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  1. 4 minutes ago, TAGG said:

    Ah shit and here i am thinking i stood a chance with a dualsocket board 🤣

    I only have a dual socket also. Plus, I really can't stand the board. Gives me fits.


    Turns this stage into an odd hardware required stage. Not sure I feel too good about that..........and I like the odd stuff.


  2. 9 hours ago, digitalbath said:


    What also makes me think: some BIOSes use 6:6 ratio register, and some use 4:4 (DFI). Is there a difference? Both are 1:1 FSB:DIMM ratio.



    Do not know if there is an actual difference but, some boards clock better on certain ratios than others. My examples:

    AN7 clocks better on a 6:6 ratio

    NF7 clocks better on a 5:5 ratio

    All my DFI's seem to clock better at 1:1


    300.7 was tough to get, but I highly doubt Stelios tried to beat the system, if you will. It not his way.

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