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  1. Several submissions yesterday with an Athlon MP 2000 received no points. The submissions hung up during the calculation. Tried to recalculate this morning and the recalculation routine hangs. Is the calculation engine broken? http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2263669_ Other submissions included PCMark 04 and 05 for the Athlon MP 2000. http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2263671_ http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2263672_ Neither of those two received points. The 2005 submission was submitted, but doesn't even appear in the lists, much less receive any points. What's wrong?
  2. So what are the PCMark benchmarks (04, 05, 07, Vantage)? Are they CPU benches or GPU benches? If they are CPU benches, sharing of video cards, SSDs, I-rams, real ram, and motherboards is permitted, correct?
  3. This is a Mobile Duron 1000, not an Athlon 4. You can see that by the amount of Level II cache.
  4. This is a Duron Mobile 1100. CPUZ mis-identifies it as an Athlon 4. It is not an Athlon 4. It's a Duron Mobile. You can tell by the 64KBytes of L2 cache.
  5. So what is the actual rule? Is all hardware sharing still outlawed? If so, where is it written... ?
  6. If they had been on the same team, would it have then been a crime to share the same hardware component between two team members? If that is answered, "YES, it would then have been a crime", what if the sharing had been at a benching party at one member's home or at a hotel room in a central location, would the sharing then still be "a crime"? If the answer to the benchmarking party question is "NO, sharing at a party is fine with HWBot", what is the logic of making one form of sharing a crime and the other form of "Party sharing" not a crime? This is a serious inquiry. I don't know the answer to the above questions and would like some clarification. At one point in time prior to a previous revision there were some forum posts that indicated that party sharing was now perfectly "legal". Is that true?
  7. What effect does IOMeter have on Hard Drive General Usage and Virus Scan subtest scores? Does it pull them down, too? Or does the 15sec timing mean that IOMeter "kicks out" after that period of time automatically allowing the rest of the benchmark to run normally?
  8. How is clear that the runs were on LN2 or DICE? The one or two that I viewed said they were on air. Is it impossible to get a 10 sec Super Pi run on air with a Core2 Q9550?
  9. IMO, rule should be "once is okay" Repeatedly by the same person should be "no, not legal".
  10. Ticket ID: 1461 Priority: Low It looks like we have a class for the Pentium 4 511J, but not for the plain Pentium 4 511.\r\n\r\nWould you please add one? I have one with benchmarks I\'d like to submit.\r\n\r\nHere is the information on it:\r\n\r\nhttp://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Pentium_4/Intel-Pentium%204%20511%202.8%20GHz%20-%20JM80547PE0721MN%20-%20HH80547PE0721MN%20%28BX80547PE2800EN%29.html
  11. There is a category for a 511J Pentium 4/533 processor. Perhaps that is the same as the plain 511? Here are the specs for the 511 P4: http://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/SL/SL9CJ.html
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