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  1. It's just a binning result. The only way to see what a chip can do is cooling it with ln2
  2. Maybe use a standard background for season help against sandbagging?
  3. My opinion is at least 20 globals + 20 hw for season. Better if 30 + 30. Make 4-5 results for month isn't impossible!
  4. cnzdrn

    Dfi am3, Gigabyte 890fx ud7

    Update 28-12
  5. I never tried over 1.8 with bbse. Thanks for information
  6. Nice bus clock! I'm afraid for geekbench :P
  7. Purtroppo per arrivare al livello dei primi 3 mi manca ancora tanto. Stasera testo le ultime 3 CPU sperando ce ne sia una meglio di questa.
  8. Thank you guys. Ddr3 is much faster with am3 chip 😃
  9. cnzdrn

    Dfi am3, Gigabyte 890fx ud7

    For sale: 1 Dfi lanparty 790fxb m3h5 bundle. -Mainboard whith some accesories. See photo. ddr3_1 and ddr3_3 slot not working, you can use 2 and 4 but not dual channel! -4 athlon cpu: x2 240, x2 245, x2 250 and x3 445. 2 Dfi lanparty nf4 socket 939 only board and I/O shield Random A64 single core 2 x 512mb corsair ddr400 c2 xpert with display. 3 Gigabyte I-ram "gc ramdisk" - with 1gb ddr-400 and sata cable. 4 Asus rampage extreme X48 only board and I/O shield. No audio. Core 2 quad q6600 5 Gigabyte 890FXA UD7 rev 2.1 only board, nb heatsink and I/O shield Paypal (buyer cover fee) or bank transfert for payment. Prices: 1- 50€ 2- Sold 3- Sold to King K0r3 4- Sold to ziken 5- 80€ Shipping cost and paypal fee are excluded. To UE shipping cost about 20-25€
  10. For sale an Asus P5E3 Premium wi-fi bundle. Mainboard whith some accesories. See photo. Cpu - Q6600 4 sticks of corsair ddr3 1600 c7-7-7-20 1.8v 1gb each. 3 version 3.1 and 1 version 4.1 Paypal or bank transfert for payment. 100€ + shipping. About 20-25 in UE zone.