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    Hey there First of all I hope everybody out there is healty and safe during this difficult time we have all over the world! I read some strange rumours in some forums out there and received messages about the future of HWBOT. I'm wondering where some of this stuff comes from so I want to clarify things. I don't have to tell you that HWBOT is the niche inside the niche and therefore possible income and cooperations are difficult. In times where YouTube is such an easy marketing tool for companies and the reach is much higher than any website banners, websites such as HWBOT have a difficult time. The hosting costs of HWBOT with about 800-1000 EUR per month are exceeding the income from few competitions by far. After several years and I don't know how many thousand hours of work, Frederik had to make a cut to protect his own IT company. Offers were made to different companies such as ASUS or G.Skill but when I saw that I was worried about this plattform. This plattform turned me into who I am today and allowed me to do things I would've never imagined 10 or 15 years ago. So many awesome experiences of my life were linked to HWBOT. Starting from the first moments of extreme overclocking and the thrill of breaking records to events in Taiwan such as MOA or AOOC in Moscow. Once I heard about that this plattform might go in hands of the hardware industry I was worried about how it would turn out. Imagine how this website would look like if a mainboard vendor would own it? That's why I had a discussion with Eike (my business partner at Thermal Grizzly) to aquire HWBOT. We both are totally aware that we might never see the money back we "invested" in HWBOT which is absolutely fine and not our goal. Eike and me are luckily in a position where we can afford to keep HWBOT the way it is (yea yea and fix some bugs) without worrying about the money. We will try to do some cooperations such as the well known G.Skill competition to cover some of the hosting costs but that's it. HWBOT will be a completely independent company (HWBOT GmbH) and in no way linked to Thermal Grizzly. Honestly if we want exposure I can just book another video at Linus Tech Tips on YouTube and reach 1 Mio views in one week. As much as I love this website for the geeky place it is but marketing wise we have different strategies. The current state is that we applied for the company registration papers in Germany to start the HWBOT GmbH. However, due to Corona I have no idea when we can finish the company papers and when HWBOT will be fully transfered to us. Currently we have a kind of "hybrid mode" where we cover all running costs to keep HWBOT alive but Frederik still has full access. Only once we have the HWBOT GmbH (Ltd) registered and all data is transfered we will fully take over. You should not notice a difference when this happens. Things we will do: Keep the page almost (for changes see down below) the way it is Try to pay the core stuff or at least give compensation for hardware/LN2 (details will be discussed) Cooperation with Benchmate. It looks like a great software to us and makes it easy to validate scores. If it improves things we don't see why we should not cooperate with mat. I already spent few hours with him on the phone to discuss how we can make it as smooth as possible. We have the same opinion and goals and will try to find the best solution for the community HWBOT will stay free to use We have a coder who also did some stuff for Thermal Grizzly previously and he will spend about 1-2 working days per week on improving HWBOT. We plan to fix bugs which occur and improve some functions (admin panel for moderation for example) There are few things I want to change such as going back to reward all submissions with points so newcomers have more motivation. We might also change to a scheduled recalculation every 6-12h instead of instant recalculations to further reduce server load and costs. Otherwise we don't plan to have major changes. We just want to keep this website alive because it can really be an awesome place. If you have any concerns, ideas or whatever don't hesitat to ask or post. But I will ask you to act like adults. I'm not sure how Massman could deal with the insults of some over the years.... Thanks and stay safe! Roman
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    Thans to many for the kids words, seems some others still don't understand how this site/hobby & community functions. I think Scotties post is spot on, it's not about me, but to all those hat invested lots of time and effort to keep the site up and running. Trying to make it as fun as it could be. Similar to daily live, we have to impose rules and regulations to keep things structurized and fair to everyone. There are always problems and learning moments, like now. Does the site have issues, ofcourse! I'm the first to admit that, but again this is mainly because we are constantly evolving and the lack of manpower or manhours makes things on the coding side even harder. It's like a new bios, fix one thing break two other things. Patience is a virtue people! Just to burst your bubble, this site tries to run break even and is currently based on two main income/event sources: G.Skill and Galax competitions. I don't need to tell you that due to Galax not hosting an event due to regional tensions, we will not even achieve break even this year. So a big hand to Frederik who invest his own money in this site to pay for the server and other costs. We have seen other times with big sponsorship, but the ROI ( Return of Investment ) is always killed by our own community. Leading to sponsors to drop out or just not even adhering to the agreed deals. I have no clue why but no matter which generation of OCers I look at, I can always label ourselves as being Self Destructive. In the golden times when I was still as young and sexy as many are now, we had numerous world wide competitions. Most vendors didn't have in house benchers so they relied on the knowledge and feedback of the community. Nowadays they have in-house benchers, because these selected people will not turn into the super greedy species some companies had to deal with before. Some examples: I have witnessed big shot OCers claiming all the samples that they used during an event or even what the fluck just touched. In a dedicated OC lab I even saw sports bags open and a few OCers just putting in binned graphics cards, without even asking for the samples. And there are tons more examples how, WE, the community just keep on shooting in our own feet. Usually it is just a few individuals that mess things up for all the rest. Bussines as usual, year after year, leading to the vendors dropping out one by one. Biggest loss on the previous was when Massman decided to leave, he was the main contact with all the major companies. Companies we needed, to provide samples to the moderators to check out the new hardware BEFORE it hit the shelves, providing site sponsorship and the already mentioned prizes for the hosted events at HWBot. Ney, Websmile, Strunkenbold kept it running but the numerous encountered frustrations with the members all made them to leave. If something is wrong or not up to our own likings, the blaming finger immediately points straight at HWbot or the moderator that apparently doesn't like your latest brilliant idea. Question: do you as an employee will do the same with your boss? Probably not as he provides your income. So why do this on a site which is free of charge and which allows us to have fun? Beats me, I can only label this an act of lack of respect. If I'm overlooking this particular thread you can clearly distinct the different interest and understandings of some of our users. We always spot the same types and characters: the all knowing, the sensible, the smartass ake -, the I-want-to-have-the-last-word and other types. I guess most of us are grown ups, but why act so childish or even turn into a freaking spoiled brat? Too bad the thread was already moderated as it might have been very educational to read some of the removed content. It is time we all look in the mirror and ask ourselves the question: am I doing it right? What do people actually think of me? Am I the next big thing? Why is OC going backwards? Why can't we just press run the benchmark, why do we feel the need to tinker with the free software to get a better score? Self reflection might help with many, some are just lost cases that will never grasp it. Anyway to sum up, I decided to stay as I don't want the kill this site. The current and old HWBot team has devoted way too much to just allow it to go down. But I hope everybody understands now that some will need to tone down, no matter how convinced you are that you are right, a simple No is a No. Stop acting like a 10 year old! Can we please everybody? Nope but we got for the community , not just you, the individual!!! The Moderation Team will be reinforced with Matthew Bush and hopefully the integration of BenchMate will still be done before end of year. Leeghoofd out
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    Hi guys. Thought to make a guide for the new Maximus XII Apex to help some people have a base to work on. Disclaimers: Anything that is mentioned in this guide is meant to help you have a starting point. I am not responsible for any damages you do to your hardware by overclocking, modding, (extreme) cooling it or whatever else. You are responsible for your own actions assuming you know what you are doing. The “Come on I wanna bench my new hardware” tl;dr guide: Step 1: LN2 jumper -> enable Step 2: Cool down, apply your settings (4095W, LLC 6 - 8 depending on the benchmark, 200% etc) and enable RSVD1 Step 3: Auto pll term should be 1.7 and usually works but can increase it if you see cb/cbb (1.8 might give booting issues so you might want to set it after boot) SA and IO around 1.4v Step 4: cool down to full pot (figure cb/cbb), go to OS and apply clocks and voltages If you need to run superpi32m or anything that is affected by uCode then you got to spend time and read below.. OC Pack: !!!Gdrive folder that includes everything since dropbox links seem to have issues!!!: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DjnhLFpKA_-aORnt1gKOyD7w5SXGA7gj?usp=sharing ----------------------------------- 0508 Bios (uCode and no uCode included ready to go): https://www.dropbox.com/s/lp9giyr6fct2ni6/m12a0508.rar?dl=0 0069 Bios (uCode and no uCode included and ready to go) - mini improvements and fixes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ufntk2d4yxf88ii/ROG-MAXIMUS-XII-APEX-ASUS-0069.zip?dl=0 0062 bios - another beta bios which according to ASUS it improves dram tuning - to confirm if 2v+ needs ln2 jumper or not. No ucode version included as well: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bv0qqclcwrmmnt1/ROG-MAXIMUS-XII-APEX-ASUS-0062.zip?dl=0 0055 bios allows for 2+V without the need for ln2 mode + noucode version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7pc91xn7ksxkucc/ROG-MAXIMUS-XII-APEX-ASUS-0055.zip?dl=0 VRM tool - run exe on boot. New tool that might help push a bit more on the cpu side / run same freq with a bit less volts (15~mv less): https://www.dropbox.com/s/hkoydak1vm0zgpb/vrm2.zip?dl=0 TurboV: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzyzlf9cjneul9p/TurboV_Core_1.10.07.zip?dl=0 Mem TweakIt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7azeckt1f2s4yt/Mem TweakIt-V2.02.46.7z?dl=0 Ratio Tool (thanks to @elmor for the tool -> use ratio_tool_cml.exe for ratios -> patch_cml_ifnoucode.exe if using a bios without ucode to get it patched/fixed) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/7kf6wqwtyu3erqj/Tool.zip?dl=0 Ratio Tool with Vcore: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1en7v8q11i14yx0/Ratio_Hotkey_with_V.zip?dl=0 Z490 AHCI Drivers for XP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wh306qzlgg6z6gg/xp ahci drivers test.zip?dl=0 USB drivers for Win7: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dco21mn01fez26c/z490_usb.zip?dl=0 Backup USB drivers for XP: https://mega.nz/file/KBIzxSAB#nZYWTcAC0v3wThuq0lFKUKarnv7Nh73655zFE2mJ7to BIOS Flashback (USB port below Ethernet): Some insight: Main differences based on previous cpus/gens is that we got extra cores, better IMC and OC being a bit easier when it comes to CBB/CB (always depends on the CPU). Now, Intel to compensate the increased heat due to the extra cores, decreased the die height and replaced that with additional copper to keep the backwards compatibility on the cooler side. Here is a nice paint image someone at Intel made for our convenience: Left = last gen vs Right = new gen Believe this made a big difference on the temps as we got a 10C consuming 260W on water (R15 at 5.3G) and temps hitting 72~C. Our 180W oc’d 9900K would hit around that (leakage plays a big factor here as well - can't compare 1:1 but still). This eventually means that you can transfer the load from the cores (substrate) to the pot much more efficiently = MHz. Now, 2nd part of the changes is how easy it is to overclock these. Explanation of voltages and differences vs previous gens: Based on our previous “go-to settings” on Z390 (and prior) we would have to adjust vcore, core pll, dmi, sa, io, standby, pll term and internal pll. Instead, on Z490 all you got to play with is vcore, sa, io and pll term. Good to go voltages for our CPU was 1.6~ vcore, 1.4~ sa/io (similar depending imc and clocks) and 1.7-1.8v pll term. 1.7 (which is what LN2 jumper does) pll term was enough to kill any cb/cbb on our cpu. That was for both 2d and 3d. If you see you got an issue and 1.8v pll term isn’t enough (again - note that this might cause booting issues so you might want to use eventual voltage here), then you can give rsvd 1 switch a try and IO at 1.45+ as this is tied to the old known DMI. There is the option to mod the mobo and solder the DMI pin which is tied to RSVD 2 but thats still work in progress. Will check back on this but not sure its needed to be honest. VRMs are OP and could run x265 back to back with cpu fullpot and just a fan hitting them (no heatsink). Of course I can’t tell what happens if you do xyz so always be cautious !!!Note if you wanna go LN2 mode on water for 2+v on mems!!! Set pll term to 1.3~ as having it above 1.35 makes the sensor read high temps = over-temp messages etc. ME Patches and performance: Now that we touched the basics to voltages and differences vs previous generations, it's a good point to analyze another one and that's the ME patches Intel applied for the famous security holes. With new gen, we get new patches that are tied to the bios. These affect the performance on a lot of benchmarks (ie. spi32m) and for that we got to find a workaround. Thankfully ASUS has figured this out already. With MMTool you can load the .CAP bios and remove all the uCode patches. Simply select a patch at a time, select delete patch data and hit apply. Then save the new .cap file and flash it via bios flashback. !It is recommended that you flash the original bios first and then the modded one via flashback.! Personally, we keep Bios 2 for no uCode bios so we can easily switch between the two. Removing uCode raises a new issue which is memory oc as it gets heavily limited + a couple other minor things. Initial (training) bclock will have to be 100MHz. !In OS this is easy to adjust without issues! If you need to train higher than 100MHz for whatever reason you can do so with OC Panel when you see 4C on the debug post. Additionally, it will be good to set all ratios and main voltages to manual to avoid freezing issues. Consider setting internal core and ring pll’s to 0.9v in tweakers’ paradise and it is advised to avoid setting dllbwen as well. Now, when it comes to memory oc, all you have to do is enable Legacy OC on the bottom of the memory tab and set everything as you would before. First time it might act weird but hitting the retry will get it to work fine. One last note, run patch_cml_ifnoucode.exe on startup to get high multipliers to work (tool.zip). Per Core Hyperthreading: This is super easy to understand and one of the new features that come with this gen. You can enable/disable the HT of each core which makes it handy for some cases like 3DMark06, Vantage etc. Windows XP: Well, thats one of the best parts for this gen as it will be working day 1. Z490 compatible ISO (stock SP3 pretty much): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1od79PuR0O29mIwKNKqfCqbZAv0JCp_mJ Firahelp for installing XP via USB same as Z170 days (thanks @elmor): https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atmpv-6qHr_6vcIGjGDDdVQjURrIcA?e=JTDLyq Intel USB Drivers (thanks to whoever made these + @noizemaker for sharing/testing) work with XP and Win7 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dco21mn01fez26c/z490_usb.zip?dl=0 Backup USB for XP: https://mega.nz/file/KBIzxSAB#nZYWTcAC0v3wThuq0lFKUKarnv7Nh73655zFE2mJ7to Barbonenet’s acronis image that was posted here should also work fine without issues (thanks @antome for saving people’s time ) https://community.hwbot.org/topic/192682-windows-xp-on-asus-z390-motherboards-and-others/ If you get any errors, let me know as there is a small chance that you need to install the AHCI drivers of Z490 prior to moving from older mobo (ie Z390). Here you can find some suggestions for different scenarios. It's some kind of direction we suggest after testing different benchmarks/cases for maximum performance. These are mostly tied to memories and you are encouraged to test your own kit(s) for best optimization. For all these A2 memories are a must. You won’t be able to do any of these with A0/A1 kits. Also, while we generally try to help, we believe that not everything should be plug n play. So considering that the new gen has stronger IMC you should be having fun doing a bit of tweaking here and there instead of copy pasting settings that might not work and then seek additional assistance. Geekbench 3 suggested approach: Old profiles here should work much easier than before considering that the IMC on the new gen is quite stronger. For example, our go-to 9900K that could do 6.95 R15 couldn't boot above 4700C14 on air. Now, all chips we tested could boot above 4.8Ghz C14 without issues. Interesting suggestion would be to try and tighten tWL and tCWL (if your IMC and kit allows) as a Geek memory score of almost 10k (with all cores/ht enabled) should be doable at 4.8 GHz (instead of 9.6-9.7k). This might help in cases you cant push frequency higher with the standard settings, so this should give you a nice boost on top. PS. you can try 14-13 over 14-14 (small increase of like 20~ points at best) or 1t over 2t (tested but need to check to confirm) but not sure these will help you much To update with screenshots. Superpi32m suggested approach: We haven’t spent much time into this but a similar approach applies here - we were able to run Geek settings with 1T (even 14-13 on air) without issues and this has been faster than 4133 12-11-1t to begin with. Can try Dancop’s preset for now and we will add stuff on the way as we proceed with testing this throughout. To update with screenshots. X265 4K suggested approach: Was doing some testing for reliable performing settings on Z390 last year. For this, the best approach is no maxmem (or about 7-8GB as this gives a small boost on stability but I think it has a very small impact on the score as the memory usage peak drops about 100~MB vs no maxmem ) overkill + x2. Note that the X2 instances might not be the best and everything eventually depends on your findings/platform so don’t take this (or anything) for granted. Anyhow, no maxmem + bdie = need for low volts. This is another approach that has nothing to do with your kit doing 4933 with 2v or 2.1 or whatever. Some kits that can do almost 5G 14-14 geek at 2.09v cant pass that so keep that in mind. Easiest way to get going is to load a geek profile, ignore RTLs and CR as these have no impact on x265 and loose timings a bit (14-14-28-240 -> 16-16-28-280 etc). If this works at low volts (aka sub 1.7) you might avoid the maxmem need that high voltages cause and should be already way better than anything tight with 2-4gb maxmem. Additionally, please keep in mind that you want the two instances to be as in sync as possible as eventually you have an efficiency multiplier that affects your score (or not show one at all if out of sync for like 5sec) with the best being x1 (1:1 render). Also, might be wrong for some but Server2012 has been the best OS so far. To update with screenshots. Water/air user max out suggested approach: Since X265 is as close to daily settings as doable (compared to the rest), you can start from the above and adjust timings to decrease voltages to what you consider safe. Will provide a profile that works for us as a guideline if requested/needed.
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    Disclaimer: all information here is my experience, I will be not responsible for any damage that may be there if you follow any instructions here. Environment and general settings · Replace stock/old TIM on NB – many OCers report that replacing stock TIM on NB helped them a lot. I would aim for <50C NB temperature in BIOS for any settings. Some stock coolers may have issues and may require dremel works to get good contact between NB IHS and cooler. Try software named MCHTemp to control overheating of NB – if too hot, NB may throttle and/or have limited FSB overclocks. Another point to consider – when measuring dc resistance, NB is 8Ohm @30C and 4Ohm @50C – so thermals should rise dramatically the hotter NB is. · Disable most CPU features (EIST, TM2, etc), disable jMicron etc. To enhance boot time, you can disable unused sata ports etc. To get very slight performance boost in SuperPi 1M, use modded bios with 45nm microcodes removed (it cuts 0.200-0.250 seconds off bios with ucodes included with E8xxx @4GHz). · Pay attention to capacitors. REX is known to have issues with aged Fujitsu caps – there are 3 pcs (one each for CPU, DRAM, NB). Seems like the higher voltage is, the faster these fujitsu caps die – so most affected cap is DRAM cap, if you go hard with LN2 then CPU cap is next candidate to die (I had one blown during LN2 session when I pushed 1.95v into cpu). I had no issues with NB caps yet but saw other people having troubles with it. I suggest that DRAM cap should be preventatively replaced with 2*470uF tantalum caps – do not use long wires to connect classic type capacitors. Not sure about the other two should be replaced before they fail – though cap running into short circuit may lead to VRM misbehavior that will kill the chip. I had also issue with 16V caps near USB headers – these were getting really hot. So you should probably check temperature of all solid caps with finger while running the board at stock settings for 5-10 minutes (note – not a single capacitor should be hot). Here is a photo of all the secondary controllers that are connected to ICH9R and may be removed to minimize chances that one day it would damage SB. Getting higher FSB If you want really high FSB, make sure you pump enough Vcore. It means that if your cpu needs 1.25v for 500x8, you will probably need same 1.25v for 533x7.5 but closer you get to and beyond 600Mhz the higher Vcore is needed –I used 1.700-1.725v during my attempts to break 700MHz FSB (it was balance of temperature and voltage). Again, cpu voltage is necessary for FSB so if your CPU needs 1.25v for 500x9, it will likely need 1.5v for 625x6 (although core is 750MHz lower). Another important thing to consider are CPU and NB skews. It is core dependant, yet here is some empiric data I have with my CPUs (it varies a bit but still may give you an idea): · Core 2 Quad Q8xxx/Q9xxx needs these to be manually adjusted to 200/0 or 200/100 at 500Mhz and probably further adjustment the higher you go. · Core 2 Duo e8xxx seems to need adjustments after 600Mhz. 600MHz is 200/0, 625 is 300/0, 643 is 400/100 etc. Also, a thing that may help you to run tests higher are GTLREF settings. REX has 4 lanes for CPU, gtlref is derived as a factor of VTT. It is important to note the following coefficients are used when these are “auto” in bios: CPU GTLREF 0 – 0.65xxx of VTT CPU GTLREF 1 – 0.67xxx of VTT CPU GTLREF 2 – 0.65xxx of VTT CPU GTLREF 3 – 0.67xxx of VTT You can get a more precise value of these numbers by measurements. All you need is to start the board after CMOS reset, enter bios and run measurements one after another – Vtt and GTL lanes. Now divide measured GTL by VTT and you will get the precise value your board has by default. During OC, the task is to keep a pair of GTL0&GTL1 (cores 0+1) and a pair of GTL2&GTL3 (cores 2+3) as close as possible within a given pair. The easiest way to estimate what difference should you set in bios is the following equation: (0.67xxx-0.65xxx)xVTT – that is why measurement of your board sample may be helpful. I have 0.003v deviation between GTL1 & GTL3 for example @1.1v VTT. Roughly, it makes the difference of as 0.02xVTT. So if you run 1.55v VTT, you are recommended to make you GTL0 1.55*0.02=0.031V higher to match GTL1. It translates into closest BIOS value +30/auto setting if you aim x0.67 GTL, +80/+50 will translate into x0.70GTL etc. As a side note, P45 boards seem to benefit from x0.61-0.63 CPUGTL but it still requires tests with x48 (though I was pretty good with -10/-40 when pushing E8200 - translating into x0.65 multi). Things that still need to be discovered voltage-wise are NBGTL (should affect FSB), dram reference voltages, NBDDRref (should affect dram oc). No serious tests from me, usually trials&errors only. Tricks that may be of help sometimes The trick that gave me the last 2MHz over 700MHz valid – setting clock overcharge voltage (in terms of asus p45) higher. This setting is a function of clock generator and defines an amplitude of clock that is being fed into CPU. As this setting is missing in bios of REX, you can change it in windows with SETFSB. Go to diagnose tab, read clocks and then select byte 01. The last (see image for reference) 2 bits seem to be responsible for cpu clock amplitude setting: 00 – 600mV 01 – 700 mV 10 – 800mV 11 – 900/1000 mV Set 2 bits, click update, click apply. This is nothing critical, but if you check DFI P45 threads you will see some people have gains with it (setting is available for DFI by default). vPLL mod – described DRAM skews – these will affect stability closer and over to 2000MHz. Some information will follow in next chapter. My experience with different DRAM IC for 4GHz low clock challenge Well, most REX boards should be able to overclock 2x2GB dual-sided RAM to 2000MHz – the only difference between boards is how tight it can go with a given set of RAM (if RAM is not limiting factor). Key factor is a so called performance level (which is strap/fsb/CL dependant – so if you change one, PL should be adjusted accordingly). Please note that you should use white slots to get best OC results in most cases. Here are my tests with different DRAM ICs that were done within the limits of 4GHz low clock challenge (so the choice of settings for FSB were 500x8, 533x7.5, 572x7). I was aiming for the highest possible dram frequency for each IC type. Elpida BBSE, SS-cooling: https://hwbot.org/submission/4489967_terraraptor_superpi___32m_core_2_duo_e8200_10min_50sec_688ms These are pretty good performers although will have limited voltage tolerance. I have tested 12 different sticks, most won’t post if dram voltage is over 1.75-1.775v. It was important to adjust dram skew latencies to make it work with that high frequency – the difference was 25ps B2 delay was allowing me to pass 32M without errors multiple times after boot while 0ps/75ps B2 delay wasn’t able to just boot into WinXP. NBDDRref of -10mV also helped a bit. Note: BBSE used is pretty strong, one of the highest bins from G.Skill. Micron D9GTS, ss-cooling: hwbot.org/submission/4489977_terraraptor_superpi___32m_core_2_duo_e8200_10min_52sec_188ms These won’t go even 1000MHz being dual-ranked microns. Still performance is acceptable. As the frequency is low, no special adjustments necessary to skews or secondary voltages – pretty easy in use. Samsung G-die, air-cooling (seems have poor temperature scaling anyway): hwbot.org/submission/4489990_terraraptor_superpi___32m_core_2_duo_e8200_11min_3sec_937ms These are pretty easy too, although performance is not stellar. Scale from voltage, not hot even with 2.3V. I would recommend these for debugging purposes but performance-wise these are much weaker than hypers/bbse/micron. Elpida Hyper, ss-cooling: https://hwbot.org/submission/4490001_terraraptor_superpi___32m_core_2_duo_e8200_10min_47sec_546ms Wasn’t able to make it stable over 1000MHz, although it posts 1066/1144 and I was able to run pifast @1144 before. The best choice for X48 anyway. Allows low tRCD, tRFC, PL. Scales with volts. PSC X-sreies, ss-cooling: https://hwbot.org/submission/4490004_terraraptor_superpi___32m_core_2_duo_e8200_10min_53sec_187ms Absolute nightmare in my tests. Voltage intolerant, won’t accept anything over 1.65v (confirmed by Mythical Tech although he was happy with cold PSC in REX). Too difficult to manage these work properly, I would go with bbse/micron instead.
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    Now is the time. 16 core and new 12 core cpus coming soon from AMD and then new thread ripper.... This is the time to start fresh. Benchmate should be require if using windows 10 simple. No more points disabled nonsense (that doesnt even work). Points should be enabled! If the score is not benchmate in windows 10 it should be flushed. Benchmate category should removed and the results should go directly into the REAL category. If it remains the way it is now, there is no point in even competing. A possible insecure score even if not getting points is pushing scores that are proven secure to go down in rank. Removing scores that are not benchmate and enabling points fixes this issue directly. If rich is not available as it seems (lol), then atleast require benchmate with screenshot style until api can be accessed for direct submission. TLDR: Enable points for AMD on windows 10 using benchmate Allow benchmate to submit directly to the REAL categories. Rankings are fixed by doing so and AMD users are allowed to submit freely with points.
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    Can you simply please shut up? I am tired of your impact for years now but you simply cannot stop posting. On most benchmarks, Linux has been tested long before you bothered to show up here and provide your wisdom to people who forgot more than you will ever learn. For the unlikely case you did not read the thread about macos and Linux, there are uncountable versions of this which can easily be altered because all is open source. Out of line scores... on windows we had people cheating that ran stuff at 5,5 and clocked down to 5g, on linux is will be running 4 and then clock up to 5 maybe and so on. You simply do not get it, normally you would have to ask for video for each score made on Linux. On the topic, Albrecht managed to do a very good job in a partially toxic environment. Organization at comps is good, he usually finds even good solutions for conflicts and his main goal is progress of hwbot and the community. Most of his decisions are reasonable and he always has an open ear to positive input because a healthy discussion is the baseline for this. Like on me, his main weakness is that he is too kind. So the decision he leaves would make sense despite the damage done to hwbot by this, it is either changing yourself, get more strict and simply throw some guys out or leave it seems. History repeating itself, always same pattern
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    Alright well I have come to the conclusion I want to do a competition once a year. A way to give back to the community and support those who have supported me in my career here at HWBOT. For the first competition I am doing, we are going to say farewell to socket 1151. This comp is completely open to any generation of 1151(Z170-Z390). It will be limited to NON EXOTIC COOLING ONLY(air, water, chilled etc). You must also have never used LHe, LN2, Dice, Cascade, or SS before. We are currently looking at 5 stages and letting this run for 30-60 days. GPUPi for CPU v3.2 - 1B w/ Benchmate, limited to 4 cores, no Hyperthreading ( disabling cores is allowed) Cinebench R15 w/ Benchmate per core wPrime 1024M w/ Benchmate, limited to 4 cores, no Hyperthreading ( disabling cores is allowed) SuperPi 32M w/ Benchmate PiFast w/ Benchmate You will be limited to 15C at idle monitored by Benchmate and scores will be divided on a per core basis for the Cinebench stage and limited to 4 cores for GPUPI and Wprime, this to make it even between different core count CPUs on this socket Prizes! Yes, you heard that right. There will be prizes. They will vary from competition to competition, but I want to help those who are new as a way to get into XOC, as I was helped when I started out. 1st Place: Kingpin Cooling TREX LN2 Container(Winner gets color choice) + $100 USD 2nd Place: Kingpin Cooling Inferno Backplate + $50 USD 3rd Place: Kingpin Cooling 30G KPX Paste + $25 USD Random Drawn prizes will consist of different Kingpin Cooling products and more..... Splave has just offered up some cash prizes as well!!!! Added to original post
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    Hi, this is still a work in progress but will be sharing updates as it needs to be tested more till we get to a point that its working 100%. Then (hopefully next 2-3 days) I will gather everything so you can apply this to your own OS/mobo. Anyhow, after a couple of tests, we finally got XP to work on ASUS Z390 motherboards. Special bios is not needed This -for now- has been tested only for fresh installations. Will test later today if we can get old ones to work but might be a bit complicated. More info & credit to those who assisted coming soon UPDATE: So to get windows to work we care about the following files: acpi.sys (exists in SP3.CAB and Driver.cab both under I386 folder of installation) acpi.sy_ (exists under I386 folder of installation) - acpi_sy is the result of makecab.exe command of the acpi.sys syssetup.sy_ (exists under I386 folder of installation) - again result of the syssetup.sys ahci drivers which we import by nLite How I did it is -> get .iso file, decompress -> replace the above files -> nlite to import ahci driver -> make bootable .iso. Attached you can find all the files that are needed and work with Z390 without modding the bios. Will add more about usb etc later. NOTE ABOUT OLDER IMAGES: About older images - still being tested but you will probably need to boot via older mobo, replace acpi.sys, syssetup.sys and install drivers. Then you should be able to get the SSD and boot on z390. UPDATE v2: Ok so - current easy way that worked for us to update older images (z170/z270/z370) to work on Z390 is the following: a) copy acpi.sys (system32/drivers) and syssetup.dll (system32) from Z390 Files.zip b) the two .sys files from AHCI Update.zip to system32/drivers (drivers from Jason but removed the files that arent needed for this process) c) boot on an older working mobo (ie z270) d) run the .reg file (from AHCI Update.zip) and input the entries e) shutdown and boot normally on z390 CREDITS: Credits go to Win-Raid's users Fernando, XPLives, Daniel_k & diderius6. I think the files are from Fernando and @diderius66 (don't remember as I went through tons of them) but all of them contributed over thousands of posts to get this working. Z390 Files.zip AHCI Update.zip
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    Hello Hwbot, I have a really special card that I'd like to give away to one random person. To be included in the random drawing, all you need to do is make a post in this thread. After a month or so after this post I will use https://www.randompicker.com/ to automatically select a winner from all the entries. This freebie open to everyone with an Hwbot account made on or before this posting. Back Story A few months ago I was hunting for some nice DDR1 and @Mr.Scott offered to give me a really sweet kit for free. His generosity inspired me to give back but I didn't know how to do so. Then I was up late drinking while shopping on eBay (terrible idea) and I scored a very special GTX460 SOC. After testing the card I was very impressed because it tied my #1 bin card from 16 samples. I do love this card but I thought it would be a perfect way to give back...once it's nicely modded out of course The Card For most of you it doesn't need any introduction. This is the king of 460's and one of the only cards to come with the high bin Samsung HC04 memory (most are lower spec. HC05 or Hynix). While it's a special card and clocks like a monster, it's also problematic because of PWM protection such as OCP/OVP. After going duking it out in the OCN 460 competition I know exactly what this card needs to fly, so I gave it the royal treatment. Mods: Voltage displays: Core, Memory, PLL Core 6-bit VID do defeat OVP OCP disable via SMT part removal This card suffers from a bad CBB around -60c which can be a royal pain when you are benching at -130c and then crash, so that pesky CBB is now gone via hard mod Core FB voltmod Memory FB voltmod PLL FB voltmod What's the catch? I already invested too much money buying the card so I don't want to get stuck with shipping costs too. If you win this freebie I will ask you to cover the shipping costs via PayPal money sent to me. I can ship priority USA for $16. International is VERY expensive, but if you decide to ditch the stock cooler I can get the cost down to about $27 for no-tracking slow boat or $50 ish for priority. If you want the stock cooler and you live outside USA, prepare your wallet
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    I bench every day and when I'm not I'm thinking about it. Is that sad? Some may think it is but I I'm quite happy with it. When I'm not having fun I'll quit. I think that there used to be more of a wow factor in a way and it wasn't so much for hwbot points. Guess that drove to help each other hit big numbers in Xtreme systems threads etc. For instance the copy wazza thread on Xtreme systems and OCX where everyone collaborated and tested together instead of I found a tweak look how great it is, no I won't tell you it kind of like what we have now. The other angle is manufacturer's kind of stepped in and had their way with the place and once they got us pregnant they hit the road so to speak. I remember if you had an ln2 Dewar you could get free gear as easy as an email and most of the time they found you. Now a lot of elite level guys can't even get their mobo rmad as a favor. The battle changed a bit when it went from user a vs user b in a friendly fight to Asus vs gigabyte. I'm guilty of this also especially lately I've gone down the wrong path a bit. I have had the attitude of here are my six friends f the rest of them. I apologize for that, and going forward will be a better diplomat of overclocking. Helping others won't hurt ourselves as much as we might think. I hope benchmate can maybe spark some new blood that are maybe intimidated by the rules etc to join and once they are on the scoreboard they will get hooked. Here's to the future of OC!
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    Let's spill some beans. Here is all I know about geekbench3 feel free to join in. 1. The best scoring versions for intel CPU's with 16 cores or less is 3.1.5 get it here https://www.dropbox.com/s/4q0xuvioq8opx30/Geekbench-3.1.5-WindowsSetup.exe?dl= (New version 3.4.3B3 here has potential. Need more testing. https://geekbench.s3.amazonaws.com/Geekbench-3.4.3b3-WindowsSetup.exe ) 2. Best scores are with no microcode bios on z490. You will see e-penis scores with microcode because its boosts the mem sub-score but the total score is around 300 points less at 5.3ghz on 10900k. 53600 with MC, 53900 without MC. 10k mem score doesn't matter when you are losing so much total score. Obviously not calling anyone out, have fun if you want to play mem score. It is fun for sure. 3. For intel HEDT make sure to disable Spectre and Meltdown when possible. (No need on AMD it actually scores worse when you mess with it for some reason.) 4. In most cases uses the newest version of windows 10 available. Every consecutive version of windows has incrementally increased my scores especially the AES tests scores. 5. Pros are changing their clocks during the run. DJ/LUA are difficult as well as DFFT on current gen intel, as well as raytrace on AMD so, dropping clocks during those sections can help you get much higher scores. Say for example 10900k I can run 7ghz for the entire run maxed out highest that will pass DJ/LUA, I can also run the first section of tests at 7.125ghz and the end even higher 7.2ghz+ For example start geek at 7.1ghz run to 13s drop to 7.0 for DJ/LUA wait for the 18s mark and clock back to 7.1ghz If you want even more performance the last 2 seconds are the memory tests which have no load on the cpu and pass very high 7.2 seems fine here. You will only be limited by your mem stability and the limit of bclk you can move in OS usually around 3 bclk. This also makes the "CPU mhz" field on ln2 subs irrelevant as they are changing during the test. Is it 7ghz because thats what I ran lua at? or is it 7.2ghz because I clocked the mem tests there for 2 seconds? Do I have special needs? Yes, I dont think so, and most definitely just to answer those for you. 6. 2x16gb at 4400 14-14 seems to be equivalent in score to 2x8gb 4850 14-14 and has less tendency to fail DJ/LUA. Will compare on ln2 this week all out and update. 7. Dont tune your mem for mem score, tune your mem for total score. You will find some timings that boost your mem score but drop your total. Keep that in mind when you are playing with subs. This is very apparent on Ryzen as its ability to train crazy timings is so easy but unfortunately they can be robbing from your total. 8. Most mainstream systems can get away with 1.7-2gb maxmem. Any less and you start to bug sub tests and IMO is a sign that the sub should be scrutinized using geek link comparison with a similar system. 9. On AMD Ryzen use the batfile from asus to boost your score. They say to start the bat file then run the test then run the default bat. I wont start an argument on this just sharing some secrets some people might not know. See Zen Perfboost : https://bit.ly/2kBs15c (After loading CineBench R15 or Geekbench3 bench then run the boost, just click defaults button after benching to prevent bsod) Extra Contributions>>> 3.4.3B3 seems to be the most consistent on Ryzen 3000 atm. Same for TRX40. Haven’t tried the rest yet. ~keeph8n
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    This seems to have gone stale and it's been about a month, so I will end it today. Everyone who posted in here had an equal chance of winning, except 'kicsipapucs', as he did not want to be included in the drawing. Please take a look at the project, you should see your name there. The great part about this site is I can only draw once and I have no control over the outcome, it's very official and also free to use. To view the full public record of this drawing please check out the link: https://app.randompicker.com/protocol/660992x60647 You can search your exact forum name (copy/paste) to see if you were included in the drawing. The winner is: l0ud_sil3nc3 PM Incoming
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    So @Leeghoofd has been having to deal with more BS than usual, exemplified best by someone thinks that it's totally reasonable to expect someone to morph into a full-time paid ten-man team who could actually distinguish between cheating and magical efficiency on linux subs, along with numerous poorly-worded whines about country cup. Quite reasonably, this has led to him getting sick of it all and saying he's going to quit. Alby, I don't blame you for a minute if you go through with that. I can hardly sit here and tell you not to, I quit running a large discord server earlier this year for pretty similar reasons. But I do want to take this moment to say something that should have been said much more, much earlier - thank you. I know how shit it is dealing with a community that sees you not as a person, but as a faceless entity they can yell at and demand things from. I really appreciate all the work that you've put in, with modding and competitions, to keep hwbot and competitive OC alive. I know I haven't always agreed with every call, but what matters at the end of the day is that a call is being made. Regardless of it you quit or stay on, thank you for everything you've put in. I know I'm far, far from the only one who feels this way. I'd encourage everyone to share their thoughts in this thread, not just click a reaction button on a post, but say what they personally think. Let's share the love.
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    Short story 2nd time this month we experience lousy photoshopping. This member got reported numerous times for not respecting the new 2020 rules, meaning cpuz 1.91 version or newer, no clipping, etc.... On top of that his reputation did not help and many were watching his every move. I moderated all the reported scores yesterday , to my big surprise to see some of them popping up today with guess what: Added taskbar, CPUZ version visible and reworked GPUZ.... I admit though a few scores were neatly (re)done, too bad for him many had flaws that even my kid detected. Though I asked one respected member to pull one screenie through his photoshop to have 200% confirmation that the verification screenshot was messed with. The original remastered: (obvious better font in the 3rd CPUZ and top GPUZ) The photshop analysis: light pink means added to the existing screenshot Now I don't get it as he has the save file and could have redone the scores/screenshots as he's on chilled water. Yet he got sloppy while remastering the originals... Well it was fun having you around, but it is time to say goodbye..
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    No, I bought it to increase my personal points by +10.000 without having to bench
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    Simple solution, get rid of seasonal ranking
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    Albrecht is one of the few people I can call a close friend in overclocking. Absolute legend of a human being, rock solid character and always a team player. Couldn't be praised enough! Beers on me when we see each other! 🍻 (found a picture from when we got 2nd on the Gigabyte tweaking event many many many kilograms years ago) (
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    Just got a heads up from Thermal Grizzly that they will offer some prize money for top 3 in both Cheapaz rounds!!!! 1st spot: $200 USD 2nd spot: $100 USD 3rd spot: $50 USD Transferred via paypal
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    Honestly how frustrated and sour can some people get. Constant name calling, bashing and flaming derails any thread. Turning something constructive into a very destructive thing that just leads to more anger and boiling blood. If you tell us that you are not into it for the points than plz act that way then and don't constantly make a fool of yourself by contradicting yourself in each thread you post in. I have told this before some really need to look into the mirror and perform a self analysis of what they are, have become and want to achieve in this hobby and their life. For your info, the site and forums are being monitored, our current acting is not gonna help these people to maybe invest in our community. If you want it to pop, I kindly suggest you to just leave via the exit door and get another hobby instead of being a keyboard warrior. If this bashing stays the bad apples will be removed so the rest can just do what they love to do. Thread closed (again), final warning, the banhammer is being readied
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    Elmor recently started taking orders for the AMPLE 20A power card. It’s a simple little single-phase VRM that can be used to replace a broken VRM or simply overcome that pesky OCP/OVP. The most common potential usage would be for a GPU memory rail. However, with an output voltage from 1.0-3.4 V it could be used for many different applications. I obtained a test sample of this new device and I intend to put it to the ultimate test. I have an RX 580 GPU with a damaged memory voltage rail, but otherwise the GPU is in perfect condition. The plan is to solder on the AMPLE power card and observe the impact on the memory overclocking. I know what the card was capable of before the memory VRM died, so it’s the perfect test case for this little device. So follow along as I put this thing to the test and find out if it’s capable of delivering sufficient power to 8 GB of GDDR5. The AMPLE Device The device ships in an anti-static bag with the 6-pin connector added in as an accessory. This gives you the flexibility to power up the AMPLE from any qualifying voltage source you desire. Product Specification Output voltage adjustable 1.0-3.4 V using the on-board potentiometer (range can be increased by adding your own potentiometer) Nominal input voltage 12 V (functional from 4.5 V up to 16 V) Max output current 20 A (thermally limited). Active cooling may be required to achieve high output current. Efficiency at max output 91.5% (3.4 V, 20 A, 750 KHz) Switching frequency selectable between 300 KHz and 750 KHz OVP (+20%), OCP (24A) and OTP (Tj = 150*C) Output voltage can be monitored and adjusted using the EVC2 VMOD1-header Ships with a PCIE 6-pin power connector which can be soldered on by the user Source Credit: elmorlabs.com There is one switch on the device which acts as a mode selector. There are a total of 4 different combinations you can set, which change the output delivery settings. Switch 1 OFF = 750 KHz switching frequency Switch 1 ON = 300 KHz switching frequency Switch 2 OFF = PSM = Power Saving Mode, higher ripple but lower loss at low loads Switch 2 ON = CCM = Constant Conduction Mode. The PMIC is always regulating to the best of its ability, for the tightest possible voltage regulation. In some cases, for example with this project at 3.0V+, that will create a high loss in no-load or low-load situations. For controlling the voltage there are multiple different methods you can choose from. To make things simple, there is a potentiometer on the power card for direct control. For more advanced control, you have the ability to integrate the device with an EVC2 module using the vmod connection. Mounting the Power Card Before you just hastily solder on the AMPLE device, you should take the time to power it on and make sure it works. I would suggest powering it up and setting the desired voltage before you attempt to solder it on a GPU. The underside of the AMPLE has power and ground planes. In my particular case I won't need these connections so I decided to insulate them with a few layers of Kapton tape. This is an unnecessary step, but in my case there were a few components on the card which were extremely close to shorting on the AMPLE device. I chose to mount mine with 0.8 mm copper plate. I kept the plane-to-plane distance as short as possible. Furthermore, I always prefer to make my ground connections on the front of the card after where the main connection is. In the picture below you can see both ground connections come after the memory plan connection. In my testing this provides the best realized MHz whether it be core or memory external VRM replacement. Test Setup The overall goal is to compare stock PCB memory overclocking with AMPLE power memory overclocking. To make the test consistent, I will use the same load voltage for both test conditions. The test methodology is to overclock memory and record the passable frequency in Fire Strike GT1. I will start at 2280 MHz, increase +10 MHz until it becomes unstable PowerColor RX580 8GB Golden Sample Z490 test platform AMPLE VRM on memory rail Memory IC: Micron D9VVR 1625 MHz strap timings copied to 2000 MHz strap (Most efficient timings possible without diminishing returns on frequency) In order to get a realistic look at the voltage response of the device, I have placed voltage test points (TP1-3) at various distances away from the main inductor. During the load tests, I will also be conducting thermal tests of the mosfet heatsink. Ambient temperature for all tests around 24c The voltage read points are as follows: TP1 = AMPLE power voltage at C10 cap TP2 = GPU plane voltage at solder connection TP3 = Memory IC voltage at MLCC cap on back of card, at least 100mm distance from AMPLE Vout solder connection Test Results Voltage droop is the enemy of external VRM mods. It’s important to know exactly where the voltage droop occurs because it can narrow down the cause. The voltage test point results indicate that the droop is not caused by the solder connection. The voltage droop is present at the C10 capacitor so therefore it’s coming directly from the AMPLE VRM. This makes me happy because the solder connection is relatively perfect, but it’s mildly concerning to see the AMPLE being stressed under load. Regardless of any droop, the card was still able to pass FS GT1 test at the highest possible memory frequency. There is effectively no difference between the stock VRM and the AMPLE VRM for this test application. The temperature reached a peak at the end of GT2 and was still climbing. With the Fire Strike test, GT3 is CPU based so it had a cooldown period. The max temp of around 50c seems reasonable but further testing may be needed. Sustained loads of 1hr might show a different result. SW1 Test results proved inconclusive. Disregarding experimental error, there was effectively no difference in the realized MHz or voltage response. Conclusion Overall I am extremely pleased with this little device. It performed exceptionally well and the end result is that I was able to achieve the same overclocking performance as the stock PCB. The AMPLE single-phase power card has been validated for benchmarking purposes. In terms of the switch options, my expectation was that CCM mode with 750 KHz would be the optimal configuration. The switch test results showed that the various combinations didn't have any noticeable effect on realized Mhz or voltage response. The 10 mV voltage droop is a mild concern because it’s coming directly from the AMPLE, however, it did not affect the overall overclocking result. With a price tag of just $20,, it’s an absolute must-have tool for extreme overclockers. My RX580 is the perfect use case. The card was effectively dead and useless, but the mighty little AMPLE device brought it back to life and it still holds gold in TIme Spy. Even if the price was tripled, I would still recommend it because of its potential value. This was just my first test, stay tuned for more tests to come.
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    Just received this beauty on my doorstep, thanks to ASUS Benelux! Here are some pictures I took with my smartphone. First impressions: She feels solid, the heatsinks combo weighs a ton, can't wait to fire her up! Where's mee seepeeuuuu?
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    We're working on a new Geekbench 3 release that addresses issues that affect the overclocking community. The first preview release, Geekbench 3.4.3 Beta 1, is now available for download: https://geekbench.s3.amazonaws.com/Geekbench-3.4.3b1-WindowsSetup.exe Geekbench 3.4.3 Beta 1 fixes the issues that prevented Geekbench 3 from working on recent AMD and Intel HEDT processors. Geekbench 3.4.3 Beta 1 also fixes several issues that prevented Geekbench 3 from being used on AMD systems running Windows 10 on HWBOT. Give it a try and let me know what you think.
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    This competition was hard, and intense, in Italy we built a strong group, we learned a lot, we laughed a lot and we also pushed a lot to keep the bar raising, I can't be more happy and proud for being part of this great team. I want to thank the Germans, for their hard work and for battling with us since the beginning, this is for me the real spirit of competitions, do your best and get surpassed, set up the hardware again and push harder, trying to squeeze more points over and over again, until the end. Well done! I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed by the "last minute win", we all knew that it was coming, but honestly, what's the point of staying in the shadows until the last hours of a competition? Especially when you have great clockers, join the game, have fun with us, or the perception is that you are just interested to grab the gold medal and run away, when the main goal here should be to actually challenge each others for a couple of months. Congratulations for your first place, but I would have preferred to congratulate you for having fun with us and winning the comp. Last but not least, a big thanks to the organizers, this is an enormous amount of work on your shoulders, and not an easy job to do to make this works, so again, thanks! I wish you all a Happy New Year, full of good benching sessions and success 🙂 Max
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    It's not dead at all! I have had multiple success stories. I was a noob bencher having done DICE a few times when a few guys from OCN, pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to be part the Skype benching community. With a lot of encouragement and also some very helpful info I started to bench almost every weekend. I learned how hwbot works and started gaining points. After a few years I had made it to #1 in apprentice by running tons of dry ice and learning how to mod GPU's. Once I made it to #1 in apprentice I became stagnate and had difficulties gaining points with dry ice. Due to financial reasons, LN2 was not an option. @Splave took notice of what I was doing with DICE and GPU modding by my posts on Facebook. He generously offered to help me out by sending me a box with 30+ old GPU's that he didn't want. Furthermore, he offered to help me make the transition to LN2 and gave me a 50L dewar for the price of shipping. Splave's help didn't stop there, he continued to support my endeavors and teach me the world of LN2 benching. Eventually I ended up getting supported by ASRock for platform hardware. I devoted a few solid years to LN2 benching and pushing myself and the hardware as far as it would go. Splave continues to help and support me to this day... Throughout the years I have worked hard to give back as much as possible and build up the OCN team. Sharing of information and creating a family-like environment has been critical to OCN's success. We are constantly evolving and working on promoting overclocking though benchmarking competitions such as the Freezer' Burn competitions. Speaking of competitions, I am working with vendors now to get huge prize support for the next competition, which will happen at the end of this year. I see some limitations at Hwbot, but no, overclocking is not dead, it just looks a little different now that it has in the past.
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    So for those that slept the last months under a rock, it is sort off official that HWBOT ownership has passed on from the original developper Frederik to the Thermal Grizzly company. Before continuing I would like to thank Frederik and the staff ( or whats left of it ) to have kept the Bot up and running, especially for the last year. I've had several phonecalls with the new owners and they stressed the Bot will remain a free service to the OC community. The main goal is to preserve the database, fix initially some major bugs and revise the current point calculation. Now everything will take time and there will prolly not be a huge overhaul but we would like to hear your input on things. These discussions have been held before, but some of the previous decision makers are no longer amongst us and maybe time to revise some stuff. UPDATE: Transfer of access is nearly completed as the paperwork is being finalized. Hopefully the new programmer has full access soon! Current to do List: (there are way more things we need to address then the below, but these are the ones that should be the most visible to the users) Main Site: Removal of the current point cut-off system (75%), everybody deserves credit for their efforts Fix the competition points bug Hardware master ranking, no more updates ??? Scores drop off, subs get hidden Easier to understand rule set (challenging for sure) / update "How to Videos" Front page 2020 refresh with pictures/videos/streams Adding Port Royal to 3D bench list Merging off "with BenchMate benchmarks" into the normal ranking Revision of benchmarks (removal/adding) and their affiliated points Replace 2x/3x/... crossfire with Graphics card Removal of submitting via XTU button adding user Delete button (for 24hrs max) Adding/updating achievements list ( definitely requires your input ) Update "About HWBot" Videos: New Tutorial videos offered by der8urner (editing and such) Forum: Result discussions need to be re-linked to the Hwbot submissions Continuously Securing/Updating/patching the forum Bugs: Reported page is not accessible for users Corsair GTX 8 no Mem OC records CB2003 2 X Xeon 5675 ranking bug GTX770 Time Spy Extreme bug Impossibility to upload picture for mobos My Achievements page check no longer updates Overal ranking with same points get ranked by alphabetical order?? Contribution page PM links no longer work Crosshair VIII IMPACT wrong Amazon link GT1030 GDDR5 page not rendering correctly Team ranking only working on Internet Explorer Benchmarks: Omission of Parallel Pi Omission of Realbench Omission of 1068... & shzo benchmark
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    XP support working on Asus and Asrock, so keep this in mind when purchasing I'm unsure about the rest or the vendors but huge thank you to Asus and Asrock for doing this, it's the only way to play 32m properly.
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    in my personal opinion there's no real challenging between until the comp finishes as we really dont know what scores are real and which are place holders anyway we have a way we do things with internal competition for each benchmark and pushing each other to achieve our best day in day out over the course of the competition we don't use other teams scores as a target, we don't trust operating systems or drivers other teams are using, we test everything we can, push the platform as hard as we possibly can and don't give up until there's nothing else to try or test.... if you've done this and you can't do any more, you can be proud of your result weather you come first or last, plus spending time with friends and sharing/learning from other overclockers in your country, this is what CC is really about
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    The animosity is insane. OC(XOC) is a community. We here are a community. Stop belittling people and putting others down. People come from all different walks of life and have many different interests. Let them like what they like. I think people should bench what they like. Doesn't matter ELITE or NOVICE/ROOKIE/ETC. If you want to spend the coin and bench with the big boys, come on with it! If you want to stick to ambient cooling, its a large pool so you'll have your work cut out. There is something for everyone in whatever they like. Single Stages and Cascades are easier for some to build/buy/get whatever. They use those vs DICE/LN2. Let them! If you want to points hunt and record chase, you can either step up to the plate and play with the likes of Splave, OGS, Safedisk, Alex, etc OR you can just enjoy the hobby and take whatever points/records you get along the way with the hardware that YOU want to bench.
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    it's been awhile, there are records out there since ryzen 3000 launch I think it's not hard to figure out there are mis readings of ryzen 3000's memory speed up to 5.1GHz which barely there is no single one software can particularly report it right people choose not to say or take advantage from it, used for marketing or competition, some may presented for companies last week I take a chance to check out those weird results, and double check with some softwares and oscilloscope, and found out those softwares are truly broken and fail to report the right frequencies as you can see from attached pitcures, all software except ryzen master are reporting the wrong clock and they still can pass cpuz validation which means software fail to report correctly though, rzyen master is not always right, becasue it can't detect the out side BCLK, once you jump up the BCLK rzyen master only reads the memory clock at 100MHz here is the validation I just add to show CPUz's buggy memory frequency CPUz shows 5.916GHz, but actually it's 55*102 not 58*102 https://valid.x86.fr/qx3ezm
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    Credit to @Hicookie Here We Are! Z490 XOC BIOS For Overclockers Z490 AORUS ELITE https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_sqiLvwXyjeggARBG0L879P7pOcrn_GD/view?usp=sharing Z490 AORUS ELITE AC https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XwdYZkIUtukyujZdxV02sKdlY5_CXtsc Z490 AORUS MASTER https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kCDUbsxuSxNd5xgVyeKPvIsjF3hgQRlS Z490 AORUS PRO AX https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zPgV5O0mcGOVI5oOpuz42K9aNH78S7tS Z490 AORUS EXTREME https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_4BzQlB9vC8pr5n20YuumT_VMIbQAnOW Z490 AORUS EXTREME WF https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xe-coZLUuIJ2RC_rysoeh4VIxgdL0ETr/view?usp=sharing Z490I AORUS ULTRA https://drive.google.com/file/d/13kx_EsRg3eY1Oz-gR_TkAvW_cq05pJsT/view?usp=sharing
  31. 10 points
    I have setup a discord server specifically geared towards those on HWBOT and in the XOC community. Plan to have this be a haven for people to come and show off submissions and OC sessions, along with those in the community to hang out as a group. Working on individual team sections for chat and voice that can be turned over to their respective captains at any time. LN2 Haven
  32. 10 points
    We talked about a Patreon for HWBOT but didn't come to a final conclusion yet. If more people are open to this it would definitely be an option.
  33. 10 points
    I'm with Bones. Its only fun if your goals fit your approach. I've been playing in AM3 (cold friendly) posted more than a few 0.2 pointers just because I felt good about them and that is all that matters.
  34. 10 points
    On request, the 10th anniversary will be a mixture of the stages from the previous Country Cups. aiming for 14 stages in total Pifast: LGA1366 - Bloomfield core (Xeons allowed) (4 scores) Wprime 1024: AMD Deneb - (4 scores) Superpi 32M LGA771/775 - 7x multiplier - (4 scores) - Adapter allowed HWBOT X265 1080P AMD 1-3-4-5 cores - (4 scores) BCLCK INTEL per mobo socket (socket 1151V2 = V3) - (4 scores) - no adapters allowed CB R15 CPU (Single core test) - (AMD only) (4 scores) Y-cruncher 1B - per socket (4 scores) 3DMark06: AGP/PCI/PCIe/integrated & Hybrid GPUs - (5 scores) - desktop only 3DMark01 SE: Intel Integrated graphics - Sandy/Ivy/Haswell/Skylake/Kabylake & Coffeelake CPUs - (4 scores) - mobile allowed 3DMark 11 Performance - SLI or Crossfire - AMD FX Bulldozer/Vishera CPUs - (4 scores) CATZILLA 576P AMD GPUs & AM3/AM3+/4 CPUs --> win7 only - (4 scores) Cloud Gate GTX 470/570/670/770/970/1070 GPUs only - (6 scores) - NON Ti cards 3DMark Skydiver - (4 scores) 3DMark Firestrike Ultra - Dual GPU cards only - (4 scores) LATEST CHANGES/UPDATES IN RED inputs, opinions ( let the hatred flow through you ) welcome
  35. 10 points
    I small bit of respect to a sensible discussion goes a long way. People post their reasons for, and those against and that is a debate, shit posting someone who is pretty much single handedly running the site is a bit of a dick move to be perfectly honest.
  36. 9 points
    After I stumbled over over a Toshiba DDR PC2100 stick on german ebay, which had exact the same looking of the typical Winbond IC, I think Winbond are actually Toshiba. The ICs were labeled with production year 2002 in Japan. In December 1995 Toshiba and Winbond started their first technology transfer agreement and over the next years 3 other generations followed. They mentioned in April 2000 that they were the first manufacturer in Taiwan who successfully offered 0.175µm 256Mbit DRAMs. And me guesses that this was the start of the BH chip, even though the birth of the holy BH-5 should be somewhat later. Anyway they also agreed to develop 0.130µm 512Mbit DRAMs for the first time together with Toshiba engineers and hope to start producing by the end of 2001, later mid 2002. However in the meantime Toshiba decided to exit dram market and Winbond lost its technology partner. This article states that they also ended the production at Winbonds fabs for Toshiba. But apparently they were still allowed to use Toshiba technologies to produce chips as claimed in February 2003, that the share of 0.130µm DRAM chips of the whole output should reach 33% in the first quartal. I think this makes also clear, that BH-5 and CH-5 were produced parallel in different fabs. Me guesses that they developed the 0.130µm process but didnt reached the goal of 512Mbit chips, as CH-5 were still 256Mbit. This forced Winbond once again into action and as result they decided to sign a contract in May 2002 with Infineon to use their 0.11µm process. In 2004 they signed another contract for 0.09µm process. In both contracts, Infineon gained access to the produced DRAM chips. It is very well possible that Winbond gave them some chips from their older fabs as well. I have an AT-6 as low as week 33 year 2002, so I think this matches. I also own a BT-5 "Winbond" week 36 year 2003, so this is probably the CH-5 equivalent while AT-6 should be BH-6. Anyway Winbond decided to focus on special ICs and virtually exited DRAM market, becoming just another manufacturer for Infineon. Which is probably also the reason there was no successor to their BH / CH chips. Taiwanese manufacturers simply had not the resources to develop their own chip designs by that time. The plan was to earn money by manufacturing chips for partners but they never had enough market share and revenue to start R&D by themselves. Also DRAM manufacturing was not the healthiest business. In the nineties were a lot of companies but most vanished. The ProMos Ram definitely got no Winbond IC on it. When Infineon left the joint venture, they made a new arrangement with Elpida. Also if you desolder any other IC, you probably will see those two flat dots on the backside. So its all about which machines were used for production.
  37. 9 points
    A new tweaker coming into town 😛 Primary and secondary (alpha) timings read done. Will implement apply action soon. Every control reports if the value has changed and the Apply button would only set changed values.Those values are marked with yellow background. If the app reads a value (still in the defined range) that doesn't match any value in the dropdown, it will be automatically inserted in the list as a new option. For example - the default TREF on my board at 200MHz FSB seems to be 1562, while I only have a predefined 1560 in the dropdown list. Here's what I've planned DRAM primary and secondary timings drive strengths and slew rate per DIMM data scavenged rate, autoprecharge, superbypass, sync mode memory bypass Chipset AGP and PCI latencies, Side Band Addressing, CPU Disconnect, AGP Fastwrite Tweakable ROMSIP registers Profiles Predefined chipset profiles for different RAM ICs (same as @digitalbath's approach) Maybe some predefined profiles for DRAM timings as well Save/Load custom profiles Good to have SMBus control of the integrated nForce2 PLL - don't have experience there The Bad It will need .NET 2.0 framework and would have a little higher memory footprint than e.g. NF2Tweaker. Hit me with other ideas.
  38. 9 points
    With a few adjustments, this also works well for an upcoming Intel platform. I'll publish more details when it's not under NDA. The Intel AHCI driver seems to work well by just adding the new device id. Great work from @antome finding that the AMD XHCI driver for Windows XP also works on new Intel controllers
  39. 9 points
    Great mews roman 👌 this site keep me busy at the last 7-10 years so now I can be busy another 10 years 😜 maybe my wife will throw me from home but i still can do some overclock 🤪
  40. 9 points
    Benchmate is a must to keep the database clean of bugged scores. Especially on topic here: Matt has analysed how Geekbench ticks and there's some internal things that need to be monitored and adressed. II is great news that the Geekbench ceveloppers still want to invest time in Geekbench3 and address some of the detected flaws done by Matt and the community. But we are not there yet... AMD will NEVER fix their issue, surely not on short temr, If they wanted it would already have been done ages ago. Other point is we can't rely on Windows 7 forever. Installing older OSses is a real pain. Win10 also brings huge performance benefits and new users too will probably not downgrade to have legit fun!!! The road ahead is (fingers crossed) that the Geekbench development team and Matt can work out a gentlemens agreement on futher allowing the OC community to use both products. Allow us to dream that they maybe join forces to improve the current and future products of both parties involved. But this communication has to happen without any interference of any other external parties or members. They are talking again, which is already a big bonus for HWBot and its users. Now a simple innocent quote like yours Noxinite can lead to a total escelation of the topic. Something which needs to be avoided at all costs. So plz leave the thread to the ones that can make it better. Just provide info on findings when using the new Geek Beta version.But there will be no product bashing nor your personal vision on the matter is required here! This is for all users, not for a single individual! Like Allen said, most of the benchers want to keep on using Geekbench 3/4/5, but also agree it has to be secured, thus avoiding that we don't run into the same issues as before (especially on AMD) Fingers crossed these gents can make it happen!!!!
  41. 9 points
    Well guys... I made it https://hwbot.org/submission/4323412_hardware_numb3rs_superpi___32m_ryzen_9_3950x_5min_58sec_909ms?recalculate=true
  42. 9 points
    Hello all, Maybe some of you have seen the previous competitions we run on OCN, well it's time for the next round! All CPUs are allowed and the GPUs are restricted to RX 580 & GTX 1060. https://www.overclock.net/forum/410-benchmarking-competitions/1738924-freezer-burn-2019-round-3-a.html
  43. 9 points
    Back in 2012-2013 we were holding an oc competition @benchmark.kz (and agreed that team members won't get prizes and may take part only for reference only - all prizes go to newbies; not great prizes but still worth 100-150$ for first place). Guess what - nobody joined our team, just got their prizes and left. Overclocking as I understand it is about passion.
  44. 9 points
    A little respect guys is required versus Chew*. Brian was one of the guys that pushed AMD platforms and it's tweaking potential mainly via Xtremesystems Forum. Allowing many to get more oomph out of their AMD setups for daily usage or for LN2. Now if it is mandatory that you do dozen of WRs before you get respected , than I would strongly suggest some of the ego's in this thread to start cranking and show us how it must be done. @Wasmachineman_NL if you don't like HWBot, then just go elsewhere, no need for your constant negativity regarding a free service that others seem to enjoy Everybody does OC in their way, if you want to tweak for the lowest possible voltage or daily stability be my guest. As long as you enjoy hardware, tweaking and if you feel the need to boost performance than this is the place to be, no matter the cooling you use or scores you get. Honestly I don't understand this new attitude at all, maybe I'm getting too old too understand current human behavior, I can only spot that mankind seems to gets more stupid day by day...
  45. 9 points
    Money just ruins everything anyways. Keep it open and free. Companies handing free gear to people to open the box on youtube just makes me laugh. A sucker is born every minute.
  46. 9 points
    As long as I see these scores popping up on the front page, OC is far from done. Expensive gear no need! If you want to go for ranking, yep than its required to dig in deep… Everybody will find out it is usually its harder to keep the top spot than to get there
  47. 9 points
    Thread should be changed to 'moderator appreciation thread'. There have been many really decent, understanding mods here. Too many for me to list. You know what drives them away? The ungrateful, belligerent members here. These guys do this for free, on their own limited time. For what?, So you loudmouths can bitch about everything that doesn't go exactly your personal way? Bullshit. Can't blame any of them for quitting. They get little helpful support from the members, and almost no support from the developers or site creator. The mods are the only glue that still keeps this FREE site up for you fucking clowns. Show some restraint, some patience, and some god dam respect. Is that too much to ask? Albrecht, fishing sounds good. I will join you.
  48. 9 points
    I wonder how many of you guys need a correction in a mental health institution. Alby aka Leeghoofd is one of the coolest guys ever and what he does on hwbot is having no payment at all. On top of that the owner of the website seems gone for some time now making mods life even harder. You have no idea how many hours Albrecht wasted to deal with our junk while also having a job of more responsability than half of the forum members combined.
  49. 9 points
    K gonna play Devils advocate for a brief moment: We used Geekbench at the G.Skill Booth for the live competition. Scores were competitive and with a maxmem restriction it was a fair scalable/tweakable on memory benchmark. The fact that Geekbench is labelled as buggable is also part of our responsability as a community. To have the edge on the competition do we ALWAYS need to find a weak spot in coding,or behaviour? We are also shooting in our foot ladies and genetlemen Modern OC is sadly more and more focused on the aforementioned community behavior, not on raw clocks and pushing the hardware like when I started with OC. Do I approve mr Poole's behavior, absolutely not. I find it sad indeed that he cuts off positive criticizm to improve or making his benchmark more bulletproof. I propose for Mat's sake to let go of the Geekbenches with BenhMate and that we opt for removal of points. (but gonna make a poll for the latter and let the community decide)
  50. 8 points
    LN2 is a cheat and should be banned!
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