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  1. ZFeSS

    French language

    Missed that option. Thanks, it solves the problem. What should do the language selection in profile section then?
  2. ZFeSS

    French language

    Few days ago I've noticed that interface changed to french localization. Checked my profile - "English" was selected. Tried to change it to German or any other - no effect. I don't mind French, but looks like a bug. Is it possible to fix it or I have no choice and I have to change flag to Tricolore?
  3. ZFeSS

    Weird login issue

    Maybe the site itself would like all users to be equal?
  4. Yep. You need to gift some beer to admins.
  5. One day I was benching actually on the street in the winter night. "Room" ambient was -20°C.
  6. Sounds like "top scores no need".
  7. The 60th result is 18.2 hwpoints for your profile. If you submit anything scored lower it will not affect your rankings. But it will be added to hw masters rankings.
  8. RTFM, please, before noob posting.
  9. If you can post FB-DIMMs in any other board we'll discuss it.
  10. It will be interesting project. You need to make a quiet huge 2kW heat exchanger anyway. And another one for the second stage large enough for 4-5 250W or what you've got TEC modules. As for tubes - copper ones usually are used. You can use R13/R23/R502 or R508b. Although they still can kill you, if the pressure rises high enough
  11. That means ~700W of heat for second stage (-45c) and ~2000W of heat for first (-20c) stage. Your AC unit is too weak for this I think. Classic gas cascade unit will be cheaper and easier to build.
  12. As TaPaKaH says, Voltage scaling make sense. I've got a stick of CH-5 that do 265@3.3v and a stick of BH-5 capable for 255@3.3v. But if you up voltage to 3.8 both sticks are equal and capable for 275 2-2-2-5.
  13. I see you've got 0.5 hw points on 939. In scale of 100 it's 0.5%, maybe it counts as 0 after rounding.
  14. Stop worrying about leagues and your life will be easier.
  15. Oh, yeah, you're right. I read you wrong. I think, that you write "below zero", not "below ambient".
  16. It's a simple physics - dew point. With such temps and humidity you need a few degrees below ambient to have a condensate. When you cool down more - you have a lot. Haven't got any problem at winter, cause humidity and temps are lower.
  17. I have to use insulation with watercooling every summer. When humidity is over 90% and temperatures are over 30 degrees there is a lot of condensate.
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