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  1. I'm going this year
  2. Not sure how it works in Europe, but in USA small claims court is a joke. Even if you win the judgement, there is nothing that forces the person to pay you. So you then need to go back to court and attempt to get a lien against them, or have the court garnish their wages ect ect. Unfortunately would be a HUGE waste of time and effort for $500
  3. Can ES cpu's be allowed? Don't see a problem here since limited to 4 cores and 5003mhz anyway.
  4. @Leeghoofd @richba5tard Definitely something broken here.
  5. Bump. As said previously, open to reasonable offers.
  6. X99 soc champ and one 5960x remaining.
  7. Hey all, I have for sale an Asus Z390 Maximus XI Apex motherboard. It is in excellent like new condition. Even has the plastic film on the IO cover ect. Board is full box bundle, all accesories have been untouched. Both bios have fresh flash of 0903 on them. $400 shipped to US48, payment via paypal. Thanks for looking!
  8. Why was this changed? The consensus in the planning thread was graphics scores only, cpu limit 5g, and core count doesn't matter.
  9. Fixed that for you
  10. You too!! That was my only backup, so I look forward to rebenching when you beat me I know I know, you always ask for more pics ha ha. I always just take one quick, too busy benching
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