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  1. I Tested my Pentium III-S Without Problems and Errors, but when i install a fresh Stand with Fresh OS Windows XP SP3, after click on Exe file of Benchmark, im getting CPU-z general Error? My System Is: Turion 64 MT-34 + 2GB DDR400 + ABIT NF8-V + Kingston A400, by the way, when im click on cpuz_x265.exe, it launches without problems, as well 1.86 version standlalone works great?! When im Changing cpuz.ini (Set PCI=0) inside Folder of X265, Im getting no Error, but Application Shows only First Logo and no loading to main form?!
  2. ty for reply, but why can't make Scrollbars on Drop Down menus? I Think this is a good idea
  3. In Hardware browser of WebSite i can see it, i can see results (PCMark04 for example), but when i try to submit, in Processor field, i cannot find it! What's Wrong?

    HWBOT Aquamark3 Benchmark Validation Regulations

    I try to make different Resolutions on Windows Desktop (XP SP3), same problem: Invalid data file: Unable to parse the datafile

    HWBOT Aquamark3 Benchmark Validation Regulations

    Same Problem, i try Submit, but no affect - unable to parse data file ?! I turned System Info on/off, no affect..
  6. Only One True Result! This Is it! I Have T8300, and Clock GPU to 640 MHz Core on Toshiba and Get only 1640 Points on XP!!!