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  1. yosarianilives

    AMD CPU Dump

    Dumping some spare cpus that I have: 7x Athlon II 640t and 3x Phenom II 840t $15 each + ship 3x Phenom II 720 $10 each + ship, 3x Phenom II 550 and 1x Sempron 140 $5 each + ship 2x a6-5400k $15 each + ship, 1x a6-5400b, 1x a4-5300, 1x a4 3420, 1x e2-3200 $10 each + ship 1x Phenom 9600 BE $15 + ship, 2x Athlon 4450, 1x Phenom 8450, 1x Athlon 7850 $10 each + ship 2x Athlon 64 x2 4800, 1x 5000, 1x 4600, 1x 2500, 1x 4000, 1x 3800, 1x Opteron 1214 $5 each + ship Will work with you on shipping for international orders, especially if for multiple items. Comment or PM for more details/questions
  2. Tbh I still think that leagues by cooling are just a bad idea, should just be rookie league and enthusiast league with a possible addition of sponsored for those that feel it wouldn't be fair for them to compete with everyone else. As for the rest it seems pretty sound to me
  3. And I thought that 18 hours on my daily laptop was hard!
  4. Not now that it uses avx on intel...
  5. yosarianilives

    What counts as a single Core CPU?

    In fact all of the resources are independant, it's not that there are resources that are shared by cores in a communal sense, it's more that one core can also use the resources of another core. For example there are in fact 2x fpu, they just happen to combine into one FPU for single threaded scenarios. Of course you know this, just thought I'd elaborate for others
  6. yosarianilives

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    I didn't contribute as much as planned but so glad that we could have this competition and looking forward to the next one. Definitely had fun with the stages I benched, definitely need to revisit am3+ 32m since I had a 101.4f fever when I benched that so session ended early.
  7. Hey m8, you put the actual frequency that cpu-z reports not the effective frequency. You're at 1835 mhz
  8. Need mem tab and can't use win 10 on this cpu for this bench
  9. It'll need to get officially released first
  10. Sounds like he's gonna be dropping some x265 gold soon then 😂
  11. Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks we should drop all legacy, we'll see how these percentages change as we get more votes.
  12. Wow! Absolutely mental. I wonder how long before we see a sub 4 minute 32m score.
  13. Are you sure it's the chip and not the board? I had a sabertooth devolop a -80c cbb but the same cpus fullpotted fine on other boards.
  14. yosarianilives

    E7 on regular 2011 boards?

    It physically a different socket lga 2011 vs lga 2011-1
  15. Current version uses whatever opencl driver uses and the newest intel opencl driver uses avx.
  16. It's not just AVX, luumi had a 3770k die in the exact same way which does not have avx2. AVX units on ivy are very small compared to avx2 units on later arches.
  17. I think you may be on to something here. This is probably gonna need to be tested more thoroughly tbh if we want to get to the bottom of why it's killing cpus. Anyone want to send me a tray of 9900k's?
  18. I think people's complaint isn't that it's a chip killer so much that you can't tell what voltage it kills the chip because it's seemingly random and you won't know until the next day when the cpu no longer works. This is especially true when it's likely not even the AVX that's causing chip death. Ivy doesn't have avx2 yet luumi had his 3770k die in the exact same way as modern intel cpus are dying where it worked fine until the next day. I think that it's an issue with something else in how intel handles the instructions used by this encoder as anecdotally AMD cpus are not affected.
  19. It may not be as simple as this as per my comment above.
  20. I don't think this is AVX now, ivy bridge AVX is really light and doesn't really matter for this bench but Luumi apparently had his 3770k die in the exact same manner as everyone else's chips. Which points towards it being something else that's causing chip death in this bench, especially when AMD chips anecdotally seem to be immune. Also it sounds like the voltage to cause death varies by chip by a wide margin and is semi-random. I think this warrants further investigation as it may not be as simple as "run lower voltage than normal" and there could be something else going on here that's causing damage in this bench.
  21. This is a fairly low priority but I've noticed that some results for android benches like pcmark are done on x86 pcs running an android emulator like remix OS. Is this allowed or not?
  22. yosarianilives

    Android emulators for Android benches

    Bump, can I get an opinion on this @Leeghoofd