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    I got an alert that hwbot went down but as I was on a surprise weekend for my wifes birthday I could not do anything but reboot the server remotely. Unfortunately that did not solve the issue. Sorry about the downtime! Rev8 on UAT seems to work well and I no longer hear major complaints. It will go live "soon".
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    Maybe I should settle the exact amount of results with a poll, so I can blame the community if someone inevitably complains.
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    Hey guys, I'm selling the best 8700K I found so far! Did 6970MHz on LN2, but not screened...anway 6950 was screened! 5600 R15 water with liquid metal and 5500 Prime!!! Really an amazing piece of silicon! 800 €.... Now 750€ Shipping in Germany 6€, EU 12€, WW drop me a pm
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    As most of you know, ASUS released a new beast based on x299 chipset that looks like an improved hybrid of VI Apex & VI Extreme. Before we continue, have a look on Elmor's guide for R6A since most of the stuff remain unchanged. Main changes First of all its a 4-dimm motherboard that has no issues running 4k+ 12-11 tight on air without any kind of voodoo/magic. Using the b-die profile makes everything super easy and we were able to run both A1 and A2 mem kits without any issues. Also, as you can see below the power delivery got upgraded as we now have double the amount of VRMs we had on Apex Original heatsink now also has 2 fans to assist with cooling whenever load is high. Running on LN2: As mentioned above, you can refer to Elmor's guide to get things started and have an idea of what voltage does what and what the ranges/suggestions are. Overclocking a power hungry chip like the i9 9980XE was like a walk in the park and no issues (so far ). A nice baseline follows: - Just disable the ordinary power saving/cpu features and the devices you might not need. To disable RGB etc use stealth mode that can be found on the devices tab. - Set LLC to level 6, VRM current capability to 240% and whatever else you like to adjust for xoc. - vCore 1.47~V is what worked for both the 7980XE and 9980XE we tested but keep in mind that some benchmarks and chips will need less/higher vCore to max out. - Input voltage: 2.1~v is what we used for most of the chips we ran and had no issues running from 5.5 (retail 7980xe) to 5.9+ GHz. - Cache voltage: 1.3~V is ok to run cache at 3.8-3.9 on our cpu. You can try higher if you see scaling. - SA/IO: 1.20-1.25~V on both works fine for 4k+ quad channel. Note: LN2 switch isn't necessary. We could run using the above voltages and have LN2 switch disabled without issues. The above voltages are more of a baseline and tweaking is needed to max out your cpu, cache or mem freq! In case you remove the OLED display that comes mounted on the heatsink, you can use OC Panel or Roman's debug tool to check the post codes. Here is the R6 OC Pack that contains most -if not all- of the stuff you might need. Will post more if we find anything that might help.
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    Sir, I do not know you, but most certainly I would like to know you. As though you are reading my mind, that has made the same thoughts for YEARS now. 1) As I have stated multiple times, Rookies is a MUST. Maybe even for six months. No one can take a "newborn child" and throw it in the water with the sharks. 2) Verified Elite is the obvious choice. The top crop of our community, people with special talents and connections directly with the industry. Members that have financial reasons and OBLIGATIONS to bench. 3) All the rest. Us. Since the vague picture of diversifying leagues based on way of cooling ( especially Novice-enthusiast category where things are even more than vague ), is gone and long due for an overhaul, which should have happened years ago. It is actually more simple to understand with a paradigm, unless someone is so heavily preoccupied to "see himself" in the first ten places of any league ( novice-enthusiast-apprentice extreme ), only to have his ego satisfied in the virtual world of the web, hidden behind a nickname. So, wanna raise in rankings ? Improve your knowledge and invest money in cooling. Use Dice, use SS, use Cascade and finally use LN2 and go up the ladder ( seasonal or carrier ). And finally let's stop this hide and seek to what is ambient and what is not.
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    Why did I decide to read this threat at 6 in the mornin? Best answer in this thread is probably Sponsored, Non-Sponsored, Rookie. I don't like the concept of "Sponsored", maybe turn it into the "Verified" elite members of the community. I don't think that ranking matters much when LN2 will always be on top and many people just don't care about doing sub-ambient OC (like myself). I primarily use the site for hardware rankings so most of this doesn't really matter to me. Unlike people who have pushed thousands of dollars into this hobby because they are chasing some kind of recognition (And then you might as well be using LN2). This site is much more useful as a review aggregate than some kind of epeen measuring contest =).
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    Are you sure about memory? I did 4300+ 12 11 11 on kb-x and 4000+ quad channel 12-11 easy on skl-x. Please be aware imc on skl-x is tricky, in the beggining the mem freq had to be lower to improve cbb but latest bios-es fixed this. Regarding vrm board was good for lhe on kbl-x and 1.5V+ worked fine on skl-x 18 core. I am sure you will get good results from either board be it x299 formula , Asus Apex or Evga dark, just don't make decisive conclusions before testing with your own hands.
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    Now brother, THAT is something I never expected to see, lol A Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV on wheels of a Fiat 500. GLWS bro
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    Because when points where initially launched, participation on HWBOT boomed. Most people love points/karma/likes/kudos/whatever. It's virtual and meaningless, but people love gathering stuff. If you don't care about point, good for you! Reason more to just say "just go live with rev8" and let me focus on other stuff than damn points for once. Your example was bad because it did not make your point clear.
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    Thats really 1.2-1.25v sa/io? My 7800X scaling negatively above 1.03v not sure why. Great board nonetheless.
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    Whats wrong with the latter? Quite a bit of fun to dust off legacy cards for new CPUs
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    Guess more than the globals makes sense for the following reasons: a) many more ways to get hw top places due to tons of different parts b) easier for a guy who cant afford expensive binning/parts so he doesnt run out of options c) not sure about this but I guess it would also add higher value to the whole hw section overall and would make things more interesting
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    If the limit is stupid it does not matter who decides it. Here is one example of a stock cooled VGA and a very easy OC of an air cooled CPU: https://uat.hwbot.org/submission/3557369_gorod_3dmark___fire_strike_geforce_gtx_1070_20223_marks It gets 33 hw points. You can run the 1070 through all modern or semi-modern 3D and get around 30 points easy with all air/water and very small OC. For reference you can just check h20vsln2's profile to see what kind of good hw points you can get through an all air/water setup. 50x30 points = 1500 points total. And I did not say thousands, I said A thousand points. And this is just hw points. If you want to see good globals which are "easy" to get you just check the same user profile. The newest intel CPU and latest Titan will always get incredible globals even on stock cooling, but the fewer global subs that count, the less impact this has. For me the fewer results that give points the more you have to focus on quality of your subs and makes it less of a money game. Even if it always will be a money game, you can limit it as best you can.
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    Thanks for sharing and happy birthday, Omega-man
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    It is your property sir and definitely your privilege to ask any price you want, but It is not such one of a kind sample to be asking 800 Euros, especially when it is not top notch under LN2. Furthermore, the name of the game has now moved to 9900k. I have 2 X 8700K, doing on ambient 5.5ghz core / 5.1ghz cache on Apex X with LLC6 at 1.40V and 1.41V respectively. Both surpass 6ghz on SS, CBR15. A third one I had that did 5.6ghz with 1.46V was privately sold. GLWS though !
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    Too much quantity, too little quality. Who has time to do 30 good globals and 30 good hw subs per year? And who can do 10 comps in a year? Max 10 globals and 10 hw per year, and max 3 comps. For career 30 hw is fine, but as globals are changing almost every year i think 30 subs for globals is too much even for career.
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    1) Watch your mouth mister. We are not in a saloon with drunks around us. 2) If you do not have the info I have ( and many more in here ), what orgies happen with "enthusiast cooling", better keep silent.
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    Don't feel sorry for the Enthusiasts. A very significant percentage of this category are cheaters benching on some kind of cold.
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    Ohh my dearest brother - Today is the day of surprises - Galax RTX 2080 Ti on Arctic Accelero cooler and now this set And thought that it was me who still owns like a big jackass that I am, the worst set of G.Skill b-die memory set, that needs 2.0V to run 1933 / 12-12-12-28-2T. I have not been able to sell them even for 120 Euros on fleeBay. GLWS bro !
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    jesus christ, it needs time to be implemented and checked, give em a bloody chance to get it done stop whinging and let them do it for christs sake, as if its gunna kill yas if bot is down for a couple of days or a week to get it done , who cares, whilst its getting done, stop bein such damn woosies like its your life that depends on it !!!!
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