockable and extremely efficient for gaming, my objective is the maximum overclock potential. Therefore, he kit of memory I will be looking at today is the DDR4 3200c14 kit, which runs XMP 2.0 timings of 14-14-14-31. Teamgroup Inc. Dark Pro Lineup: Packaging is often an overlooked element to a finished product, but it shouldn't be. The packaging is just a delivery mechanism to ship the product safely, but it also serves as the first impression of quality. We have all opened products with cheaply made packaging and whether you acknowledge it or not I believe that it has an effect on the first impression of the product. The Dark Pro packaging does not disappoint. While it is incredible simple and effective, it does lend a feeling of quality. The heatsink design and look is incredibly subjective, but one thing is certain, when you hold the memory in your hands you get the feeling of quality. It has weight and the overall fit and finish feel excellent. On a personal level I strongly dislike anything RGB. I think the memory should be neutral and blend in to the system without standing out. I think the the Dark Pro modules fulfill that requirement perfectly with the predominant color being black and the highlight colors being either gray or red. They blend into the system and allow you to focus lighting efforts in other places. Dark Pro in Red With just a small flash of red, they blend in nicely with almost any system. Here you can see then paired up with the ASRock X299 OC Formula. The overall objective is memory overclocking for benchmarking purposes. Many of the benchmarks today can benefit from both increased memory speeds and tighter timings. With this kit of memory, the XMP is already incredibly efficient combining both high frequency and low latencies. However, my goal is to take things one step further and find out the percentage of gain I can achieve in benchmarks from purely memory overclocking. To evaluate the performance I will use Geekbench 3. This type of benchmark is purely 2D calculation based, there is no graphical processing element so it's a great analytical tool to evaluate memory performance. Specifically speaking, “Geekbench 3 features new tests designed to simulate real-world scenarios. This helps make Geekbench an invaluable tool to determine how your current computer (or your next computer) will handle your tasks and applications.” (quote taken from www.geekbench.com) There are two main areas of usage I want to address with this review. In the first part I will look at what can be accomplished using the absolute maximum voltage. According to the XMP 2.0 certifications, the absolute maximum allowable voltage is 1.50v VDDR. Anything above this will void the warranty and potentially kill the memory. In the second part of this review I will evaluate any potential gains to be had from driving MORE than 1.50 VDDR. In some situations there can be substantial gains in frequency and latency by driving up to about 2.10v VDDR. Note: I have been overclocking DDR4 just about on a daily basis with over 2.0v and there has been no detrimental effects to the CPU, MB, or memory in over a year of hard use. That being said, it will most certainly void any warranty. Both of my test systems are not contained within a case, they are open air test rigs. This gives me the flexibility to quickly change configurations and run exotic test setups without being constrained to a computer case. The ambient air during the testing was right around 80-85F. Dual channel memory test system CPU: i7 8700k Motherboard: ASRock Z170M OC Formula (Modded to allow Coffee Lake CPU’s) Memory: 16GB Teamgroup Dark Pro DDR4 3200Mhz Power Supply: Seasonic 1200W Platinum PRIME Graphics: 9400GT (I use a very basic GPU for 2D testing) Storage: OCZ Vertex 2 (64GB) Cooling: Custom water with 2x360 radiators OS: Windows Server 2012 R2, 64bit Maximum memory: Restricting the memory seen by OS to 1.8GB (Required for CL12 tests) Dual channel memory test rig Quad channel memory test system CPU: i9 7940X Motherboard: ASRock X299 OC Formula Memory: 32GB Teamgroup Dark Pro DDR4 3200Mhz Power Supply: Seasonic 1200W Platinum PRIME Graphics: 9400GT (I use a very basic GPU for 2D testing) Storage: OCZ Vertex 2 (64GB) Cooling: Custom water with 2x360 radiators and Kingpin cooling T-Rex for subzero testing OS: Windows 7 Embedded, 64bit Maximum memory: Restricting the memory seen by OS to 4.3GB (Required for CL12 tests)+ Quad channel memory test rig For each platform I will examine the overclock potential under various conditions as described above. However, I thought it would also be interesting to look at how Geekbench responds to increase in memory speeds. Looking at score improvement with only memory overclock is not just a curiosity, it's a real world representation heavy load daily functions. High End Desktop: X299 Platform, Quad Channel Test 1: XMP 2.0 (Stock Voltage) Score: 58568 Test 2: 3733 14-14-14-31 (1.50v or Under) Score: 59314 Test 3: 3800 12-11-11-24 (Under 2.1v, Actual = 1.85v) Score 61665 Mainstream Desktop, Z170 Platform, Dual Channel Test 1: XMP 2.0 (Stock Voltage) Score: 29986 Test 2: 3733 14-14-14-31 (1.50v or Under) Score: 30432 Test 3: 3733 12-11-11-24 ((Under 2.1v, Actual = 1.80v) Score 31537 Below is the calculations showing percentage gain of overclocking memory I used this memory when I overclocked my i9 7940X with Liquid Nitrogen. I was curious to see if I would be able to achieve any noteworthy increase in memory overclock potential with the CPU under LN2. In this particular case, with X299, I was not able to increase the memory overclock potential. It should be noted that gains from LN2 CPU should be more noticeable with the Z170 platform, but at this time I have yet to test that configuration. Here is the quad channel system in the process of running some LN2 tests I have spent a fair bit of time testing other memory modules with both X299 quad channel and Z170 dual channel. In the quad channel configuration, the Dark Pro kit of memory is on par with the best DDR4 available on the market today. I have compared them to quad channel kits that exceed $650 and the overclock potential is exactly the same, this is really quite impressive. However, in the dual channel configuration, with Z170, they do not have the same overclock potential. With other memory modules, testing in the same Z170 MB/CPU configuration, I have reached 4133 CL12 vs Dark Pro 3733 CL12. As I have shown above, the real world gain in performance from memory overclocks beyond XMP is really not practical. The maximum performance I was able to achieve was about 3.5% but this required voiding the warranty and severely limiting the life of the hardware. I highly recommend this memory for quad or dual channel configurations. The overclocking potential in Quad channel is really quite impressive, right in line with the absolute best. If you are a power user who is using subzero cooling for highly competitive extreme overclocking in dual channel mode only, then perhaps this memory is not for you. At the time of this review, you can purchase a 16GB (2x8) kit of this memory on for $210.00 Pros: Overclocking Potential, Design, Price Cons: Not on par with the very best B-Die when used in Z170/270/370
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    Some of my Hyper runs from nearly a decade ago LN2 RAM on mini ITX before it got mainstream
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    Thanks all for casting your votes. No benchmarks will be disabled for hardware points, and Geekbench3 - Single Core and Geekbench4 - Multi Core will be eligible for points in the next update. ETA this week.
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    The online qualifier is open to all HWBOT members and will be hosted on OC-ESPORTS by HWBOT from October 15th to November 17th. The contest will involve the following stages: Contest Stages: Stage 1: SuperPI 32m (GPU any Galax videocard) Stage 2: Memory Frequency (GPU any Galax video card) Stage 3: GPUPI-1B version 3.2 or below Stage 4: 3DMark TimeSpy Extreme, FULL RUN Stage 5: 3DMark TimeSpy, FULL RUN To enter the competition, simply submit your best benchmark scores on the contest page. The twelve contestants with the highest overall points will each win a ticket to the GALAX GOC 2018 Grand Final live event in China ( date to be confirmed) Note: In case of an overall tie, 3DMark Time spy is the first tie-breaker followed by Memory Frequency. Points Calculation for each Benchmark: The top score to the lowest score will receive 50, 48, 46, 44, 42, 40, 38, 36, 34, 32, 30, 28 and so on Five benchmarks total = 250 points General Rules Timespy Version 2.6.6174 or newer of ULk & SystemInfo 5.13 or newer released on or after Oct 12, 2018 Any VGA drivers released on or after Oct 11, 2018 System Hardware Monitoring must be enabled for all 3D benchmarks Bios must be officially available to public. No special bios is allowed Screenshot must be made with GOC wallpaper, GPUz, CPUz, Memory, SPD tabs (for GPUPÏ and TS(E) scores include GPUz sensor plz) Any brands of motherboard are allowed Retail hardware only. No engineering samples allowed Official receipt of Galax HOF OC Lab 2080ti and Galax HOF OC Lab DDR4 4600 CL19 purchases must be submitted to HWbot upon request All benchmark scores must be validated & confirmed by HWBOT Basic contest rules will follow that of the HWbot’s Standard Competition Rules Galax staff are not allowed to join this competition use Competition background Hardware Restrictions Galax HOF OC Lab Edition 2080ti, single card only for GPUPi benchmark and 3D Timespy (Extreme) Any other Galax videocard is allowed for SuperPi32m and memory frequency stage Galax HOF OC Lab Edition DDR4 4600 CL 19 only Intel Z370, Z270 or Z170 Platform only CPU Intel 8086K or below CPU and Uncore Freq. will be limited to 6GHz +/-10MHz No limits on VGA /System Memory clocks No limits on VGA or Memory cooling You can learn more details about the rules and restrictions here on the OC-ESPORTS contest page: https://oc-esports.io/#!/round/galax_goc18_qualifier or https://hwbot.org/competition/galax_goc18_qualifier
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    I'm sorry to say this because the developer works hard on it but x265 4k is a cpu killer and should be disabled for globals. I'm not talking randomly either, if you run it on ln2 with a modern cpu there is a greater than 50% chance it won't work the next day R15 has become a slot machine +(-)30 points on a 6 core. R11.5 is still consistent though figure that out.
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    My latest 24 hours regarding HWBOT. 1) Over 1000 e-mail messages, FB messages, phone calls and SMS messages. Common parameter in all - Frustration, anxiety, elevated stress levels. 2) Common questions - sell and get out ? --- Wait and see ? ---- Sell old HW and an arm and a leg and buy modern expensive HW ? Turbulence, confusion. Agreed, most people do not have the necessary self-discipline and life experience to see a hurricane hitting their head, while an hour ago all was calm. But, for a playground ? This is not family, business or whatever else, where a sudden event can bring life upside down. This is supposed to be a hobby. A hobby can be done at home alone, or thru broader channels ( Team Work ). UTMOST CONSIDERATION MUST BE EXHIBITED BEFORE REACHING FINAL DECISIONS. Shame that after so many revisions, a stable platform can't be found. My best wishes for a viable solution. Otherwise I predict a real avalanche wiping whatever is left
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    Is there anyway to keep hardware points as a contributing factor to the rankings? Current proposal is hardware points only count to hardware masters league correct?
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    How dare you call me not a team player or a real overclocker. What you fail to realize is that, this site is not a democracy. It's not yours. You are a user and are to abide by the rules laid down by the owner of the site. Period. If you don't like it, don't play. That is basically your only choice. FWIW, 1/4 of the listed subs are from my own team, so it's not like I don't have a dog in this race. W9 stands behind the mods decisions. Like it or not, they are the law.
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    I'm NOT agree. 1. http://hwbot.org/submission/3331215_max1024_cpu_frequency_pentium_mmx_233mhz_350_mhz It's normal result 100*3.5 = 350 Mhz under -35C, or may be you think that my Super Pi1M on 350 also fake? http://hwbot.org/submission/3331220_max1024_superpi___1m_pentium_mmx_233mhz_6min_32sec_134ms I'm on the HW bot more then 10 years and nkow about old HW all. 2. http://hwbot.org/submission/3457688_max1024_cpu_frequency_embedded_pentium_mmx_266mhz_500_mhz Read this via google translate https://overclockers.ru/lab/print/82458/retrokloking-world-fastest-pentium-mmx or may be AIDA 64 and other soft also have a BUG? [/img] And other my results. I look Strunkenbold at this issue formally, not understanding the situation, but it would be worth it. It is very sad to see such a lack of competence.
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    Base: Asus Maximus X Apex for Maximus IX Apex@BIOS MOD 1503 Support CPU: Skylake/Kaby Lake/Coffee Lake Latest Bios Microcode: Intel CPU SKL 0xC6, KBL 0x8E, CFL 8 Core 0x84 / 6 Core 0x96 / 4 Core 0x8E. Intel RST Intel VBIOS 1058/GOP 9.0.1080 Intel Lan UNDI 0.0.19/Lan OROM 0.1.13/Lan GBE 0.5 Intel ME Firmware All BIOS Region Unlock, for further updates, the programmer(UBF) is not needed. All components of the board are working, including RGB Light, on-board graphics card, HT, PCI-e. To mod flash through the programmer! usb bios flashback not test... *update. Flash UBF it work M10A_MOD_ver1503.rar
  35. 5 points
    Isn't this a bit early for an idea thread for Country Cup? Yes it is, if this was normal year, which it isn't because: 1) there's a plan to run CC a little earlier this year 2) It's the 10th anniversary of this great competition! Why not celebrate it in a special way? Idea #1 Make the competition 10 stages, one picked from each of the last 10 years (with hardware restrictions adjusted where appropriate). This could take the form of a poll or just a discussion thread, I'm not sure which way to go because a poll is democratic but with 10 questions could end up with a low number of votes. What do you think? Here are the stages over the last 10 years (for reference): Idea #2 This is kind of a "stretch goal" version of idea #1. Same deal, still 10 stages from the last 10 years but this time the winning team from each year can pick the stages. I know it could be a lot of work but I think it's kind of a cool way of deciding that is less likely to turn into a never-ending discussion. To make sure that one country doesn't dominate this process I further propose allowing each country only one pick and giving the second place / third place team the pick as appropriate. i.e. the bolded teams in this list get to pick the stage from that particular year: Looking forward to hearing your responses! Thanks to @Bilko for helping to come up with this concept
  36. 5 points
    I'm currently working on the integration of pifast into BenchMate. This poses a new challenge because pifast is a command line tool called with a batch file. It's hard to secure but also not very user-friendly or presentable. So I've built a wrapper this week that allows integration of all command line benchmarks. Sneak a peek of the first screenshot:
  37. 5 points
    Hey guys, I am selling my MSI MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC because I just don't have much use for it. The board has less than 20 hours total usage and its in perfect working condition. I purchased the board from Amazon a few months ago, and the box + accessories are mint. The list of mods I have done are as follows: 5 small mods for LN2 usage Potentiometer with disable switch for DDR4 memory voltage DDR4 memory voltage read point sockets to attach your voltmeter Special bios from Toppc with built in profiles for memory frequency validation Syringe style liquid electrical tape insulation on top Spray plastidip insulation on the bottom It's $190 on Amazon, I am looking to get $130 shipped USA or $120 + actual international shipping
  38. 5 points
    That's entirely unfair. There were many competitions in the past that new people are incapable of participating in and receiving points from, so you're basically just allowing people who've been here since 2006 like thousands of extra points that literally no one else can ever get. I think competitions should make an impact, but there needs to be a cap so that new people can eventually be competitive, by putting in the time, in new competitions that they are capable of participating in.
  39. 5 points
    Hey guys, I'm selling the best 8700K I found so far! Did 6970MHz on LN2, but not screened...anway 6950 was screened! 5600 R15 water with liquid metal and 5500 Prime!!! Really an amazing piece of silicon! 800 €.... Now 750€ Shipping in Germany 6€, EU 12€, WW drop me a pm
  40. 5 points
    Well I never posted any BIOS made by elmor. But heres the latest one from Dsanke. See attachment. Dec 19 2018 [12:47 PM] dsanke: Author: @dsanke Motherboard: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX APEX Based on: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X APEX 1801 ME: Microcodes: 506E0(0x18),506E1(0x2A),506E2(0x2E),506E3(0x74),506E8(0x34),906E9(0x5E),906EA(0x6A),906EB(0x5E),906EC(0x84). Note: Flash via SPI Programmer. Support All LGA1151 CPU except Xeon and Skylake ES. AURA/SLI Fixed. $ md5sum ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801.7z ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801/ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801.bin 0c6637e1ea85f94f72dadd57c5c141b5 ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801.7z 968d92d84f2869f69ca759c2452937b4 ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801/ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801.bin ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-1801.7z
  41. 5 points
    May be able to solve 1151v2 issue, just getting the go ahead. Edit: In the process of fixing 1151/1151v2 for R15 and x265, please link any scores that don't seem to be correct. Also please moan at me not Leeg/others if things start to break, as it's all my fault. 1151 / 1151 v2 should also work for ref freq stage as that's still being done by cpu socket, obviously still have issues with AMD AM3/AM3+ etc
  42. 5 points
    It is static because very few put the time in. Can't have a team or person thats active for more than 10 years tossed to the side by little Jonny and his gaming rig that throws a half a dozen subs in and disappears forever. You don't need to reward new members like that. Noobs have to put their time in to see themselves rise the ladder. That's how it works in every aspect of life...........unless you're a millennial. They have the competitions for instant gratification if thats what they desire.
  43. 5 points
    Just want to say that we mostly rely on data from CPU-World and TPU GPUDB. I know that CPU-Z as GPU-Z have problems showing the correct code name for recycled or castrated parts. That often happens if the vendor doesnt change the IDs of those parts. Thats the reason why CPU-Z /GPU-Z doesnt match our db in some cases. On that FM1 performance issue: I put an answer already in the _mat's thread where he examined the issue. But in case you didnt read yet... The reason why older bios versions are faster is that AMD turned of a feature of those CPUs because they found a bug which can cause the CPUs to hang. GPUPI makes heavy use of division operations. Llano CPUs actually have a unit that can do those division operations very fast. But because of a bug, AMD decided to turn that unit off. Those operations need to go through other units of the CPU now which are a lot slower. In case you ask now why nobody in the last 7 years bothered, the reason is that division operation seem to be just not that important under normal workloads, yet GPU-PI makes heavy use of it. If you want to re-enable the performance, without downgrading your Bios or your OS: https://www.passmark.com/forum/performancetest/3705-amd-llano-a-series-benchmark-and-cpu-bug?t=3656 Cbjaust already confirmed that it works.
  44. 5 points
    Fair point, wouldn't want to risk hardware. We should just run at stock.
  45. 5 points
    OMG! CAN WE BRING BACK THE OLD COMPETITION PAGES?????????? http://hwbot.org/competition/country_cup_2014 THIS STYLE???
  46. 4 points
    This is almost certainly now the single greatest thread we've ever had on this forum I believe
  47. 4 points
    as long as it is ONE processor it's all systems go, I did not put any limitations for Xeons or such this time
  48. 4 points
    I'm very glad to hear this! The interface has always been on-package PCIe 3.0 x8 anyway so it's definitely the best way to deal with them.
  49. 4 points
    In hindsight I shouldn't have agreed to do this as it turned out I didn't have any time, and yes I set up some things wrong, and then got things wrong when moderating. Leeg is trying to salvage things, I just did a simple if not valid no good, a lot of people took valid just to mean not lod etc. I hadn't noticed the system info issues as I assumed 3dmark valid required latest system info again my bad. If we want to follow the rules as written that's fine, just mean a lot more removed scores I believe, which seems a shame for a fun comp. This was meant to be a fun comp, and so there can be flexibility, trying to give those who entered some voice, being rude isn't going to help anyone.
  50. 4 points
    Thing is the number of comps held is up to the staff, they can if they want increase the number of comps held if they want. I know things have changed in the way of less comps in recent times but that in itself as all other things are could well be changed in the other direction too. You do make a good point about how comp points were dropping off but that could be subject to change too if the staff decides to do so. As for catching up it's no different than it was for us when we started off, we too were behind the rest when we started but with time we managed to catch up. Also look at the number of new guys that stuck with it and climbed the rankings in short order, a big part of it is up to the bencher. There are also guys who have half the time if that much in it I have that's ranked above me, that in itself proves it's not solely a matter of time being involved, it's at least in part the commitment and effort given by the bencher. I don't see the fairness in discounting what the older guys have done, all of us still had to put in the same effort and expense to do it and that shoudn't change for anyone if it's to be done equally across the board, what one earns is theirs. The new guys can participate in comps in the same way we have, it's all up to them to either do so or not. No amount of accomidation can change that if they aren't willing to work for what they get, same as we've had to do all along. Speaking of the number of comps held, the staff could look back and see how those were done and possibly use it for an idea or template for planning future comps if they want, it's certainly possible to do.
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