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  1. Not buying it. I have Sempron CPU-Z's on versions ranging from 1.42 to 1.56 and none of them show a numerical designation. I have modded bios' by Merlin, TicTac, Etc. on all my boards, not to mention I mod my own bios', and none read like that either, so that doesn't wash.

    I'm more suggesting a photoshop session at this point, if you can't tell me why your submission is the only one that's like that in the entire Sempron category in all of HWBot.

  2. How'd you get CPU-Z to read it at 2200+ with the increased bus speed? As a matter of fact, it shouldn't read any numerical designation at all. It should just say sempron. CPU-Z doesn't read a numerical designation on any of my semprons, no matter what version I use, and after checking a lot of everybody else's submissions, in all of the sempron classes, it doesn't show on any of their's either. I smell a rat here.

    I don't want to use the "C" word here, but unless you can come up with a good explaination as to why your CPU-Z is the only one on the bot like that........well......

  3. Uploaded by wprime. If you take a look at the screenshot, there it is listed as a XP 1900+. The Mainboard doesn't recognise it.

    But you were content to leave it as a XP-M 1900 even though you knew it was a bad entry.


    Thank you Sweet for fixing that. Question: If Wprime has a problem uploading the correct info, shouldn't we not be using it and manually entering the submissions? Does anybody really know how many submissions like this have gone un-noticed?

  4. This is what I mean.


    It's one thing to rebel against the system, but in the end you are responsible for what your team members submit to this database. If you feel that certain results are out of line and see that other people are concerned about it, it's your task to make sure the team doesn't look worse than it is.


    Of course, you can say you don't care about anyone else than your team and your team members. Sadly enough, the world (and this site) doesn't work that way.

    I'm not rebelling against anything. I have my opinion, just like everyone else here does, and I voice it.

    And I DON'T care about anybody else but my team here. Why should I? I owe nobody anything here.

    Also, are you insinuating my team looks bad? Hahahaha, my team is squeaky clean compared to some here. You need to pick and choose your battles better, instead of singling me and my team out.

    Sorry man, I usually show a little more respect to staff members, but right now you're pushing my buttons needlessly.

    The last thing I come to a benchmark forum for is a lecture on my attitude and how the world works.

  5. That run is still suspect Christian Ney. Lower sub-scores all around than Evocarlos and with a lesser graphics card? Your HDD General usage time is obscured as are your encoding times. Not saying it's a cheat just saying it looks pretty off to me. It's pretty easy to tweak the 1st multi-thread test using Powertoy you know.


    Nothing like calling a spade a spade, is there? :D

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