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    Used some of the info and files here + testing and updated the initial post with how to get older images to work on z390
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    Video UP!!!! @GRIFF @yosarianilives @Leeghoofd @Achill3uS @subaruwrc
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    I fact this seems to be a factory thing, perhaps some later boards come like that. I think your problem is something else. IMO the Ultra-B is a lot more problematic with bios, although it is the best clocking board out of the box. My 2 older boards don't have this, but they are dead Here's the same on my board: PS: Also my older board without this bridging SMD capacitor (between the mosfets) blew up with a VDIMM mod. I think they added it later to "fix" it.
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    why not just make the stage 590, 690, 6990, 7990 only and call it a day?
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    This particular stage is configured to use the Graphics (GPU) score, the rules that are on the main page for the benchmark largely apply with that exception. Because it's not a benchmark ranking like the full Skydiver test is there's no point structure for it. Everything is working as it's supposed to It's the same for everyone that submits in that stage.
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    The comp has started. its too late to change it now.
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    Great work! The asm code is the easiest part for me, since we have a "template" and once everything is in bios, I can write then write the ISA option rom code. I think that I've got how to add the new labels and options and then update the items in "_ITEM.BIN" in the main bios. Will try it when I get back home. You only need to add in _EN_CODE.BIN the starting addresses of the label heading and first option item, right? SuperBypass seems to be enabled by default on NF7, Data Scavenged Rate is also set to Fast. DS and SR are the same for all DIMMs, but DFI sets them differently for the different DIMMs. Will still need to try more combinations, but something like 4/7 and 6/7 works better than the default 3/10. PS: Your code compiles fine under linux.
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    cpu was under water, memory were all the time with stoch hs i can shipp to usa, that's not a problem
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    Up for sale a kit binned from few pieces of 4266c19 spec of Kingston HyperX Predator. Mems are retail and bench results of 4133 12-12 or 4860 14-14 were obtained using regular water cooling with 22 degrees ambient.Not used on cold, like new. Kingston uses A2 layout but it is a different one compared to Gskill/Galax or other brand that makes them have no issues with older boards like Z170 or Z270 or Z370, they work as expected with 1T where sticks with A2 layout needed 2t or tcwl 14 to work properly. 4860 14-14-14 tight was easy on both Intel and Amd, 4933 boots very easy without tons of retraining but i couldnt get them stable enough fro geekbench on normal ambient ( cinebenches or other benchmarks work). A little bit of cold and they should do it easily. Price is 260E shipped in Europe, payment via iban or paypal, buyer takes care of fees if he doesn't send as friends.
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    ya, that is one of the nicest looking GPU water blocks I've ever seen.
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    My answer is that: Since long ago the bios modders have realized that the hardware on the 10 is almost identical to the 9. So we can just use the z370 bios without and significant risk or issue. This is indeed very true and almost everybody here (and for many months now) has been using z370 bios without issue. That is because (for this specific board) there is no compatibiltiy issue to be concerned for. Unlike with other types / models of motherboard. So there is no motivation for anybody to do such a thing. You can try to do this and you will have greater issues especially concerning the max number of threads etc. as previously discussed. The z370 native bios neatly avoids all this issues and all other issues... which is why we love it so much.
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    @Thorn & @Mr.Scott I updated the DFI LPB Merlin bios. Thorn noticed that i accidentally used the wrong system module (discovery 0.1 instead of 0.3) for the romsip swap. So here's the updated version, this time with a) correct system.bin module and b) changed post message to indicate the romsips. No other changes were made and the bios is untested. MerlinDiscovery0.3+ebed+ed.zip You can also find the archive here: http://bierbude.spdns.org:2302/USER UPLOADS/Tzk/DFI/Lanparty Ultra B/
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    Added the known timings in DRAM Controller 1 (B0D0F1). Most are straightforward, except TRAS is controlled with 2 registers. 91:7 controls lowest bit (e.g. 1111 for 15T), while the rest are controlled by 92[2:0]. Also there's not enough space to list all the options for TRFC (32 in total), so I've written just first and last. Will make B0D0F4 (slew rates, drive strengths and the rest) later, but I will probably need to switch to DFI to test them properly by setting them in bios. Also have a PCR file for the Host Bridge by รedรกn, but I'm not sure if it is right (10DE01E0). PCR(PCI Configration Registers) Editor / WPCREDIT for WIN32 Copyright (c) 1998 H.Oda! [COMMENT]=Author: I.nfraR.ed, v.1 [MODEL]=nForce2 [VID]=10DE:nVidia [DID]=01EB:Memory Controller (00)=Vendor Identification (01)=Vendor Identification (02)=Device Identification (03)=Device Identification (86:1)=Auto Precharge (90:3)=TRC (90:2)=0000=0T 0001=1T 0010=2T 0011=3T 0100=4T 0101=5T (90:1)=0110=6T 0111=7T 1000=8T 1001=9T 1010=10T (90:0)=1011=11T 1100=12T 1101=13T 1110=14T 1111=15T (91:4..0)=TRFC 00000=0 ... 11111=31 (91:7)=TRAS = TRAS+1 (92:2)=TRAS 000=0T 001=2T 010=4T (92:1)=011=6T 100=8T 101=10T (92:0)=110=12T 111=14T + (91:7) (92:6)=TRCD-R 000=0T 001=1T (92:5)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (92:4)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (93:6)=TRP 000=0T 001=1T (93:5)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (93:4)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (93:2)=TRCD-W 000=0T 001=1T (93:1)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (93:0)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (94:6)=TRTW 000=0T 001=1T (94:5)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (94:4)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (95:5)=TREXT 00=0T 01=1T (95:4)=10=2T 11=3T (95:2)=TRTP 000=0T 001=1T (95:1)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (95:0)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (96:6)=TWTP 000=0T 001=1T (96:5)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (96:4)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (96:2)=TWTR 000=0T 001=1T (96:1)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (96:0)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (97:6)=TDOE 000=0T 001=1T (97:5)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (97:4)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T (97:2)=TRRD 000=0T 001=1T (97:1)=010=2T 011=3T 100=4T (97:0)=101=5T 110=6T 111=7T 10DE01EB.pcr 10DE01E0.pcr
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    Don't bother with hyve edit on another compi,you've got the patched file by Diderius here https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware-212.html#msg94682 just put it in the right folder and try to boot Another thing to know is if you didn't replace ACPI.sys file in SP3.cab of i386 folder,after each BSOD during set-up it automaticaly take the back-up file in SP3.cab and replace the modded one in System32\drivers so you'll have BSOD again and again because of that.You need to replace ACPI.sys after each BSOD or mod your SP3.cab with the same file you put in i386 iso folder.
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    Probably just brittle old solder joints. Might get lucky if you bake it.
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    OMG. I just cleaned it and in doing so I must have flexed the pcb a bit. The Board does work again. This isn't good after all because now I know the pcb has issues... Dumpster find does dumpster things
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    I know, and I'm sorry, but it's all I can do.
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    You should check at least his latest Rev3 version Back then along with dfi-street forums , Hellfire was also posting (with an other username) at xtremesystems.org I am almost certain he was posting logs. Anyway Hellfire Rev3 if i'm not mistaken is based on 1/21
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    I took my Z390 Dark Win XP and replaced acpi.sys and syssetup.dll and it gave blue screen 7B with M11A. Seems like reinstallation is required. Edit: My bad, Z390 Dark uses Asmedia SATA while Apex only has Intel SATA. Z390 Dark OS modded with Z390 ASUS files makes XP work on X299 Dark
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    plz vote , stage will reopen either unchanged or with Firestrike Extreme and yes or no server GPUs Majority wins
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    Next time I'm up your way, we are going to have to see if I can't find one of those
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    If we leave the limitation to Deneb and Suzuka, the only thing which can be unlocked is the CPU Cache and that wont make a difference with wprime. There are enough CPUs to choose anyway.
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    If there's still a bug do you think recalculate will help, I already did this 10 times to get the ranking of the Challengers correct, nothing works bro It has been reported....
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    maybe i am blind, but how much do you want for that 4790k now ?
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    any special volts needed for that or is it all in the lower RAM and CPU multi?
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    Llc1 Vccsa 1.25-1.3 vccio 1.3 Btw 9900ks works on the j bios linked above.
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    Well there are actually quite a bit hybrid graphics cards in the db already and way beyond Llano IGPs only. ๐Ÿ˜› But those hybrid thingies get really bad detected by GPU-Z which makes it _maybe_ necessary to increase the requirements of the screenshot. 1. My first proposal would be to remove hybrid from the comp cause its PITA detection wise 2. If we still want to use hybrid, make sure to have a GPU-Z window from all 3 devices - IGP, dGPU, hybrid device 3. If a combination is not already in the db, make a request here.
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    Who's still benching Z170 in 2019?
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    Hi, Please find here some tips and tools for OC and XOC Official pages : Main : * Link * BIOS : * Link * Compatibility : * Link * MSI OC Guide : * Link * XOC BIOS : 7C34AMS.135 : * Link * AGESA 1003 Fix oc fail hang on F9 And new function always hang on F9 or retry 3 times The debug LED can show temperature on OS. 7C34AMS.164 : * Link * AGESA 1004 Optimize LN2 mode Optimize memory frequency over 5000MHz OC Tools : Command Center Lite (aka CCL) : * Link * Command Center Lite Memory : ??? MEMORY Settings : 4666C14 4666C15 MEMORY Profils : This is my personal profiles, it's not provide by MSI so please use with care !!! Most protections are set high or disable /!\ Voltage are far from stocks /!\ Profil #1 : 14-13-13-13 with 220 * Link * Profil #2 : 15-14-14-14 with 280 * Link * It's working with my sticks, but every sticks are different, so it may need fine tune to boot on your. Frequency is 4666, you can try higher or lower depending on how good are your BDIE / IMC FCLK is 1900 MHz, lower it for AIR if "07" at boot FCLK need 1400 to 1566 for XOC to reduce CB BIOS : 7C34AMS.135 Need MAXMEM in OS (no MAXMEM = OS load fail or BSOD)
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    I sincerely hope that the entire design team of ASUS X48 boards catches a disease unknown to medicine and dies a slow and painful death in a country where euthanasia is illegal. Had two X48 boards in storage, one RE and one P5E3prem. Bought a CPU I wanted to test. Both boards show code 00 and don't POST with any CPU I try ...
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    Outstanding what you get from those 120 Amps! :D
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    Behind you by 0.01! LOL! Coming for you (yet you are beating my desktop, kudos!)!
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