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  1. is there any team that is suitable for me? prefer malaysia timezone. i have serious long working hour(from daytime to nighttime) with only one day off and its weekday, random.... looking for a team that actually discuss/teach/giving tips on how to get better bench scores etc... i have been doing a lot of reading about sub-zero OC recently. quoting LD v10 phase change case for my 24/7 rig, finding LN2 locally... a little oc history about myself. had been benching alot on q6600, q(X?)6700 on asus mobo when they came out years ago. since then i stopped OC until i "met" G3258,4790k era. nvr thought of submitting them until recently when i started to bench again, i had this as my 1st submission to hwbot angelics`s Cinebench - R15 score: 1079 cb with a Core i7 6700K looking to buy z270i strix for my next firewall(pfsense) + sub-zero benching. im no pro yet, currently only doing processor OC and optimizing processor benchmarks scores.
  2. hi der8auer, can u plz check ur paypal? can i get the tracking code? as there will b a long week holiday ahead in 2 weeks. thanks edit: sry. i juz got a call from local forwarder. looking forward this awesome tool. any owner from my place here? edit2: i got it. thanks a lot
  3. i sent using my hotmail account. i'll resend u the exact same copy from my history
  4. hi. im stil nt getting ur email for the quotation? did u receive my email?
  5. sent u an email thru hotmail. cant wait to delid my 4790k a real virgin with stock cooler stock clock atm
  6. hi, im interested with this, but i live oversea here in south east asia. can i get a quotation through pm? i send can send u payment thru paypal
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