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  1. Tried 32M at 5ghz in Windows 10 on Z170 SOC Force.
  2. Just wanted to get some opinions, on what is considered the best bench table, that is currently available, that supports custom water loops and the ability to mount radiators, fans to cool the motherboard etc ? I was looking at the Praxis Bench in the link below, but wanted to see if anyone knows of any better ones. Praxis Wet Bench - PrimoChill.com
  3. Here is a screenshot of the timings the board sets, apart from me setting the primary timings, cr, trfc and tfaw manually as per my previous post. Sometimes it will pass training and boot up successfully and other times it will just fail to boot. Its very intermittent. The bios needs a lot of improving, as these sticks have done this speed and faster on an Impact board.
  4. Hey Bass, So far i've finally to managed to get two sticks in dual channel on my Z170X SOC Force, to pass training and boot into windows and its stable at 3866mhz 12-12-12-280 1T. Apart from setting the primary timings, tRFC and CR, I also have tFAW at 16. Everything else is still at AUTO. I have the Trident Z 3600mhz - 16-16-16-36 16GB Kit. It passed with the following voltages : Vccio - 1.30 Vccsa - 1.35 Dram and Dram Training - 1.85 Upto 3733 Mhz, I can have my Vccio at 1.185 and SA at 1.225 and its stable as, at 12-12-12-220 1T. Once I go to 3866mhz I need to up the voltages to the above. I still have to see how much lower I can go on my tRFC before it will no longer post. Then I'll try for 4000mhz as well and see how far I can get. I'm on the latest F6 bios, which came out at the end of March. I think its simply the bios still needing improvement, that is limiting how far we can lower our timings. Asrock Z170 OC Formula simply has a better bios. Plus I noticed in the memory compatibility chart for our board, hardly any of the Trident Z B Die modules are in there, whereas the Asrock memory chart, pretty much has all the Trident Z in there. Which is why I think we are having so much difficulty getting it to pass training. Let me know if that works on your board.
  5. That makes perfect sense. Thanks George, will let you know how I go.
  6. Thanks for that, I appreciate your help. I'll try up my voltages a bit and see how it goes. B-Die is very voltage sensitive, compared to my Ripjaws V E-Die, they are lot more forgiving. So should I just set my IOL offset straight to 23 every time, or try 22 first ?
  7. Hey George, I'll give that a try and see what happens. I also tried your recommendation of setting the PCH voltage to 1.2, and I know you did it on a different model board, but when I try it on the Z170 SOC Force, and save and exit the bios, it will boot up once successfully, but then if I go to reboot or I shutdown the pc and then turn it back, it just powers up for a few seconds and then turns off and then just repeats that cycle, and then the only way to stop it is turn off the power switch on the PSU and press the CLR Battery button to reset the bios and then its fine again.
  8. Hey Bass, I am running the same board as you, with Trident Z 3600C16 b die and when you are running at 3866 12-12-12-28 is that at 1T or 2T ? Because I'm having difficulty getting it stable at 1T. It will pass training and boot, but then it will either load windows and then freeze, or it will sometimes just get to the logo screen and then freeze. I have tried it with Bios versions X08, F6i, F6k and now the latest one F6. I set my Vccio to 1.185 and my SA to 1.2 and then set both my Dram and Dram Training Voltages to 1.88volts. It will pass but then its just not stable. I can get it do 3733 12-12-12-28 IT, and its fine, but will not complete a Super PI 32M if I run waza first. If I just run 32m with no waza it will complete it. Does yours complete 32M successfully ?
  9. Yeah fair enough. Also for ambient stages, I think submerging radiators into ice filled tubs of frozen water, is sort of like cheating, because its driving the temperature of the cpu down to below an ambient state and should not be allowed for the ambient category. For the extreme category that is meant for super low temps, then submerging radiators into freezing liquids is perfectly fine, as it is in line with extreme temps. But for ambient stuff, I think its fair that radiators be used as they are intended to and only be cooled with fans as per their design, which fits with the description of ambient meaning air temperature, not frozen blocks of ice!!!
  10. Ok great thanks for clarifying that. What exactly are the cooling option changes that will happen in the future ?
  11. So just to clarify, Stage 2 is unlimited CPU speed on both core and cache, is that right ?
  12. Some of the scores posted for the various stages, appear to be ridiculously high for 4500mhz. As in just unattainable and it appears that they have been run at higher frequencies and then the frequency put back to 4500mhz using GTL after the bench is run, which the icon for GTL can be clearly seen in some of the screenshots. Also the voltages in CPU-Z for the high scores, are also equating to voltages for higher frequencies and would not be needed to be set that high for 4.5 Ghz. Just bringing this to everyone's attention, because it would not be fair if people did cheat. Following are a few examples that just don't look right. Example 1 - http://img.hwbot.org/u43611/image_id_1595263.jpg Vcore is at 1.6 which is like for 5.0ghz and above and not needed for 4.5ghz and the score is basically what you would get if you ran at 5ghz not 4.5ghz. Example 2 - http://img.hwbot.org/u62680/image_id_1595160.png Geekbench Multi Score, just seems a bit too high for 4500mhz, when others are at around 20,100-20,200 approx. Example 3 - http://img.hwbot.org/u60320/image_id_1595196.jpg Again just seems way to high for Prime 0.8.3 at 4500mhz and again look at the Vcore voltage 1.46. 6700k can run 4.5ghz all day long at 1.28-1.30 volts and that's running Prime 95 v28.7 which puts way more load on the cpu.
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