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  1. Trying to run Geekbench 4 through Benchmate 0.93 and after it is done with benchmark it offers no options for validation? 10900k. Any ideas?
  2. First off, suggesting that anyone uses a bot and contribute to the issue of scalping is unethical and disgusting. Even worse would be to actually go and purchase one from a scalper because then this competition simply becomes "pay to win" not to mention helping these scumbags make money. Even if you happened to get a retail version in a store somewhere in Switzerland that's great for you - that's not a story replicated in many other countries I can tell you that I'd like to see you go to the same store and pick up another one. You and I both know they've been out of stock ever since.
  3. KeepH8N: I'm specifically talking about the Challenger Division comp - I'm not sure where my post goes when I use the comment section inside the comp portal but if it ended up in the country cup forum apologies. I would just say that EVEN if by chance the 3090 was available when round 3 started for most of us those things are nothing more than vaporware and it would be sad to see it allowed when they are not available for purchase anywhere. That's my opinion. I can afford one but I certainly can't get one.
  4. Are we allowed to disable cores for this and if so how does one submit it? If I disable half my cores on 10900k my score is much better when divided by 5 rather than with all cores turned on and divided by 10. Am I making sense? EDIT: I'm specifically talking about the Geekbench 4 bechmark.
  5. just a heads up so you aren't like "WTF" when it gets cut from the competition but hwinfo needs to show the clock speed of all cores rather than the vid. Thought I'd say something since you got such a great score and would hate to see it not stick.
  6. Like someone already said you need to get that system agent voltage way down. You're killing your CPU. Also, your core voltage - 1.570 - don't know what kind of cooling you have but the only thing that would support 24/7 voltages at that level would be if you had a big ass water cooler instead of a radiator and even then - it better be an industrial size with a pump to match.
  7. I don''t know if anyone else has experienced this but with mode 1 I move the IO Latency offset down (ie. 21 to 20 to 19 to 18, etc.) and with mode 2 I move the IO Latency offset up (ie. 21 to 22 to 23 to 24, etc.) both with the purpose of getting IO latency and RTLs to train tighter.
  8. This is where I found it and believe it is the original place of origin:
  9. With BIOS 0088 and txp 4, ppd 0 and tcke 0 I get an amazing 39.4 ms latency score. Before someone says that sucks please realize I'm getting this with dual ranked 2x16Gb DIMMs. See below: These are 24/7 memtested settings and even with a fairly high CL of 16 and CR of 2T I still manage to get 39.4 - sweet. Thanks Sparky and Asus team!
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