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  1. List of available vga's vga_price.xlsx
  2. Decided to split. I updated the list with individual prices , 10 pieces minimum, post here in thread. We can negociate a little the final price. Thanks! vga_price.xlsx
  3. It is a good ideea, thanks Up Price drop at 12 euro per card == 1572 euro plus shipping
  4. Yeap, a lot of them. 15 euro by card is at least ten times less that what i spend to find them. @ ObscureParadox - you are not crazy ===))))
  5. The problem is only in gt2 and gt3, about 100 fps less in single card.
  6. Sorry, only all package goes at once. They are the result of many years of searching and binning, the cost was huge, in money and effort ...
  7. For sale al my top and WR's video cards, highly binned (memory and gpu). Ask average 15 euro by vga, that makes it 1965 euro for 131 pieces, pus shipping world wide. Very good condition, a lot have mods/vaseline isolation. Check excel list for info. (bottom of the page) For more info you can ask or go to my result on Hwbot, there are also pictures and results for all vga included here. I use only tehnical vaseline for isolation, can be remove if necessary. Selling only entire vga's. vga.xlsx
  8. Last test before packing, on thursday or friday will go to Coldwove, the payment was done. Thanks
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