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  1. marco.is.not.80

    HWBOT x265 Benchmark 4k Benchmark Validation Regulations

    One of my submissions got blocked over this and I've always been under the impression that Skylake and above doesn't need HPET no matter what OS is used and I thought this was discussed with both the x265 and GPUPI authors at length and they both verified that is true AND both released versions that no longer made it a requirement for skylake and above. Maybe I'm not sleeping enough.
  2. Ya, well, I'll definitely be switching since I need the same luck as everyone else who miraculously all hit 5403 on the button. ;-)
  3. hwinfo uses decimal points for cpu speed and hw monitor doesn't. So one screenshot from hwinfo might report 5403.9 and hw monitor will report 5403. Is 5403.9 over the limit?
  4. That's what I was thinking...
  5. marco.is.not.80

    x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU

    Well, Havli - that did it! I downloaded the 32 bit installer from the link you provided and simply replaced the java directory with the new files and ran a 4k benchmark, hit the save results button and it opened up the dialog window, let me choose my location and voila. 🙂 Really appreciate you taking the time to support this issue considering you don't get paid AND it wasn't really affecting many people. I went to http://hw-museum.cz but couldn't find a donation/buy beer/send hookers link anywhere - please advise!
  6. marco.is.not.80

    x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU

    Hi Havli, Yes, I did download a fresh copy yesterday but that didn't help. I agree with you - it must be related to something either being broken with my Windows 10 or I've got it configured (maybe something as simple as an environment variable that has a custom setting (ie. my temp file is on another drive rather than on the OS drive). Let me look at the log file again but that was the first place I went when I experienced this. I wish there was an "strace" like we have in Linux but I'll keep troubleshooting and let you know. Just to be clear, all the java related stuff is completely self-contained, right? No external environment variables should cause any issues or having the 64 bit and 32 bit versions installed at the same time, right? EDIT: I ran it with compatibility settings "Windows 8" and it still just quit when I tried to save the results BUT this time there was log with the stack trace in it - I've attached it for your viewing pleasure 😉 hs_err_pid788.log
  7. marco.is.not.80

    x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU

    Like, Mat - I understood the issue to be two different things but wouldn't care if I couldn't save the file if I can submit it online. Obviously the issue with saving the file is more complex since not many people are having a problem and I fall into the category that does. Anyways, like I said - I'll keep trying to figure out the issue and cross my fingers that the submission via web might get fixed. I'm sure once the web server logs are referenced it'll be fairly obvious what the issue is.
  8. marco.is.not.80

    x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU

  9. marco.is.not.80

    x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU

    Just read Mat's response - so that is fairly good news since it seems like an easy fix on the server side, right? Has an issue been created on github? If not I'll create one now.
  10. marco.is.not.80

    x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU

    Ok, I will try and figure it out...
  11. marco.is.not.80

    x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU

    Leeghoofd, Not sure if I'm just totally missing a piece of the puzzle here but when you say "save the result file" - I mean - that's the original problem. It crashes instead of saves it. Then I tried submitting through the web and had the same problem. I took the screenshot simply because that's all I can do. Please advise?
  12. No turning back now! Now I just need to get either a bigger dewar (current one is 10L) or another one because just when I think I'm starting to get things figured out I run out of gas! Those things aren't cheap but feel free to point in the right direction - like - is there a website that sells pre-owned/second hand/used or is Ebay my best bet?
  13. marco.is.not.80

    x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU

    So I tried to submit via the web and although it doesn't crash it doesn't actually do anything. No browser opens up, no dialogue box that says "successful submission" or "failed submission" or anything like that. I'm trying really hard to submit the following (see attachment) and am curious about what happens if I can't solve this problem? Will a screenshot be allowed or is a .dat file absolutely necessary?
  14. marco.is.not.80

    x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU

    Not sure what you mean - are you saying I should try and submit directly to hwbot vs try and save the data file? Sorry if I'm being dense ... 🙂