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  1. Not bad compared to 10900x, more proof that avx512 is not everything in this bench
  2. On air? That's way too much voltage for Avx2. Ycruncher has probably killed more chips than x265 because people don't understand how avx works with power draw
  3. Iirc has to do with how nvidia drivers work. Other benches like x265 had the same issue.
  4. I think the visuals and the music is nice but it should not be added for globals. Bench is a pain to get working, then it breaks all the time, often have to retry running it many times until it finally completes a run. The support for catzilla is also nonexistent, I've never heard back from contacting catzilla support ever. When I contact FM I always hear back relatively quickly. Catzilla is a fun bench when it works, but it should not seriously be considered for globals.
  5. Does that hurt bclk? I've heard ganged does better although I did find that setting broken on my crosshair as well where no matter what you set its unganged. Maybe asus messed up overall
  6. I think we shouldn't have a 3d bench where load time is part of the score (leave that for pcm) also the support for catzilla is even worse than for 3dm. Although the load time does give an idea, what if we made a new category called "system benchmarks" that's apart from cpu and 3d and put pcmark and catzilla in there as well as any similar bench that benches cpu, gpu, storage, etc we may add (if we can ever determine a non stupid passmark version for example, etc).
  7. Ycruncher is weird, I notice that often even when I enable hpet ycruncher will not show hpet as used. Perhaps it is still using tsc when on Intel? I have not started using BM yet so could be part of the issue.
  8. I mean different model same chipset. But yeah if it's just an oem bios on a retail board ez fix
  9. If have a board that can't (usually oem) then setfsb or rweverything may work
  10. Lmao calling catzilla a nice bench, it sounds like you've never tried to run it. It's a glitch fest and we all know it, not to mention a bitch to run.
  11. Buy the power backplane from a supermicro server then slot in a few high wattage server psus. It all comes out to atx plugs and a bunch of eps. That's my plan, and the power should be clean as fuck because everything is platinum rated or better. Just gotta run a 220v circuit
  12. Its easier to set a pot on and splash than to use other coolers for me. I didn't even use paste
  13. Is there an option for multiple screenshots? Would be nice to show the option using the ycruncher launcher
  14. There are no wr pts anymore, so global pts will be based on how popular that core count is. Although points will be completely revamped soon so expect more pts in the future.
  15. You should try fullpop and see the result, sub 10 should be possible on this boi
  16. My understanding is for unlocking you just check unlocked cores, new categories are for differences out of the box.
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