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  1. 3 minutes ago, ShrimpBrime said:

    ALL tweaks the moderators know about needs to be listed in the rules in each benchmark including tutorials and pictures if needed.

    HWBot needs to be forth coming and honest. If you guys know the tweaks, list them with detail and tutorials so everyone can have the same chance.



    Dare to dream.

    Sorry Jon.

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  2. 59 minutes ago, Leeghoofd said:

    Don't think its a bug, its the way Frederik configured it last Time Alex

    Career Ranking: 3,889.1 from 2007 - 2021

    Top 30 global points 1,409.8

    Top 60 hardware points 2,479.3

    There are no Competition Points for Career ranking as I look at it... he pushed the active ranking , me and Websmile were not agreeing on the decision, but who are we...

    Shitty idea.

    Comp points SHOULD be included in career, otherwise it's not really a career ranking, just active.

    Can this be fixed?

  3. Much grey area, too much for proper moderation IMO.

    As for Knute's subs, he has shit that nobody else has. It is a fact. I don't dispute any of his subs.

    I once long ago questioned some of his subs. I've seen pics, and I question them no more.

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