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  1. 19 minutes ago, Liq-met said:

    You blind or idiot? 3dmark  requires more than 512 mb (further algorithm) with low timings, look at your 200 mhz w/ standart settings. Satisfied? Yet it estimates s-cashe, 512 KB and more good, rofl. Theme from stupid!

    Its a sort of mental retardation? Or yur mum dropped you head down? 

    Once again retard, GA-8blabla  SIS650/651 mobos,  dosent react to timing change / or react very bad.

    at GA-8S651 and GA-8SIMLH (i have PacardBell rev, green txt) gives us 1400-1500sc at def set

    at third screen u can see DDR400 w t:2-2-2-6, maan u got shit un your eyes?


    Even if we take Aopen MX46U2 mobo (it react to timings very good, but dosent suport prescot, and dosent have mem divider) we still get +/- same result

    BUT if we take Aopen S651M w SIS330, we can get very easy 2.3-2.5score (at 128mb v-ram)


    Fuck, what wrong whith u all

  2. 1 minute ago, Antinomy said:

    You see "The benchmark was not run using default settings" ? Mine doesn't because it's run under default settings like your first 4 runs.

    on deff setings Z-Buff32bit


    From rules:


    1024x768x32, compressed textures, D3D Pure Hardware T&L, No Antialiasing, Double Frame Buffer, 24 bit Z-Buffer


    It is allowed to run non default settings with graphics cards older than 2001 that don’t support default features. 


  3. 18 minutes ago, Antinomy said:

    It's not about madness. We usually try to add board name as they are written in DMI - boards name displayed by CPU-Z. That's why we need validation links. Post them and we'll add them.

    WUT, in GA-8S651M-RZ mobo model strings is : GA-8SIMLH or 6Xblablabla (on some bioses)


  4. On 2/1/2020 at 10:40 AM, Leeghoofd said:



    Sapphire A4-A985 - ATI A4 - ATX mobo

    ATI® IGP340(A4) Chipset ATX Motherboard



    ATI® IGP340(A4) Chipset Micro ATX Motherboard






    it made by PCPartner for Sapphire 

  5. Quote

    Looking for 500€ plus shipping



    Holy crab bro, i have a great deal for ya, all in your list + many more (P4(+Cel) 533/800; Xeons 50** ser; X6700; ) for 400

    Instant cash! Only today!




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