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  1. If that was actually true then Intel would advertise the 9900k with a base clock of 4.8. It doesn't. Furthermore, a turbo multiplier as used by the majority of the world outside of overclocking is a temporary boost in speed and not uniform across all cores. In fact, out the box 4.8 is only guaranteed by Intel on 4 of the cores with the other cores either clocking down or up. So what are you talking about?
  2. I keep hearing people say there is very little overclocking headroom in modern CPUs. I honestly can't figure out where this mentality is coming from. I'm running a 9900K at 5.1 ghz all cores on my daily driver. That's a whopping 41% increase from stock. Most people are doing at least 5 ghz on 9900k - still close to 40%. How is that considered "very little headroom?" I think people are using the turbo multiplier as their gauge for measuring... I don't believe this is an accurate way to do it.
  3. Viper - check your safeboot settings. Either turn it off or switch it to "custom" or "other" mode (rather than native).
  4. I have definitely experienced the 1.6 standby voltage thingy... I wasn't sure what triggered it but since then I've been manually setting all my voltages even if I wasn't actually going to increase them.
  5. For me it's really simple. If it can go faster and perform better - even by just a little bit - I feel compelled to exploit it. As Ozzie said earlier in the thread - (I think it was Ozzie) - overclocking can't die unless overclockers all die. I can tell my 6 year old already has the same gene that got handed to me. Even if everyone else in the world decided they thought overclocking was dumb and never did it again - I still would - which means it is isn't dead. In all honesty though, this whole conversation feels like a philosophy class between those who subscribe to existentialism and those who believe in the ontological argument. Sounds so deep but as soon as the bell rings no one cares. Funny thing just happened - I looked over at my daily driver using a 9900k running with a 51 multiplier (with AVX) and had that warm feeling you get when you know your system is working and playing better than anyone/everyone in a 100 block radius. That good feeling of knowing that you had a "KS" way before there was a KS and knowing that you paid a commodity price for it compared to all the people that flocked over to Silicon Lottery and dropped a crap load of money to get something of equal performance. Overclocking is living! Or so it seems to me.
  6. I've sent the money to your paypal preferred address. Let me know once you've confirmed. Thanks, man!
  7. Please Delete. I allowed myself to get trolled.
  8. Alex, I would like to buy these but have two questions. 1) when you say they were tested using regular water cooling do you mean the CPU was under water or that you had the DIMMs themselves using a memory water cooling block? 2) Will you ship to USA with extra cost covered by me?
  9. ya, that is one of the nicest looking GPU water blocks I've ever seen.
  10. nice man! It always feels good moving to that next level - keep it up!
  11. JPM, just in case you didn't notice or in case someone hasn't mentioned it yet you've got the wrong background image for this submission. Just a heads up in case you weren't already aware.
  12. Thanks for saying that, Scotty. It's all true. If I have been part of creating that in any way I apologize right here and right now.
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