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    Have only 2 PSUs works on both, from 1,25 to 1,45 it is no problem, will test more once i have that heatsink on BTW, might have killed the 2nd one, had it working perfectly, but then i tried to reinstall the original Fujitsu cap, which worked after the 3rd try, but now it doesn't recognize power button, i think the heatcycles might have killed the NB... Initial problem with the 2nd one was shorted capacitor on Vnb if it interrests you EDIT, Board one tested to 1,65V seems back in bussiness, but nb filtering looks like this now EDIT2: The board i mentioned i killed lives again, but VRM is allso dead again
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    That was the problem indeed, reflowed the corroded looking VRM controller and the board appears to work fine, just have to put back the Fusitsu cap, after checking if it is good
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    5960X doesn't go for that price anymore, especially unbinned
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    You can buy a Apex XI and a second hand Apex X for the price of dark, you have two boards, windows XP, etc. I am not saying that Dark is a bad board however the price is little bit too much for this platform.
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    Apex wins then.... A good board won't make a dud shine.. However à good cpu on a bad board....
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    Price is OBO. I sold one on ebay two weeks ago for $457. If no one here is interested after a while, I'll put these ones on ebay aswell.
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