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  1. just take care about your HDD with 130mhz PCI-E
  2. pardazande khubi darin PCI-E ro afzayesh dadid? ya moshkel dama dashtin?
  3. hatman ba fan khonak konid ram ro, slot aval nazdik be cpu bayad behtar jvb begirin
  4. as always, i will support you guys, and have talked with dear chris just let me to check it again ...
  5. Dear Game Theory as i remember, you should try to set One Username for main page's acc and Forum's acc! different names make some problems look like this
  6. according the rules, pls attach pic and give a price
  7. I agree too Dear Roman We do Overclocking, just to enjoy it! we like it! maybe rules do not say anything about Fair play, but as i think any one should respect it!
  8. HWBot Staff & Forums Administrator


    Congrats bro ;)

  9. yes, we have talked about that yes, VGA is still available pls send me PM
  10. In other topic I send several contacted pms :-)
  11. sorry dear chris, i missed it Now its OK
  12. maybe you are right but i do not like to sell it really, just for high price ...
  13. hmm, its simple i have one Golden R5870 Lightning that can pass 1400mhz/1350mhz 3Dmark Vantage easily we do not push it more, just for save it! http://img.hwbot.org/u22446/image_id_932579.jpeg Price: 200$ thank you
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