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  1. Any other test on kit n 6? It's able to work at 4800 14 14 14 28 280 1T
  2. Still avaliable kit n 3??
  3. Hi all, WTB a good ram kit for my Z490 Dark and 10900kf. Only Europe Thanks in advance
  4. Kit founded. Can be closed 😁
  5. Hi, Want to buy a second RTX 2080Ti Kingpin Edition. Only in EU and at the right price. (have buyed the first in Italy for 550€ shipped) I'm not saying to pay that price but not too overpriced either. If anyone sell, contact me PM. Thanks in advace
  6. No buddy, It would not be the right comparison. Meanwhile, I know you have these 2 kits. If nothing comes out in these days I will contact you and we will conclude if you are still interested in selling. Are the kits with or without heatspreader?
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