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  1. cnzdrn

    FS [UE] 6,79 r15 7700k

    Sold to Albrecht 😁
  2. For sale an i7 7700k that can do 6,79 GHz cinebench r15. Chip is boxed ad dellidded, I clean it so no tim under ihs. Cpu is cb and cbb free (if you raise pll termination) at least on apex IX. Price is 400€ shipped in UE, offers are welcome. For payment Bank transfert or PayPal (buyer cover fee) Thank you, Adriano.
  3. On ambient some chips are really bad. For example I test 2 sempron 140, one can do 408 the other only 395 on ambient, with ln2 the 408 stops at 390 the other see my sub. Another example is one of my 150 that can do 440 fsb but can't go over 5900 max on core frequency. I need to retest that chip.
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