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  1. my nf7-s does with 1.77vnb ~260mhz fsb under air, but with mod bios. ;)

    You got a good one then. Mine only did 240 FSB @ 1.75v. After the mod, I could go 270 FSB @ 1.9v.


    Just for grins, what is your preferred modded bios?

  2. Well , i've read that the NF7 limits around 220-225fsb and that you can co higher with a modified bios.

    Ok, now I understand. We were talking AN7 but I can do NF7 just as well. You confused me is all. The FSB limit on a NF7 is mostly because the board will only give you 1.75v to the NB. For higher FSB you need a voltmod to get that up around 1.9-2.0v and good active cooling. A modded bios will help you slightly before the voltmod and alot more after the mod. I can provide you a link to the mod and a bios if you'd like.

  3. should be fixed

    Yeah......not so much.



    In both of these, the first 2 entries are the same rig. Instead of 2 points and a gold for each, it should be 2 points and a gold for the first one (2x CPU's) and no points for the second entry( still 2x CPU's). Then, all the single CPU entries need the proper points and silverware. Get my drift?:)

  4. http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=8070

    In the above link the submission clearly states that it is a dual processor submission, yet it's in and scored as a single processor. Can we fix this and restore the proper points and silverware to the single processor class? tia :)

    EDIT - noticed points were removed, but still need to fix points and silverware. tia again.:)

  5. I'm far from a professional reviewer, so I have no idea what you would expect in an overview if I were to write one. Just for the record, I have an extensive collection of modded bios' covering most all K7, K8, PIII, and a few P4 boards. Most of these you can't find anymore. If anybody is looking for a particular bios feel free to ask in a thread or PM me. I'm here daily.

  6. I own a Applebred Duron (week 0442), which was unlocked by modifying those electrical exposed parts. I’m using it on my Abit NForce 2 MoBo, and that goes against the widely accepted theory about those chipsets. By going against many disbelievers, skeptical people and before y’all calling me a troll, here’s a video about it.



    There’s no UNLOCKED Applebred Duron. Still true?

    Proves nothing.

    I have a 1600 Duron with a fully unlocked multi dated 0404, so I know already that a few of these exist.

    Show me 13.5x on a Sempron on a NF2 board. Not possible, period.

    I'm calling a spade a spade, and ALL of your submissions shoud be scrutinized for possible fraudulent activity.

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