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  1. have you tried cpu in another board with ln2 to confirm if cpu is still "cold scared" ? btw interesting anyway.... my comunication with intel leads to they need detailed video about what is cpu doing so im waiting to monday to refill
  2. im waiting for CC fastdry contact cleaner spray to confirm alex's theory about dirty socket cuz my board is dirty and i had even vas in socket a litle bit... if it fails add my batch to the list im already talking with intel via emails and im wating for response from higher technical team, hopefully we will get any conclusion soon..
  3. thanks yes it can do 5ghz at 1.35v ... after that i stopped binning cuz i was borred :D chip can definitely do more
  4. i had some kind of issues this session... cpu is able to do 68/62 cnb15 so i dont see a point why i was able to pass only at so low clocks ... tomorow refill and put gpu on ln2... wish me luck :D
  5. how much SP value do you have in bios ? or is it only asus feature ?
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