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  1. I sent him a PM but I suspect he is sleeping 😉
  2. Dual Core Big Block!??! I'm in! PM'd. 🙂
  3. I posted this on the competition page but the link to this thread is broken so I'm repeating it here so you can see it, LHd: The last two Div 1s this year had CPU clock limitations imposed on them but I don't see any of the rules stating that's the case for this comp - just want to make sure it wasn't missing and end up having to resubmit scores... Leg?
  4. So just for clarification before I pull the trigger on this would the following be appropriate? I just want to make sure that "4 threads" is acceptable: https://www.newegg.com/core-i3-7th-gen-intel-core-i3-7350k/p/N82E16819117772 Thanks Leeg.
  5. What I can tell you is this. A free benchrmark that is exploitable and can not be trusted (which essentially makes it useless for competition and trending) is far worse than a benchmark that might have required a small fee. Still, this is not what is happening here - not even close - and in fact, once Benchmate becomes more widely used at the Bot you'll be using it for free because no one is obligated to spend a dime helping with the development of Matt's software. My original post asked the question "why are there are only three people signed up for this project?" You've shared your reason why you won't. What more is there to say?
  6. How can you have a name like MrGenius and come away from this with the idea that someone is charging for benchmarks? Please elaborate.
  7. Wow Ozzie, you know how in the past I've kind of insinuated that your a total dick? I take it all back! 😉 The only thing I'd say is that despite your idea being good and one that I'd buy into no problem I still think the first order of the day is to ensure accurate and cohesive benchmarks that can't be easily circumvented with cheating and ensures HWbot's integrity as the authority on all things overclocking. After that I think what you are proposing literally naturally just happens... but maybe I'm just being a naive idealist. Probably... Actually - hmmm - ya... I am. Still, it still seems like what Matt is working on should be the first order of the day.
  8. The more I think of this project the more I am thinking that people like der8auer with his huge subscriber base on YouTube (me being one of them) wouldn't use his platform to give more visibility to Benchmate? When we talk about integrity of the results certainly many of those are world records owned by him?
  9. Actually, that gives me a lot of hope that maybe I'm overreacting and many just aren't aware there is a way to support the project.
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