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  1. Bumcello

    WTB: i7 5960x

    Hello, I'm looking 5960x with good possibility OC full sable. From Eu only. The goal is minimum 4.7 ghz in air or aio wc for h24. No crazy price since lot of cpu have better perf now, but i'm already one and a rampage v extrem, so i want find a better. I've already buy long time ago cpu here from doug with no problem. Thx in advance. Bum
  2. Hello guys, I am looking for a good cpu 2011-v3 for h24, not for ln2 or bench etc, only for gaming and works. i've this config : Asus X99 Deluxe USB 3.1 16 Go (4x4Go) Ripjaws 4 @ 3000 corsair h110i gt + 2 Noctua nf-polarized A14 industrialppc PWM 2000 ax1200i + corsair 780 t So i am looking for a good cpu oc for h24 with good temps etc with screenshot.
  3. Yes is sad for me to put 400 euro in this cpu, my i7 4790k do the same job....i've buy this for the 300 mhz in more.
  4. Yes forget my first screen. I've put all by default now. Only change the the core first, and i'm stuck at 4.7 with 1.242
  5. I've put all in automatic in bios and only change the vcore. I'm stable only at 4.7. I've try 4.8 is work for 3dmark but not full stable for other application like realbench. Normaly this proc boot at 1.21 in 5.0 ghz but here i'm on win 10 pro and not xp. In the bios, the cache voltage override is on auto, i need to change this? But how know the good value?
  6. Hello, I've buy a good proc from doug2507, but i'm block at 4.6 ghz. I've an cm asus z97-a + corsair h110i gt + sli gtx 980 ti@1400 +4*4Go Vengeance + 1200i Could you help me? With this config, my windows crash after 2 min http://i.imgur.com/Op8cl20.jpg (*48) All save energy etc is off.
  7. Hello, I'm new here, i've an i7 4790k with sli of 980 ti...on windows 10 pro. if y understand the rules, i could no upload any benchmark? Or i've not understand? regards
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