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  1. Hi All, I'm a novice when it comes to overclocking CPU's, I've never had an unlocked one before. I've happily overclocked my old laptop's GTX 980M and gotten some great results. I know have an AORUS X5v6 with a i7-6820HK, I want to push it to see what is capable of. Temps shouldn't be an issue as I can take it into a sub zero environment for testing (I have a large walk-in freezer). AORUS's bios is heavily locked down so any CPU overclocking must be done with XTU or throttlestop or similar. It has 4Ghz overclock via the app installed, but this only sets a single core to 4Ghz and the rest are stepped down. A simple overclocking guide for this CPU would be helpful? Any takers? Thanks
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