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  1. Thank you! Haven't tested the MB since last Run. AGP-Port should work. Settings? Volts? Both of them 😉
  2. Please add following NVMe SSD. (I can't submit my Score because of the Upload-Failure 'Disk product is required for disk benchmarks!' but there is no Type of Product which i could select except 'I-Ram') Gigabyte Aorus NVMe Gen4 SSD 1TB, M.2 (GP-ASM2NE6100TTTD) https://www.gigabyte.com/Solid-State-Drive/AORUS-NVMe-Gen4-SSD-1TB#kf https://geizhals.de/gigabyte-aorus-nvme-gen4-ssd-1tb-gp-asm2ne6100tttd-a2094102.html Interface - PCI-Express 4.0x4, NVMe 1.3 Form Factor - M.2 2280 Total Capacity - 1000GB Warranty - Limited 5-years or 1800TBW NAND - 3D TLC Toshiba BiCS4 External DDR Cache - DDR4 1GB Sequential Read speed - Up to 5000 MB/s Sequential Write speed - Up to 4400 MB/s Random Read IOPS - up to 750k Random Write IOPS - up to 700k Dimension - 80.5 x 11.25 x 23.5 mm Mean time between failure (MTBF) - 1.77 million hours Power Consumption (Active) - Average: R : 6.6W; W : 6.4W Power Consumption (Idle) - 18.8mw Temperature (Operating) - 0°C to 70°C Temperature (Storage) - -40°C to 85°C Thank you in Advance. Best Greetings, mrmouse
  3. Thank you for the Information. Found and got both AMIBCP Versions.
  4. @TAGG Thanks TAGG Yes, i have some Links. There are two Kinds of this 5-Digit Voltmeter; the "DC 0-33.000V" shows at every Range 3-Digits after Point. The "DC 0-4.3000-33.000" shows till 4.2999 4-Digits after Point and after hitting 4.300 it switches to 3-Digits after Point. The ebay-Seller "diy-electronic" was the Dealer where i got the 5-Digit LCDs from. But there is another Seller, which sells these Voltmeters; alice-electronic. On Overclock.net i made a own Thread about Voltage Display's (Voltmeter, Voltage Monitoring, LED Panel) Hopefully this Informations are what you asked for. @Antinomy I agree with you. These BIOS have some tricky and "strange" Options; and you will need a lot of Time to test the Influence. What Options helped a bit, were the "CLKBUF" and "3V66 Group Delay". But only for the very last MHz to get the Validation File saved uncorrupted. Can i ask you, what you exactly mean with "unlock"? Like on the old Gigabyte-Board with a Hotkey/Key-Combo like "CTRL+F2" or through editing/modifying the BIOS itself?
  5. Thank you for your Input and your Wishes I'm fully aware of the Fact, that there are a lot more Things to do. Especially that you can't force so much Voltage into the vAGP/vNB-Lane when using AGP-Cards. And there is no real Solution to split them so you could adjust both separately. I have got one or two Ideas, but till now i don't know how to accomplish them. The very first EPower-Test was done; and then the 775Dual-VSTA got a Short-Circuit because of leaking Watercooling-Block ...
  6. Today i have done a few more Benchruns with chilled Fluid on the NB. Just double checked if 402/403 FSB is somehow possible; not today, not really. @GRIFF That was my first Thought, too The "Magical-400" on VIA PT880 Pro. @TASOS Thanks. To be honest; no, i haven't tried any other CPU for max FSB on this Mainboard. I had some Trials with this E8400 on other MBs and i knowed, that it can do easy 500 FSB. So i decided to start with this CPU, to be sure that it isn't the limitation Factor. Maybe i will try a Conroe for Science. @Leeghoofd You asked how high it would clock with Dual-Channel; i tested it. So with 4:3-Ram i got a Validation at 373.88 MHz FSB with 1.98v on NB (https://valid.x86.fr/64s399) With 1:1-Ram; a Screenshot with 365.08 MHz FSB and very lose Timings. Before hitting some 3D-AGP Benchmarks there are a lot other Things and Mods that have to be done first. And then there is the difficult Mission, to find somebody in my County who can sell me LN2 in smaller Lots. @Noxinite Thank you 😃 Maybe it is like you said; only some Quad-Core Improvements. In my first Test-Round with the 775Dual-VSTA, the 4Core-VSTA and the 4Core-Sata, which is about one and a half years ago, i switched the BIOS Chips, to be able changing the BIOSes without flashing. Somehow for me there was no really big Change or Improvements. But i tested it only with one QX9770 and different E5800 CPUs. Best Greetings, mrmouse
  7. The Result was altered by me a few Times. After two better Scores i decided to change NB-Cooling from Water to chilled Fluid. So i had to change the Details another Time.
  8. mrmouse

    It's back!!

    Nice that the Wall-Functionality is back. Every Time i see that there are some little Changes/Updates i get more and more happy. I'm so excited about the Future of HWBot.org Great Updates, super Team :) Just a few more Patreon-Supporters would be awesome.
  9. Yes, i tried the Vintage-CPUz-Edition, without success. Also i tried to move the CPU-Z.exe into different Folders with different .ini-Files. Tried a lot, but nothing seemed to get the Success. The only thing, to get rid of these Error on CPU-Z 1.78 to 1.95, is to set the Multiplier to 15,0x. Mulitplier 16,0 and 15,5 -> strange Behavior. Multiplier 15,0 and lower -> no Problems But this isn't for me a "real Solution"...
  10. Thanks a lot for the FAQ Haven't a look at the very Bottom. Just to be on the safe side; if i use old enough Hardware, there is no need to get a CPU-Z Validation on there Site (https://valid.x86.fr/)? So it would be enough, when i do a normal Screenshot instead of Validation-Link for CPU, Mem and FSB-Frequency? For me, the Validation-Page for CPU-Z doesn't take/upload any Files under v1.94; so i even can't upload them. You said "Unchecked" on the Validation-Website is not allowed for Submissions like CPU, Mem and FSB-Frequency? A lot of the Top-Overclockers have unchecked Submissions; you get them if you set CPU-Z to XOC=1. Was this a Time ago allowed or how is this Checked/Unchecked behavior in 2021? Best Greetings, mrmouse
  11. Hi Guys A few Days ago i got the same Issue with an E5800 on an Asus P5E3 Deluxe/WIFI and Windows XP SP3. Like 'TAGG' said, even if you boot with higher FSB, the Problem is still there, it just moves. I tested all CPU-Z Versions down to v1.58. The Issue starts with CPU-Z v1.78. With CPU-Z v1.77 i got some fast "hopping" of Numbers when i start to rise FSB. But a few Seconds later it stabilizes. I have about 2 of 5 corrupted CPU-Z Validation Files with v1.77. With v1.69 no Issues are found. The Point is, like 'Luumi' said, that it's only a Visual Bug. But if i try to get some Validation File for high FSB or CPU-Freq. this Bug doesn't let you get the right Speeds. The Validation-File saves the "false-Multi", so if you Upload this File, you will have a droped Multi on you CPU-Z Validation Page. And using older CPU-Z is senseless, because you can't Upload these and on the other Hand you have to use 1.94+ for HWBot-Submissions: So... Has someone of you Guys found a Solution or a Workaround for this strange Behavoir? Thank you in Advance and best Greetings, mrmouse
  12. Pay attention to "Max clock/cache speed of 4605Mhz monitored by BenchMate"
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