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  1. This thread can be closed and moved. Thanks
  2. Epic news!! Thanks Roman and Eike
  3. My dewars are in my pickup, find out this afternoon. Fingers crossed ha ha Not worried though, my supplier still open as normal. Only businesses closed in my state are restaurants/bars (take out and delivery still OK) and salon/spa ect.
  4. Cpu looking good! Rerun with benchmate, then you don't need to wait for slot machine lucky run
  5. 8700k has been sold, added a kit of g.skill bdie.
  6. The only time I've ever booted this chip on ambient was for doing mount checks before pulling down on ln2 If missing ambient results is a deal breaker for anyone seriously interested, please pm me. I am happy to pop into a mobo and test it for you.
  7. 9900k sold, price drop 8700k and z370 apex, added z270 apex.
  8. 1) 9900k, OEM and lapped so no warranty CPU in clamshell only, no other packaging 6950+ R15 (depending on cpu pot) 7430 32m Check my recent subs for results. $950 shipped SOLD 2) 8700k, OEM and delidded so no warranty CPU in clamshell only, no other packaging. Purchased from Stavros and Phil, check their thread for results with IHS: https://community.hwbot.org/topic/187625-fs-intel-i7-8700k-694~ghz-r15-733-32m/ The die has some light scuffs on it, and the corners are chipped. I received it this way, however that is only cosmetic. The cpu is 100% functional. $650 shipped SOLD 3) Asus Z370 Apex Purchased as new OEM pack, includes mobo and IO shield only. Mobo has white spray on plasit-dip on the backside, and syringe applied yellow plasti-dip on the front. Has all the original heatsinks installed. Fresh flash of 1801 on bios "1" and 1801_mod3 (xp bios from elmors thread) on bios "2" $150 + shipping SOLD 4) Asus Z270 Apex Full box retail bundle, accessories included. Not insulated, and never seen cold. Excellent condition. Fresh flash of 1301 on bios "1", not sure whats on bios "2" $100 + shipping SOLD 5) G.Skill A0 B-die 2x8gb Bare dimms only, no heatsinks. 4133 12-11 32m with waza. Tested with 9900k on MOCF, all ambient ~20c. 1.96vdimm in bios, 2.03v measured with dmm. $250 shipped US48 +$25 for international Prices in USD. Payment via paypal. Please pm your shipping address to get a quote for shipping the mobos. Thanks for looking!
  9. Post which version worked for you on 3d11 and FS, maybe we can get an update to the rules if 5.26 is causing issues.
  10. Did you try using older version of system info? I have ran into issues with the newest versions not always cooperating with legacy gpus.
  11. Look at the challenger divisions. Those are hardware/temperature/frequency limited depending on the division. Everyone can find one to be competitive in Huge THANKS to Thermal Grizzly for putting up prize money!!
  12. Finally got around to trying this. Everything worked no issues. Thanks to Stavros for putting together the guide, and the winraid guys for all the effort keeping xp alive!
  13. cpu freq limit not necessary, all three of those benches are gpu bound.
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