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  1. okay sadly, but fun its just get to live again on a gigabyte :D
  2. hahaha yes I know , but I got almost 30 sec away from the 2th plaze . so it was not that fun to keep going btw where is your e5620 ?.... (ground1556)
  3. what chipset do you want to use to run 2200mhz ?
  4. Im mobo bclk limited so I can do what I want like 4c/8t 😁
  5. Hi, I just had one of my last few 2000c7 Hypers die and am now looking for a replacement. I'm looking for at least 1 stick of 2000c7 as well as 2 sticks of GTX2 to complete my kits again. If anyone has other strong triple kits of Hyper I would also potentially be interested in those. - T.Rex
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