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  1. A/ you made your choices for the categories you participate in.



    B/ If its unpopular hardware, why should it be heavily awarded?

    Because it takes just as much time and skill to overclock decently.....maybe more than todays hardware.

    C/ Cater to new hardware? What company gives a shit about s478? s462? What OC competition will feature that hardware to attract attention? Upcoming 28nm parts must make you twitch with anger!

    I see.....this would be about attracting more sponsorships. I should have known it would come back to that.

    else you'd be benching popular hardware categories, right?

    FWIW, we bench in popular categories also. It's just not our primary interest.

  2. Just hang on for a second... if you click onb a ubmission it says "2 cores active" or "4 cores active" or whatever. If you find unlocked scores that still say 2 cores active, then report. But i checked the 550 and 555 ranks, and there wasn't much of a problem (maybe I missed something,I dunno). Also remember that this ONLY applies to PCMark05, and both wPrime categories. Superpi and pifast ranks are unafffected by this type of error.

    I understand the breakdown, and which benchmarks are affected.;)

  3. What's the real deal with the 2X core and 4X core scoring on unlockable CPU's? Just for example, the Phenom II X2 550 BE class is just littered with 4 core entrys labled as 2X. I almost don't even want to submit in there because I already know I'm getting screwed before I even submit. All of the unlockable processor classes are like this. Why?

  4. http://hwbot.org/searchResults.do?direction=&applicationId=6&cpu=Athlon+X2+5000&numberOfProcessors=1&gpu=&numberOfVideocards=0&manufacturer=&chipset=&model=&memManufacturer=&memType=&memProduct=&minCpuFreq=&maxCpuFreq=&minGpuCoreFreq=&maxGpuCoreFreq=&minGpuMemFreq=&maxGpuMemFreq=&minMemFreq=&maxMemFreq=&countryId=0&teamId=0&userName=&minScore=&maxScore=&displayAdvanced=false&filterBlocked=&filterUser=&filterVerification=&imageAttached=&dateFrom=&dateUntil=&system=&minTotalPoints=&gpuId=0&cpuId=2034&chipsetId=0&modelId=0&manufacturerId=0&memManufacturerId=&memProductId=&memTypeId=&offset=0



    Are these going to be divided by number of cores also?, So points and silverware will be distributed fairly.

  5. AMD Athlon XP2400+ Thoroughbred-B AXDA2400FKV3C, Stepping Code KIXJB, Stepping B0. Unbelievable but true - CPU cooled with Thermalright Pure Cooper Base and Delta Fan with 4380rpm.

    Not a chance in hell on air. Everybody knows that the "K" and "P" steppings are garbage OC'ers to start with. IMO, the only way you'll ever see that kind of clock on a socket A processor.....any socket A processor....is with sub-ambient cooling. You can tell us it's on air all you want, it makes no difference to me, but why tell stories?.....Just the truth would be fine. Nice clock regardless of how you got it.;)

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