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  1. marco.is.not.80

    HWBOT Competition Feedback thread

    Can someone please tell me what the secret formula is for submitting the HWBot x265 v2.2 4k benchmark? If I use the submit to hwbot button it instantly crashes. Doesn't matter if I select "ignore CPU detection" or not. Ok, let's try the save data file. Doesn't matter which of the three options I choose "core i7", "<my actual CPU here>" or "ignore" it instantly crashes. I tried "run in Windows 7 mode" - same failure. I already checked the forums in "hwbot software and apps" but there isn't anything that explains how to fix the issue. I searched this thread also but didn't see anything - if I missed it I apologize.
  2. I should be benching this on my i9 7900x, too - that would also up my score... Those Titan RTXes are sure pretty looking!
  3. Merge the Enthusiast League with the Apprentice League. That takes care of the "prove your cooling" issue. Merge the Novice League with the Rookie League. Reclassify Extreme and Elite as "Elite - not sponsored" and "Elite - sponsored". My two cents.
  4. I finally got my hands on a 2080 Ti - wanted either the Asus Strix or the Evga FTW3 - didn't care - but couldn't find one available until today when I saw a FTW3 being sold by Evga on Ebay of all places... why the hell wouldn't they sell it through their site? oh well, who cares - at least I'll have one soon. No waterblock for it yet - can't find one of those either... geez.
  5. marco.is.not.80

    Evga Epower V on sale!!

    thanks for the heads up - just grabbed one!
  6. Slinky left a message for me and said he was calling from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and I couldn't quite make out what he was saying because the connection was garbled but something about "this frackin' GPUPI... ... installation issues and... ... 2,090,880 Volta cores" and then message ended. Anyone know what he could be going on about?
  7. marco.is.not.80

    GALAX GOC 2018 Qualifier results

    Congrats, Misthios OGS! 🙂
  8. marco.is.not.80

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    Man, so glad you shared this because I'd never have figured that out myself. Crazy making!
  9. marco.is.not.80

    GALAX GOC 2018 online qualifier thread

    Guys, can't believe no one wants to talk about my epic 19th spot! Only one direction from here lads! WOOOOOT!!!!
  10. marco.is.not.80

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    spill the beans, Webs!!!! 🙂
  11. zero plus zero??? 😛 JK 😉
  12. marco.is.not.80

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    Thank you for the review, WS! 🙂
  13. LOL - maybe because I have it in my screenshot.
  14. just out curiosity - how did you know what memory voltage I was using?