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  1. Thanks. Just putting to use an old item that would have been tossed long ago.
  2. First off congrats on that run, it's a good one. Suggestion: You should live stream those attempts at the records you're after - Including mine if you wanna go for them. 👍
  3. Looks to be a good chip for Ln2 if you ever decide to try it, esp since you already have a good board to support it that way. Definitely a good result on DICE.
  4. I no longer have that board, Keeph8n has it now.
  5. Must agree with this. As a note to this issue Socket 939 is capable BUT most 939 boards do not have the option in the BIOS to enable it. The only one I know as fact that does have it is the DFI CFX 3200 and I know that because I had one, all other 939 DFI's that I know of do not. I haven't seen it before in any other 939 boards either aside from the CFX 3200 so that's one socket I'd think would need to be exempt too just to be fair since there is no way everyone will have one of those boards with that BIOS option.
  6. That little sucker was trying soooooo hard to hide but it can't hide from me. Grabbed it, transfered the screenie to it and brought it inside to my daily for transfer and posting.
  7. Looks cool, I'm in and thanks for doing this!
  8. Well - You are wearing a red shirt.... 😁 But you'd be an excellent mod if you were ever to sign on here as part of the team.
  9. Used to do water all the time and still could TBH, I haven't forgotten how (Yet).
  10. Agreed - No dogshiite stage, too much trouble and not enough TIM for all that.
  11. Yes, nothing I can do about that since the chip's IMC is damaged and it hurts but at least it's still alive (For now). 😁
  12. Thanks guys. To answer a question asked; Yes, I use BD Conditioner.
  13. If you can do it, it ain't bragging. Had to try it and see what this chip can really do with the right tweaks. It may have more left in it yet and only one way to find out. 😁
  14. Well..... If this is an arguement that's based on whether a bencher is sponsored or one of the "In-House" guys, it doesn't have alot behind it. There are some here that can get results similar to or even beat these guys while doing it on their own dime like I have to do for anything I do, regardless of how it turns out. Money, although it DOES make alot of difference isn't the only variable in play here, some do have the skill and determination (Insanity?) to make it happen. While it is true those guys have a real, inherent advantage it's not the end-all as some make it out to be. Everything I've ever done here has been 100% on my own dime and anyone that knows me can and will vouch for that as fact. As for the insanity - I can't deny it on my part. 😁
  15. My thought is with some benches like Super PI, it doesn't matter since it's single threaded - The result will still be the same without as much stress on the hardware or the cost in Ln2 used just to get it done. I do understand the thing about all cores active for a CPU-Z validation but again, it's not like some are capable of doing it and some are not. Anyone can do it that way if they want so it's really more of a personal preference to bench it that way than anything else (To me). I too don't care how many cores are used for a validation, we've been doing it that way for a long time now and even I have some that's "Up there" with less than all cores in use, in fact for example, with FX I tend to run two instead of just one. However you guys want to handle it, I'm fine but just stating my opinion about it.
  16. Bones

    Hey guys......

    When will some of you be getting one of these to test? Can't wait to see what you guys can do with it. https://youtu.be/0frNP0qzxQc.
  17. I'm thinking is an issue with newer versions of CPU-Z vs SetFSB itself, like it is with older Socket A systems locking up when you open CPU-Z with any CPU-Z version 1.60 and later. Although it doesn't happen with all Socket A's it occurs on alot of them, I've ran into that too many times myself. Also; Do bear in mind SetFSB is an older tweaking util and I seriously doubt it's been updated for a VERY long time now. If the guys working with CPU-Z can solve all that it would be great.
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