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  1. Coldwove

    Rules GPUPI for CPU on accelerator cards

    yeah i understand. IMO, 'accelerator cards' should be separated out from the CPU category, but then that means there is a whole new category, which in turn makes everything a lot more complex. All of that for like 5 people who will ever sub them. So yeah admins will have to find whatever they like best but keeping it in or pulling it out both seem to be bad ideas. /shrug hopefully whatever is decided, most people will be happy with it.
  2. Coldwove

    Rules GPUPI for CPU on accelerator cards

    yeah i guess so. we'll see what happens or if they just remove all phi pcie cards flat out.
  3. Coldwove

    Rules GPUPI for CPU on accelerator cards

    Well, we'll have to figure out what can be 'standardized proof' cause under the current rules the screenshots are valid. The best I can suggest is using Intel's MIC info tool but i'm open to suggestions.
  4. I managed to run x100 xeon phi cards on gpupi, however due the required information for submission under current rules for accelerator cards cannot be completed as cpu-z just doesn't detect accelerator cards. https://hwbot.org/submission/4101753 https://hwbot.org/submission/4101754 The validation screenshots there was the most info on the device i could reasonably include, however it does have the downside of showing the card's serial number. If the rules could be expanded to accept these kind of cards that'd be cool 😊 Edit: new subs that cover the cards Serial number.
  5. Coldwove

    Please add Intel Itanium CPUs

    Thought i'd update this as I forgot for a while and finally got back to testing the Itanium server. Unfortunately CPU-z displays utter garbage so not much point adding it, this chip in question is a 9350.
  6. Coldwove

    Please add Intel Itanium CPUs

    Can probably compile and provide the info required if asked. Cheers.