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  1. 2400 9-12-9 doesn't work either I get this 03 00 reboot loop..
  2. It is probably a case of potato imc or board I have tried several settings including 125 strap and lower mem multi still I get oc failed when above 2200. I have adjusted the tWCL to 7 , disabled fast boot and others...I have tried coolice's bios.am I doing something very wrong ?
  3. so, i updated to a different bios. I tried 2400 with 8-13-8-28-2T , 5 108 10 4 26 5 5 8 RTL when on 2200 was 40/41 so I set the RTLs to 40/41 manually and IOls to 4. It still gets overclocking failed and reboot loops i once got 3E debug code..
  4. 2200 works...2400 doesn't .I tried 40/41 RTL too..Btw it.I think 2400 c8 should be easily possible ?
  5. my board shows default SA as 1v . I checked it out.some guides and the default is .85v SA
  6. Yeah I did +0.45v on sa that would result to 1.45v.defualt is 1v..For ioa +0.3 and id +0.25
  7. Okay so, with 1.45v SA and 1.3v ioa and 1.25v id ..it gets stuck into code 15
  8. I loosened all secondary timings and tertiary timings and also tWCL to 8 as I heard some PSC have issues in lower tWCL. What about the DRAM REF Voltage t and also the slope settings? I have not tweaked them yet but I think 2400 c8 should be possible without slope adjustments and other fine tuning
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