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  1. Thank you guys :) With unganged and hyper with ud7 I need about 430-435 reference to take first place, I will test if this chip is able to run unganged soon. Pi with my borked 7 isn't the best I can do, I run only for dram testing. It seems reference wall at 440 with this chip, at 441 I'm unable to do any bench :(
  2. I don't test with air. I buyed it tested for 4ghz full stable 1.45v long time ago. Thank you!
  3. I reflash bios and now work .5 multi. With hyper and unganged I can't go over 400, maybe this is the difference from board 2.0 and 2.1. So I decided to rebin all sempron that I have 😨
  4. Bbse, with psc, at least mine, I can't pass 370
  5. Ok I did some test with ud7 ver 2.0 and bios f5a I tested 3 145, one stopped at 410 second stopped at 412 and the last stopped at 449 😱 All tested with same profile, with dram set to ganged mode. For this I set vcore 1.45 cpu-nb 1.375 dram 1.79 I used stock cooler plus a 120mm fan to cooling dram/nb. https://hwbot.org/submission/4320473_cnzdrn_reference_frequency_ga_890fxa_ud7_448.98_mhz Next step try with hyper and unganged.
  6. I will try d9's when I will find some sticks. High vdimm for me is useless, with sempron from 1.72 to 1.85 I give same reference. It's chip related. Same settings give me 435 fsb geekbench 3 with 960t at 1.81vdimm. https://hwbot.org/submission/4258887_cnzdrn_reference_frequency_ga_890fxa_ud7_437.99_mhz/ I think some chip have better imc, I just need to find another one With ud7 and biostar 890fx I never lost dual channel, only with asus or 990fx ud3 I see that problem.
  7. The main problem you have is dram. For bclk with ud7 my best result is based on elpida hyper, high binned hyper, bbse is good and psc is the worst dram to use. All sempron 145/150 that I tested can do atleast 408 dual unganged or 415 dual ganged. Single stick can do the same you can do with ganged. Best stick slot 3, the second slot 4. I bin each stick individually, max boot and max on Windows. PS I use ud7 rev 2.1 maybe rev 2.0 works different PS 2 cpu-nb is the imc voltage, if you set 1,3-1,35v you can do about 2800 imc freq and push dram to max reference they can do
  8. I tested some sabertooth bios. The 1903 seems more stable on ln2. On air I reach the same reference.
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