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  1. I don't see 7zip in the list any changing it it? Vin
  2. Game Benches would be a nice addition. Would just have to see what games offer the benchmark for free. Not everyone is in to Division2, Tomb Raider, etc... Would be a smaller sample set.
  3. Goofing around. Been years, messing with BM Delete if I broke a rule.
  4. Goofing around. Been years, messing with BM Delete if I broke a rule.
  5. Goofing around. Been years, messing with BM Delete if I broke a rule.
  6. Ya, but still a ton left for ppl to bench and beat out there... Vin
  7. What do the X's in parentheses mean (X) ? Vin
  8. Like the dark theme... Vin
  9. Elite usually (or used to be, I've been out a bit) represent a sponsored OverClocker... like the ones you noted. Nobody can compete against someone with an endless amount of HW and resources. so they are the Elite... then there is everyone else... Vin
  10. Can this be stickied and then force read to any new member.. like a popup that says "Yes I read this" before their account is activated? Glad you didn't leave. Vin
  11. I get the fees are high to operate, but I'd think ever little bit helps.. just like 0.2 points/sub as a min.... :) over time/volume it adds up. 233k+ members on the bot, say 5,000 are active, $10ea, $50k/year in funds to help with either HW/Coding/Fees. Then you can get help. Rookies get 3 months free to get the benching bug, then as they start getting/buying HW the $10 will be moot as this is/can be an expensive hobby. I know money can't fix everything, and I know you not accepting money from us means you owe us nothing. I (and many) do appreciate all the effort you and the remainder of your team put in, including the iceberg under the water we don't see. But to some extent, some people here do want to hold you accountable on some sort of moral level. That part is immeasurable I'm the cheapest bastard I know, me suggesting a small fee and agreeing with it is a big statement for me. But this place is worth it, the effort you put in is worth it. Vin
  12. a fix from M$ to me would seem they broke something and then fixed it. It's not often they make an OS update for a vendor's software issues. Also keep in mind that Asus are a hardware company (and they are really good at that). I've always found ALL their software to be buggy and should only be used as a visual if used at all. Same goes for Gigabyte's EasyTune.. if you've never had an issue with either of their software packages, you didn't use it enough. Lots of better supported software out there that works great... if wanting to adjust a GPU fan, I'd recommend MSI Afterburner, great utility and it just works. works with both ATI and nVidia cards. Gigabyte are a near waste these days. They were great in the era of X58 and older with very few exceptions of "Special" board releases since. I have a small boneyard of gigabyte boards that failed under normal use and were rejected for RMA and returned as "nothing wrong"... but there they are... RAID/SATA failures, Bad Ram Slots. These were day to day PC's.. not benchers... Before you spend $ on a gigabyte board, go to the Gigabyte Support Forum over at Tweaktown. Vin
  13. Next year it should be a blind submission challenge.. everyone subs. but nobody can see results until the end... then there's no sandbag as the entire comp is... then only people who are legitimately benching last minute would be submitting not killing the server for the last 2 days of a comp. Vin
  14. is there a backround requirement for the team cup?? if so can you add it to the rules section? and also a link to download it? Vin
  15. The main point is if you're shopping for gear, you can pick hardware your teammates haven't benched yet and that would help your TPP. The retired HW checkbox suggested on page 1 would also be a nice add to keep up with what HW teammates currently have to help plan for comps like the team cup. Both those together here would be like the how stats changed baseball... teams could actually plan and evolve instead of running around like blind mice bumping heads. Vin
  16. I have received emails that people have been leaving notes on my wall but when I go to it I don't see any. I also see a notification on the main page (yellow note at the top) saying I have x messages, but clicking on that I still don't see them. thoughts? Vin
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