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  1. Very soon. I had a very tight deadline with work and have been coding day and night. My life currently sucks, but I'm still trying to make it happen asap.
  2. Great work. Exactly how it's done.
  3. It's a bug in the latest HWiNFO version. I will contact the dev today and see if we can figure it out.
  4. Please post the wrong screenshot so we can look into it. BenchMate doesn't show any chipset information. Where is that detection and what's wrong with it?
  5. Yes, you can match as you like. The fastest card will decide the combination represented on the bot. Your example will be listed as 3x3090. As for the 6900 XT, I'm not getting support by any graphics vendor, so no, there currently is none for GPUPI as well. Yes, it goes both ways.
  6. Would fit better in the BenchMate support thread, but my guess: You are not using the bundled HWiNFO version. They have to be compatible, otherwise they don't load next to each other. It's a limitation by the SDK/HWiNFO.
  7. 25m is no longer an active category on the bot. @Leeghoofd This question arises again and again. It might be best to enable 25M but don't give any points.
  8. Where is the OpenCL.dll from? I do not distribute the OpenCL.dll with GPUPI. This DLL should be available on your system; best case is that the graphics driver deploys it according to what feature level is available. The error is from the OpenCL DLL that seems to be out of date. Remove it as Strunkenbold said. If it's not working, please install a graphics driver or one of the OpenCL Redistributables from a CPU vendor. Intel OpenCL preferred. I also advise to not run any executable from the Music folder. It may have special rights. Same with the Documents folder.
  9. BenchMate should fix these issues: https://www.patreon.com/posts/50198208
  10. Microsoft Defender detects BenchMate as a trojan that sniffs bank data. It's of course a false positive (as always). I already hunted it down. Whole Sunday gone to shit basically. Will have a new version of BM ready to "fix" this. Glad I can add a HWiNFO update as well so the release somehow makes sense.
  11. The BenchMate categories only exist for automatic uploading from within BenchMate. It's a technical issue, because some of the old categories (Super PI, wPrime, ...) do not support the HWBOT submission API. So yes, you can just take the screenshot and upload it to other (matching) categories. See BenchMate as additional proof for a valid score.
  12. Something we should think about is the definition of "maximum frequency". Right now with CPU-Z the definition is that the CPU's sensors can be read and the CPU can produce an encrypted result file (which implies disk I/O, multiple levels of drivers invoked, CPU-Z version-dependent code, ...). It's also not a very stable definition as it can change (and has changed) between different versions of CPU-Z. The right term instead of "max frequency" would actually be "CPU-Z validation stable". So before it makes sense to code anything, we should try to define what "max frequency" really sho
  13. Of course. It would need to be done using BenchMate anyway because as soon as we are talking validation, security and timers, you will always end up with the same conclusion: it all sucks and needs a whole concept to make sure that it is foolproof, hard to cheat and easy to use. New BM version will also let you close the client at any point. So only a background service is running to measure sensors and the driver enables correct time measurement and that's it. That said the saving of validation files should be done differently as well. Also without the client and with a single hotkey.
  14. Maybe this is the right time to discuss that the validation of a fictional number like the CPU frequency is not a credible basis for competitive ranking. I'm thinking a small workload would be more suitable for this kind of task (idea by @mllrkllr88). Something completely independent of memory, but big enough to show the scaling (in comparison to other CPUs of this generation). This workload could even come in multiple flavors like single-threaded, multi-threaded, AVX*, each separated into their own categories here on HWBOT. Not an easy task all in all but a big improvement for the m
  15. I think I found the culprit: It's a bug in the 32 bit version of BenchMate's driver. The 32 bit version will be removed starting with BenchMate 0.11. It's just too much effort to test all the different combinations of OS versions and 32/64 bit and I don't have the necessary resources.
  16. Hmm, just rechecked. I don't think that 7-Zip even uses a decimal point here. The score is just completely bugged. @Sir_Nobs_of_rone_II. Did this happen once? Or reproducible (each time)? Also can you try without BenchMate? Just use the parameters from the command line in the bench dialog. You find the 7-Zip bench in the apps folder of your BM install.
  17. Seems like the output uses a wrong locale without a decimal point. Probably a bug in 7-Zip itself. Maybe I can force the locale from within BenchMate. Will have a look at it. Score needs to be deleted.
  18. 6900 XT and probably 6800 as well are currently not compatible with GPUPI. It just doesn't compute right for whatever reason. Edit: You error above nearly always means that you need to reduce the Reduction Size step by step. AMD GPUs have very limited space for shared memory.
  19. No, it doesn't allow online validation links with (detected) timer issues as far as I know. But there are multiple ways to get a skewed offline score in the latest versions. I detected one recently on Zen 3 with specific motherboards without even touching the reference clock (which is normally detected without problems). So online validation for latest UL products is necessary for reliability in my opinion.
  20. The TSC detection is probably not working in the submitter. Empty cells in the clock column are very likely TSC. y-cruncher scores are invalid when running on AMD and Intel pre Skylake with TSC on Windows 8/10. The examples above are on Skylake X, so they are fine timer-wise.
  21. Great, please lay it to rest. If anyone wants the encryption keys of the bench to roll your own results with a single command line call, just let me know.
  22. Yes, the remote access is theoretically a problem. Please try with local access. Your bug report for wPrime states that I can't capture anything from wPrime's result window. So it can't verify the category that was running, hence the error in parsing the result. PS: wPrime is pretty difficult to integrate. I already wasted a lot of time with this bench. Support will slowly fade out from my side. It's just not worth the effort.
  23. @cbjaust As I can't send any PMs today anymore (I've reached the daily limit of 5) and this may be of interested to others anyways: The support of 3DMark03/05/06 is currently very experimental. We have a way better implementation ready in our dev builds, that will correctly detect iGPU, SLI and Crossfire. It also measures only the sensors of the cards involved. In fact the whole 3D integration was completely rewritten, even that of GPUPI when used with graphics cards. This will come out with one of the next releases soon. In the long run 3D will get a way better treatment. I'm talking abo
  24. This OS version is untested. Some people are using the Standard Server version though and it seems to work. Don't know if anyone has tried 2019. As for wPrime, can you submit a bug report after the error occurs? Best to close wPrime first and go to the client and select bug report from the menu. GPUPI, the error states that BenchMate can't inject into the GPUPI executable. Might be an incompatibility or some kind of protection from the OS or an Antivirus software. If you have AV installed (even Windows Defender), try to deactivate it temporarily.
  25. GPUPI 3.3 was never meant to be in its own category. It doesn't know about the change in category. That was decided afterwards from the bot. I remember the time well, I nearly turned my back on HWBOT and needed to take a few months off. The fork was wrong, but releasing an optimized version of the bench and not bumping the major version to 4 was wrong as well. Leeghoofd and I agreed to get rid of the situation as quickly as possible. I will finish GPUPI 4 after the upcoming BenchMate release and I'm gunning for end of February.
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