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  1. I now own both of these boards and they are both great but I can say that if I could only have one it would be the Dark. It's an engineering work of art.
  2. It's obviously a database issue and most likely inherited from the forum migration. It's also possible that it's not an easy fix and last I heard everyone who keeps the bot going is doing it for free (correct me if I'm wrong - I don't know but it seems that way). So there are two options. You can wait until someone who can fix it donates their time for free... or... you can fix it. Kind Regards, Marco PS: It might help to actually report this in the correct place: https://github.com/COLARDYNIT/hwbot-issues
  3. Riiiiiight. I'm always sitting out of comps that make me work. LOL - come on Leeghoofd - it's perfectly normal to want the easier path and usually one does not even know which path that may be unless they've gone down the more tedious one. I will take part in round 2 with the same energy I've put into every competition since joining the bot.
  4. I am horrified at the prospect of air cooling only RE: GPUs. This is supposed to be fun and that requirement suddenly makes it a whole lot of work - I speak only for myself. You know, the 2080 Ti RTX is an incredibly boring card at stock cooling. "Yay, look - we all get to score the same how fun! Oh wait, kimandsally pulled ahead by 1 mark... wait - hold on to your hats everyone - jab33 just went ahead by 1, too!"
  5. I hadn't seen one without so good to know 🙂 Thanks, BZ.
  6. If you make that distinction between "overclocking" and "benchmarking" then I see your point. I guess I never really thought of them as being different.
  7. Don't get me wrong - I don't like change either but I also kind of feel like if I rank higher than someone else just because I had the time to figure out which O/S runs such and such benchmark faster that it really doesn't test my skill level or accurately gauge where I'm at. If there is a fallacy in this line of thought I'm more than willing to be corrected 🙂 EDIT: Just read what Mat's wrote above.... Mat - please - the first thing that would be helpful would be if you setup a donation link!
  8. I don't know the answer to that but for me it feels right...
  9. For the record, I never saw this in Firefox... I am using the latest version.
  10. I'm trying to understand how CPU-Z could be reporting a higher clock rate than what hwmonitor pro has for a max of 5400? Doesn't that suggest you opened up HWmonitor Pro AFTER rather than during the benchmark run? My understanding is that for the Road to Pro comps we have to be running either hwmonitor or hwinfo during the bench attempt and not after... Correct me if I'm wrong please 🙂 Great score by the way...
  11. Excuse my ignorance but doesn't Thaiphoon Burner identify which PCB revision the vendor used?
  12. I think out of all the options that's the one I'd go for if it was me. Of course, if you can access the SPI header on the board and have an interface to flash from then nothing should stop you from at least trying a straight flash from the z390 board since you don't need to worry about borking things up and can easily flash back the original. Whatever the case may be - when you are finally successful and push out a few scores it's always the ones which required cool modifications like these that feel oh so good. 🙂
  13. One of my submissions got blocked over this and I've always been under the impression that Skylake and above doesn't need HPET no matter what OS is used and I thought this was discussed with both the x265 and GPUPI authors at length and they both verified that is true AND both released versions that no longer made it a requirement for skylake and above. Maybe I'm not sleeping enough.
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