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  1. Max FSB in BIOS: 232MHz, 100% succeed rate for any processor most likely.
  2. Page where you can see imaginary benchmarks: https://hwbot.org/benchmarks/ (use browser search function) https://hwbot.org/benchmark/shzo/ https://hwbot.org/benchmark/blackberry_keyone/ https://hwbot.org/benchmark/brennan/ https://hwbot.org/benchmark/106857280512383915478/ EOL? (Broken submit/broken benchmark) benchmark: https://hwbot.org/news/14268_application_183_rules/ (broken submit) https://hwbot.org/news/14710_application_100_rules/ (Beta has ended error (requires OS date manipulation?)) 2020 rules missing from the "1st post" but are pu
  3. Personally I think I like current system but some streamlining could be done. - Rookie: I think these are only for those who start their career in Extreme / Elite path, meaning they go for sub temperature submission and they get extra highlight during the season. - Novice: Well they have been around less than a year - Enthusiast: Keep as it is - Apprentice: Remove / replace as Rookie - Extreme: Keep as it is - Elite: Needs "Ex-elite" status or something. There are a lot elites who have not been active for years.
  4. Things that don't work: - XTU submits via the program, via the website and the result page, all broken. (Said here already) - Reported page (I can't even look at my deleted submission thanks to page being broken) (Didn't spot this?) - Achievements (at least G.skill memories haven't updated awhile) (Said here already) - Personal hardware result listings show just 20 first, going to next page shows then global results. (Didn't spot this) - All benchmark page has some ODD benchmarks listed, ( BRENNAN, 106857280512383915478, BlackBerry KeyOne, shzo,) - Some benchmark rules have not be
  5. if those are stable clocks with that voltage you indeed have a nice unit
  6. Noticed that two DDR4 world records (1st and 2nd) are made by two different users but literally same hardware, same settings, same bios, same os Rules only stated VGA and CPU sharing to be against rules when used in their corresponding benchmarks but if someone is making world records with DDR4 "golden sample" and sharing it, that is ok?
  7. Offer a working one with IO-shield - Willing to pay £100/120€/$125 + postage fees shipped to Finland. Bought!
  8. I Have that now with latest BIOS (was supposed to be only Ivy-bridge microcode update). The feature list didn't mention that lots of new features so probably have to redo all tests at some point. Basically motherboard now has PLL Overvoltage enabled, loadline calibration, static vcore etc
  9. All submissions screenshot must include the official wallpaper of the round. Used the banner for background but what is the official? No download link anywhere for it
  10. Ideas? Newest Java version bad for wprime? http://hwbot.org/submission/3145219_sl06bhytmar_wprime___1024m_core_i7_2600k_14min_43sec_130ms and when you compare it to my 7 year older result: http://hwbot.org/submission/792477_sl06bhytmar_wprime___1024m_core_2_quad_q6600_6min_14sec_130ms/ I am a bit in doubt my upgraded CPU would become this slow. When I checked wprime 1024m results there seem to be others getting ridiculous slow results with wprime 1024m... My OC is done with turboboost multiplier, so could it be a timer problem? Only way to OC CPU on this board. Edit:
  11. Duplicated MB: Correct: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/z68itx-a-e/ Wrong: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/z68itx-a-e_wifi/ Wrong: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/z68_itx_wifi/ Zotac Z68 ITX WiFi was name on package, CPU-z always reports Z68ITX-A-E
  12. 1 Lada coming up: http://hwbot.org/submission/3149778_sl06bhytmar_cpu_frequency_core_i7_2600k_4653.27_mhz Note to self: Do not ever again buy Zotac ITX board for overclocking
  13. Hello, I would like to find again timing table website or pdf for G.skill F3-2133C10-8GXM. My motherboard should support XMP but ranges go over capabilities of my motherboard so spend 3 hours searching internet for complete timing but now I cannot find it anymore. My only clue for that website or pdf is this picture which I took with my phone to apply settings in bios with trial and error: The problematic part was tRFC, my bios has limit for it 255 (8 bit integer).
  14. You won't see your score at the end because after 260 seconds you simply get runtime error 13 and launcher crashes without displaying score. The benchmark runs stand-alone just fine without launcher but you cannot submit acceptable scores here otherwise. Some languages ain't affected but here are some countries that are affected by this silly bug: - Finland - France
  15. Here is what I found about runtime error 13 and how to fix it Runtime error 13: Wrong clock format (from windows) History: Hwbot UHB v1.02 had a cheat where you downclock cpu during test to be able to compute more frames because benchmark time was calculated from CPU clockspeed. v1.03 added realtime clock to test from windows How to fix: Go to control panel --> Location and language --> First tab select UK or USA --> Second tab: USA or UK --> Third tab: keyboards change default keyboard to be USA or UK. This is a very old bug still not fixed. Thumbs down for lazy coder
  16. Having problems to fix runtime error 13 on hwbot heaven benchmark... changing keyboard to UK and locale to UK had no effect.
  17. So how to fix runtime error 13 in hwbot unigine heaven benchmark? I got it it is a keyboard localization error and you need to set locale to UK and use UK keyboard during test but guess I did something wrong because I still got error 13 again... How about making it sticky until somebody fixes the bug that has been around for 5 years? ... Sorry for being totally newbie
  18. Hehe, Hwbot dumbed me here automatically with my 2600k. So no worries about getting lower scores, I think I have that covered. Even my 4.5GHz ain't anymore stable to run all benchmarks with old thermal paste. So this is Ferrari division? Sorry I brought A lada and hammered a wooden rear wing wing on it.
  19. Please don't was already enough hard to read texts without sideway scroll bar ^^ Well luckily I have 4 direction scrolling button
  20. I'm also wondering can you use newer version of the benchmark programs because when you're submitting score you have to agree the rules to use that "x.xx" version of the program that you are not able to find anywhere anymore. I would say updating version number or putting little text: Or newer? Also I think SiSoftSandra test is a bit weird too. I see cleary there is Floating Unit Points being asked but looking top 5 and 10 all are MIPS which are not floating units to my sense. Hopefully someone will add better information for us dummies who hate to put wrong scores.
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