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  1. Was there an answer to this? I am actually having kind of the same problem. I can run dx9 once after fresh install...when I start it again it will finish loading it in but not start the benchmark. DX11 works perfectly fine?
  2. Hej BartX I'd like to get kit #2 if possible? Thanks, Mies
  3. ah ok...can I delete the current one and get my old score again?
  4. Hai Guys, FIrst let me start by thanking you all again for the great work, it is very much appreciated!!! Been brushing up on global points, and got a new PR on DDR4. For some reason the new score only has about 1 global point? I did recalculate, verified entered details etc. but it doesn't seem to work. Could you have a quick look?, no hurry. https://hwbot.org/submission/4506644_ Many thanks, Michel (12ax7)
  5. I was not aware...I followed the timer as usual, the timer is leading just like the possibility to submit. Like said it was an error of the system, that is a certainty. No respect needed, perhaps just understanding and like said, if the community agrees with acknowledging this as a flaud of the system, great. If not so be it, but I felt it had to be voiced on this forum. Edit: I didn't participate in the other Divs so I never learnt of the other timelines...it is just the strangest thing really
  6. Apparently only Oldscarface and myself were the victim of this messup...if the community agrees our submits are valid since the timer (and submit option) were open and we honestly submitted our scores with good intentions and true spirit, I would definately appreciate it. If not, get it over with and make sure this doesn't happen again since it's definately discouraging and dissapointing to see your scores made in timely fashion to see dismissed due to a timing error in the system...I can only hope the hwbot community has the flexibility to acknowledge this anomily and accepts our scores...we put a lot of time and effort in Div6, it is a defo passion.
  7. can I hear a D...an O...G...dogpile! Different angle but I think a very relevant stage...teamwork, effort and AMD vs Intel with the chip releases. I like it! The DDR split is interesting I am looking forward to it anyway, thanks for again putting in the effort!!
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