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  1. Xeon user here as well...question is, should you allow the whole X-line or just the 5698. The six cores are superior on the platform but clearly Server aimed, the 5698 is the oddball.
  2. Thanks for the message, but the issue has been resolved. It gave number of cores 2.
  3. Hej Guys, As always thanks and kudos for the work on the Bot! Been trying the new Hwbot 30s, and my single core score is seen as dual core? https://hwbot.org/submission/4045843_ It also doesn't end up in the correct CPUranking as it shows up as the only submit, also tried submitting a different score to rule out corruption but same thing. Thanks, Michel (12AX7)
  4. Kan je deze nog een keer draaien, en dan je screenshot bijvoegen die aan de Cup regels voldoet? Zou super zijn!!! (3xCPUz, 2xGPUz met sensor tab en officiele CUPachtergrond zichtbaar) Thanks, PM me anders ff
  5. Funny you read Intel in my comment, the word IS actually there but with a slight twist if you read carefully...I said Intelli (gent) Processors which is the Asus mobo OC tool...it'll fix your problem doing OS OC...But thanks for highlighting it since I agree it could be confusing...nevertheless, our Italian friend got the message!
  6. Even when I boot to 106, and manually raise bclck in OS the multi still drops to 35 on h2o cooling. Am using TurboV, is that the issue? I had it on 120 before on SS with multi 38...am a bit puzzled 🙄 Will try intelli processors 5 and see what happens...
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