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    What people tend to forget is that rev8 is dubbed "classic" as it was my intention to go back to our roots and remove a lot of the complexity that came after rev3. Turns out a lot of the stuff added over the years is loved, but people don't realize it until you are about to take it away. Team power points, a separate league so newcomers don't need to compare against extreme overclockers, team cups, country cup, ...
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    Does Maximus XI gene (Z390) can overclock ddr4 to more MHz than Maximus X apex (Z370) ? (both pair with the same 9900K cpu and same g.skill ram stick.)
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    I like this proposal overall, it's well thought out and covers most of the concerns people have had. The main thing that I think I'd like to add to this is adding Chillers and possibly Single Stage units added to Enthusiast as I think this will take most of the doubt out of the equation when trying to work out if this score is using chilled water or they just have low a ambient temp, Something of a "if you can't beat them, join them" solution. I don't expect that to be a popular idea but I do believe it's the right way to go. The idea of having Country Cup moved to being earlier in the year I am fully on board with and I expect alot of others will be as well. The redesign of moving cups to the main area of the profile page I like as well, makes it look cleaner. I do like the HWBOT achievements but some of them aren't really achievable anymore ( Attend World Tour LN2 Certification), so they could do with a trim or rethink in some areas. There are also some that could be added or updated such as points gathered using more modern sockets (AM4/TR4) or one for using AMD cards (We have one for 25 ATi cards but not AMD ones). But that's all my thoughts on this, Thanks to Cautilus for laying this all out
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    If u want to compete against extreme and elite guys, you should use better cooling (SS, DICE, LN2..) and stop crying
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