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  1. 31 minutes ago, ShrimpBrime said:

    If you want to have a challenge and put cheats to use, try the socket 462 platform and see if you can even touch the legitimate benchmark submissions first, then we'll talk.


    Jon, socket A is one of the easier platforms to cheat. ;)

    I consider TR to be an expert in that platform also.

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  2. 11 hours ago, TerraRaptor said:


    Do you? I'm quite sure you won't catch me if I start cheating. 


    TR -  We are old school. I could do the same thing, but we can not underestimate.  ;)

    Personal integrity means more to me anyway, just as it does for you I'm sure.

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Mythical tech said:

    What? I do not think that is true at all. I am quite young and know many others my age who are interested in this thing, the main issue most of them have with it is starting off. This community can be very closed off and tweaks are kept secret so it makes new people discouraged that they will not be able to be competitive with scores from people who know some weird quirk with a piece of software that makes it run faster. The other issue is cost to overclock is raising quite quickly and making it harder for younger people with very limited funds hard to do. 

    Don't use those excuses. Nobody was competitive when they first started, and nobody spoon fed any tweaks. You have to figure out some stuff by yourself. If you're not willing to put the time in, it ain't for you.

    As far as expense, old hardware is a cheap learning experience, and you upgrade as you can afford it. Just like any other hobby.

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  4. 15 hours ago, Stelaras said:

    Hey Scott ! :)

    Hope everything is going well with you my friend !

    Technically, I'm not exiting . I've been on the ice for many years without benching , without caring about benchmarks and new hardware ... and as a result not visiting hwbot and any other hardware sites .

    Right now, my plan is to keep only the old hardware which i really love. I can spend some hours on my beloved 386 or 486 , playing some old DOS games for example

    For start, i think i will sell almost everything i have that is made after 2006. That means i will keep my 939. It's the only PCIE platform that i'm thinking to keep. I'm still not touching my AGP platforms/hardware. Maybe after some more years i will sell some more ...  but the P2-P3 era is the limit and i'd like to keep everything older than that.


    Very glad to hear this. :)


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  5. 12 minutes ago, nickname2019 said:

    I've played with all the priorities too, but that alone didn't cure it for me.  I did see favorable results combining that while playing with other Windows power plans though.  


    What program is it in Task Manager?  Is it Javaw?


  6. Nope.

    Air is air, water is water.

    Chilled is when you use a device to physically and artificially reduce the temp of your liquid. Could be anything from rad in ice bucket to full on water chiller.

    You'll find a few less scrupulous members here that totally lie about their method of cooling. There in nothing that can be done because there is no proof positive way to prove cooling method used during the bench.

    When in doubt, honesty is the best policy. :)

    You can always ask first. 

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  7. No dude, I know how to run the bench.

    As stated, my 3850 AGP runs it fine.


    If somebody else can verify the Nv situation,  that would be great. Don't wait too long though.

    Here is the minimum requirements according to Unigine.




    • GPU:
      • ATI Radeon HD 4xxx and higher
      • Intel HD 3000 and higher
      • NVIDIA GeForce 8xxx and higher
    • Video memory: 512 MB
    • Disk space: 1 GB


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