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  1. Aussie I will message you later this evening. XTU 4.5 @ Lowest Voltage
  2. Thank you, I went through just three but it's leaps and bounds above the other 2.
  3. I ran cinebench and XTU at 4.5 , I was requested by a perspective buyer. tried XTU at 1.15 and at 1.3, Cinebench at 1.14 and 1.13 , DID NOT TRY LOWER.
  4. I understand it's the weekend in Canada , give me a break . Pics up
  5. Will get back to you tomorrow morning, and also update pics for thread. Do you have a postal code / zip I can refer to?
  6. Selling my good 5960x Does 4.7 at 1.205v , llc high xtu stable on air. It runs pretty hot on air so never went further, No subzero results. My best chip. Comes in retail box with warranty . 6 months old. Looking for 700 us plus shipping. Gigabyte board with box and accessories . Perfect condition 200 us ? Plus ship 4x4 ripjaws 3200 100 us plus shipping Would prefer to sell together Ozzfest05`s XTU score: 2359 marks with a Core i7 5960X
  7. I have a chip that does 4.7 ghz at 1.20volts with 4.5 cache
  8. Ozzfest05

    WTB Xeon L3014

    Looking for this CPU, even better if it clocks well. North American preferred for shipping.
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