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  1. Thank you for the Information. Found and got both AMIBCP Versions.
  2. @TAGG Thanks TAGG Yes, i have some Links. There are two Kinds of this 5-Digit Voltmeter; the "DC 0-33.000V" shows at every Range 3-Digits after Point. The "DC 0-4.3000-33.000" shows till 4.2999 4-Digits after Point and after hitting 4.300 it switches to 3-Digits after Point. The ebay-Seller "diy-electronic" was the Dealer where i got the 5-Digit LCDs from. But there is another Seller, which sells these Voltmeters; alice-electronic. On Overclock.net i made a own Thread about Voltage Display's (Voltmeter, Voltage Monitoring, LED Panel) Hopefully this Informations are what you asked for. @Antinomy I agree with you. These BIOS have some tricky and "strange" Options; and you will need a lot of Time to test the Influence. What Options helped a bit, were the "CLKBUF" and "3V66 Group Delay". But only for the very last MHz to get the Validation File saved uncorrupted. Can i ask you, what you exactly mean with "unlock"? Like on the old Gigabyte-Board with a Hotkey/Key-Combo like "CTRL+F2" or through editing/modifying the BIOS itself?
  3. Thank you for your Input and your Wishes I'm fully aware of the Fact, that there are a lot more Things to do. Especially that you can't force so much Voltage into the vAGP/vNB-Lane when using AGP-Cards. And there is no real Solution to split them so you could adjust both separately. I have got one or two Ideas, but till now i don't know how to accomplish them. The very first EPower-Test was done; and then the 775Dual-VSTA got a Short-Circuit because of leaking Watercooling-Block ...
  4. Today i have done a few more Benchruns with chilled Fluid on the NB. Just double checked if 402/403 FSB is somehow possible; not today, not really. @GRIFF That was my first Thought, too The "Magical-400" on VIA PT880 Pro. @TASOS Thanks. To be honest; no, i haven't tried any other CPU for max FSB on this Mainboard. I had some Trials with this E8400 on other MBs and i knowed, that it can do easy 500 FSB. So i decided to start with this CPU, to be sure that it isn't the limitation Factor. Maybe i will try a Conroe for Science. @Leeghoofd You asked how high it would clock with Dual-Channel; i tested it. So with 4:3-Ram i got a Validation at 373.88 MHz FSB with 1.98v on NB (https://valid.x86.fr/64s399) With 1:1-Ram; a Screenshot with 365.08 MHz FSB and very lose Timings. Before hitting some 3D-AGP Benchmarks there are a lot other Things and Mods that have to be done first. And then there is the difficult Mission, to find somebody in my County who can sell me LN2 in smaller Lots. @Noxinite Thank you 😃 Maybe it is like you said; only some Quad-Core Improvements. In my first Test-Round with the 775Dual-VSTA, the 4Core-VSTA and the 4Core-Sata, which is about one and a half years ago, i switched the BIOS Chips, to be able changing the BIOSes without flashing. Somehow for me there was no really big Change or Improvements. But i tested it only with one QX9770 and different E5800 CPUs. Best Greetings, mrmouse
  5. The Result was altered by me a few Times. After two better Scores i decided to change NB-Cooling from Water to chilled Fluid. So i had to change the Details another Time.
  6. mrmouse

    It's back!!

    Nice that the Wall-Functionality is back. Every Time i see that there are some little Changes/Updates i get more and more happy. I'm so excited about the Future of HWBot.org Great Updates, super Team :) Just a few more Patreon-Supporters would be awesome.
  7. Yes, i tried the Vintage-CPUz-Edition, without success. Also i tried to move the CPU-Z.exe into different Folders with different .ini-Files. Tried a lot, but nothing seemed to get the Success. The only thing, to get rid of these Error on CPU-Z 1.78 to 1.95, is to set the Multiplier to 15,0x. Mulitplier 16,0 and 15,5 -> strange Behavior. Multiplier 15,0 and lower -> no Problems But this isn't for me a "real Solution"...
  8. Thanks a lot for the FAQ Haven't a look at the very Bottom. Just to be on the safe side; if i use old enough Hardware, there is no need to get a CPU-Z Validation on there Site (https://valid.x86.fr/)? So it would be enough, when i do a normal Screenshot instead of Validation-Link for CPU, Mem and FSB-Frequency? For me, the Validation-Page for CPU-Z doesn't take/upload any Files under v1.94; so i even can't upload them. You said "Unchecked" on the Validation-Website is not allowed for Submissions like CPU, Mem and FSB-Frequency? A lot of the Top-Overclockers have unchecked Submissions; you get them if you set CPU-Z to XOC=1. Was this a Time ago allowed or how is this Checked/Unchecked behavior in 2021? Best Greetings, mrmouse
  9. Hi Guys A few Days ago i got the same Issue with an E5800 on an Asus P5E3 Deluxe/WIFI and Windows XP SP3. Like 'TAGG' said, even if you boot with higher FSB, the Problem is still there, it just moves. I tested all CPU-Z Versions down to v1.58. The Issue starts with CPU-Z v1.78. With CPU-Z v1.77 i got some fast "hopping" of Numbers when i start to rise FSB. But a few Seconds later it stabilizes. I have about 2 of 5 corrupted CPU-Z Validation Files with v1.77. With v1.69 no Issues are found. The Point is, like 'Luumi' said, that it's only a Visual Bug. But if i try to get some Validation File for high FSB or CPU-Freq. this Bug doesn't let you get the right Speeds. The Validation-File saves the "false-Multi", so if you Upload this File, you will have a droped Multi on you CPU-Z Validation Page. And using older CPU-Z is senseless, because you can't Upload these and on the other Hand you have to use 1.94+ for HWBot-Submissions: So... Has someone of you Guys found a Solution or a Workaround for this strange Behavoir? Thank you in Advance and best Greetings, mrmouse
  10. Pay attention to "Max clock/cache speed of 4605Mhz monitored by BenchMate"
  11. Pay attention to "Max clock/cache speed of 4605Mhz monitored by BenchMate"
  12. Hi Guys 🙂 Glad to see some Upgrade on HwBot; the Rules look more clean now and should be more overseeable to new Members. Fine Stuff and i hope for some positive HwBot-Processing this Year 👍 What me wonders a bit; why is 'CPU-Z Mainboard' no longer mandatory? In some Cases this could be very interesting and, in my humble Opinion, it is an important Aspect in Overclocking. (To open CPU-Z a third time is really no Effort) And what is with GPU-Z Monitoring? Is it now Mandatory? Or is the first GPU-Z Tab enough? Older Cards with AGP and Stuff like that; do they need Monitoring? Best Greetings, mrmouse
  13. Thanks, mate. To you: Congratulations on your Win @ Round 3 Intel legacy C 🎉🍻
  14. I was 'Brainstorming' when i saw, that some Guys get nearly that same Score with DDR1/DDR2 compared to DDR3. There must be a little Effect on low Latency, even it's tiny. Maybe together with that One "Lucky-Round" 😉 Of course i played a few Hours to tighten up the Ram-Timings; without Success. With more tight Timings i started to get lower Scores 🤔 Somehow this Setup loves this Timings. So i messed with some other BIOS-Settings. Was this that decisive Part? I don't know. Hand on Heart - my biggest Backlog is Ram-Tuning. In the last Decade i got more and more into Tweaking everything else than Memory (maybe that's the Point why my System could reach Scores like that). But i'm still wondering that my 'Crappy'-System reached that. But in the End; 1000 Roads lead to Rome.
  15. I agree with the first part of your Note. Had a Struggle with this Benchmark too... But i think, that you would Score more with Windows 8.1 Build 9600. Just switching from Win 7 to 8.1 gave me about 500 Points; 64 Bit. Don't forget to Install the newest Futuremark-Systeminfo; required for Win 7+. And BTW: How to Tweak this part: "Web browsing and decrypting / Web browsing" Kolby_Powers has 146.75054 pages/s - Really nice, but How? :D
  16. Thanks for your answer. But i havnt anymore that Mainboard. Now i have the Biostar TPower I45. I´m trying to pass the 4,1Ghz, but i dont know what i make false^^
  17. Oh, ok.. i didn´t know that But thanks for Answer greeting Mouse
  18. Hello together, i have this Videocard: Geforce 6200 TC with 16MB and nv44 chip. I can easily overclock this card at 450/450 Mhz. I have read that i can unlock 4 Pipelines, but only with the nv43 Chip. My question is, how this guy overcloked his card: http://www.hwbot.org/signature.img?iid=83894&thumb=false He has 8 times more Bus Width, i have only 32 and he has 256. The same question is, that there stood that its an nv44 Chip, but look there, he had 8 Shaders and 4 ROP´s. I have only 4 Shaders and 2 ROP´s. How to make it? And an Screenshot of my Card: http://pic.sysprofile.de/images/gwm66668.jpg I would be on an answering very pleased greeting Mouse P.S.: sry again for my bad english
  19. Thanks for the Answer. I will do my best, and i hope that i can Overclock more, to improve my own records THX fpr the Answer and the Tipp with the PLL Mouse EDIT: I have read that my Motherboard has an FSB-Wall by about 470 MHz FSB. My Question is, if i can crack the FSB wall? Im glad if somebody can help me.
  20. Hello Toghether, at first i have to say, that my english is not so god, because im from germany. I would like first apologize, for my English. My System: Intel Q6600, Asus P5Q Deluxe, OCZ Reaper 2GB, Windows XP I read that the Mainboard Asus P5Q Deluxe is not bad. With this hardware I have only reached 4095MHz by 455 FSB and 1,624 VCore. The BIOS ist very extensive and has much Options. But I'm not experienced enough to Overclock higher. My question is: What are the little things that i have to change or the things i have to watch out in the BIOS, that i can more Overclock? because there are so much Options. I read very much, and i wrote much in other forums, but nobody could giva me an right answer. So i write in this here I hang in note 2 images where you can see my bios (this aren´t my options). I would like to thank in advance Yours sincerely Mouse
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