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  1. No it was not a CUV266, its does not look anything like the CUS266. Look around from older achieved forums from the time and you will see a few people with them. Sorry I do not have any thinks at the moment. If I ever come by one again I'll let you know.
  2. Parts no longer for sale. I'm scarping most of the hard drives and will be using the 650w PSU and 790fx board for a backup build.
  3. You PM'd me stating you did not want the drives because you won something on ebay with a tongue sticking out emoji, this was after you dropped a few F bombs at me. Even after being asked not to. I had thought you backed out of the sale. I did not even know that I received a payment from you until I got a notice that a IRN case was filed against me. And the INR claim was filed less then 48 hr after you sent the payment. I tried my best to work with you and to be accommodating, even working out a deal that would cut the cost of shipping down a good bit. After a week or so a dickering around with you backing out more then once and you filing a IRN claim against me less then two days after you sent the payment I do not comfortable completing the deal. And please stop trying to send me money. Every payment you sent me has been refunded in full. Sorry. I tried to be helpful and accommodating. I don't mean to upset or offend you. Its just at this point I don't feel comfortable selling you the drives. EDIT: Note to any mod/admin that is interested in what happened. Chris backed out of the deal. He then sent me a payment for the drives a day or so latter. Then he turned around and filed a INR case against me. I refunded him in full and had the INR claim closed. He then turn around and sent me a second payment and I refunded it too. I refunded every penny Chris sent me.
  4. Hard drives still for sale. Chris filed a INR case before I even had a chance to ship the drives out and the sale fell through. Price cuts on the drives to $1.75 a drive. Im about to just scap the drives.
  5. Oh, I thought they fixed it all by now. Yeah, its a mess. I get that their host got bought out and web/forum engine was not longer usable. But was it really that hard to change the text on the like button to say to say rep?
  6. That has to go to OCN. It took them what? Over a year to get it right?
  7. RGB is so cool and retro. I just realized I'm selling the same board as you are OP. Looks like I'm asking to much for it😬 Anyway free bump for the OP and hope you get it all sold.
  8. I'm open to offers. Just shoot me a pm with your zip so that I can factor in shipping with your offer.
  9. willing to sell the WD drives for 5$ per pair drive. if you just want 2 or 4 drives let me know. Price cut on the asus motherboard form 20$ to 15$
  10. The ECS P6S5AT is not the best sis635t board, If you want to get anywhere with it you need a full recap with better caps and modded bios. I have seen people get upwards of 200FSB out of them with modded bios and a recap. I have seen a few ASUS CUS266 in the wiled. But they are very rare. One was on ebay last year.
  11. SiS 635T boards like the ASUS CUS266 natively support 166mhz FSB and AGP dividers for said FSB. And they use DDR ram. Id look for one of those. I regret not picking up the one that was on ebay not long ago.
  12. 5$ price drop on the motherboard and PSU.
  13. Nice work tracking this stuff down. Also wile not LN2 there was and retail AMD k6 system that used a AC chiller way back in 98 from Kryotech. https://www.anandtech.com/show/210 https://www.anandtech.com/show/260 Latter Athlon versions https://www.anandtech.com/show/432 https://www.anandtech.com/show/809
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