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  1. Damn that's insane for air, Inb4 no cold scaling and cb at -100c
  2. If you're interested in a stage but don't have hw pm me, I might be able to put a care package together
  3. I don't understand how people can afford thousands for benching but can't afford $20 for an extra ssd. Especially when you're already making acronis images for your os etc it should be stupid ez to copy os from one ssd to the other and install benchmate afterwards. You need to reboot for geek anyways cause different mem settings vs other benches so not like it's an issue to swap ssds.
  4. Noticed that mathbench no longer shows up on the list of benches but a new mathbench with gui that uses a different scoring is there now. Did mathbench get dropped/supersceded while I took a break from benching? lol
  5. Would agree, it would be too easy to clock up for a run then clock down without some kind of monitoring and if the cpu can support benchmate that's the best monitoring we have atm.
  6. Lol with that thinking we should get a dog pile stage lol
  7. I know it's gonna be a while similar to Port royal with everything going on with the site, but haven't seen anyone bring it up so let's not forget to put the Vrmark Android tests on the list of benches to add, Amber, Purple, and Indigo room tests respectively.
  8. Should we look for a bench that's fully compatible?
  9. See that 3dm03 in 3d mashup got changed to geforce2, at first I was worried that they couldn't run the bench as they're dx7 cards and 3dm03 is a dx9 bench but according to hwbot results seems they all can so the bench must be able to run at feature level dx7.
  10. Liking the idea of banning the "best" sockets for mem freq, few questions. For ddr2 s775 cpu is banned, but should s771 be banned too? Otherwise it effectively doesn't do much... https://hwbot.org/competition/team_cup_2020_Memfreq/stage/5000_ddr2_memory_frequency For ddr3 s1150 is banned, does this means mobile chips run on s1150 are okay since again those cpus "aren't 1150", and further more if I'm dumb enough to risk my chip can I run z170 for ddr3 mem freq? https://hwbot.org/competition/team_cup_2020_Memfreq/stage/5027_ddr3_memory_frequency For https://hwbot.org/competition/team_cup_2020_3dMU/stage/5040_ddr_3dmark03_--_geforce_100_series are you sure about 100 series? There's like 5 cards in that family total and was oem only https://hwbot.org/hardware/videocards#key=geforce_100_series https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeForce_100_series https://hwbot.org/competition/team_cup_2020_3dMU/stage/5042_ddr3_3dmark_-_fire_strike_(graphics_score)_igpu no mobile cpu on s1150 as per usual? And assuming this will change https://hwbot.org/competition/team_cup_2020_3dMU/stage/5039_ddr4_3dmark06
  11. Will mobile xeons be allowed? I'm sure some have workstation laptops from their job they'd like to bench And I suspose mobile Opterons if that's a thing
  12. The amd board is am2, so it'd be ddr2 and already banned
  13. On 3dmark99 currently it requires 6 core on x99, since the core count is specified can we allow xeons for this one if it stays x99? 1650v3 may be cheaper than 5930k or 5820k and because core count is specified it won't be an advantage except in cost.
  14. I see on x265 it looks like asrock is banned to combat c2q on ddr1. Can we just blanket band s775/771 on all ddr1 stages instead?
  15. Not sure how it would fit into the comp, but would love to see an rdr stage if possible. Idk how badly that would break the formula but maybe do like one bench that's a bunch of random things like rdr, fbdimm, etc that don't fit in well. Or call it "misc" and instead of mem types have stages with traditional bench types. So maybe it'd look like - wprime 32m, must use rdr, 1 sub - gpupi 1b, must use fb-dimm, use up to 2 cpus in total, 2 subs (1x single cpu, 1x dual cpu) - 3dmark01 dog pile, any mem type - port royal, 1 score Then make each stage worth half the pts a normal stage is worth. Not sure how much support this idea would get but I thought it was interesting enough to share. Edit: changed dog pile to 3dm01 to sweeten the pot for some
  16. Don't want people getting any GFPs in this comp do we? That joke aside I do actually like the thinking and idea, personally I don't think it should be changed. Also brings the cost down, especially when you need 4x cards...
  17. As dangerous as 4coredual, but it seems you've pretty much locked that one out so at least there's some cohesion
  18. I mean Ddr3 on z170 is similar from a mem perspective, those boards suck. And if you want to take the cpu cold gonna be a lot of work, gonna need lots of mods for voltages and potentially even an epower. Plus the mem layout is probably shit, heard they don't do timings well so gonna have to learn how to do mem on them from the ground up, etc Basically what I'm saying is the few stages where it could be allowed it wouldn't be so bad to have Ddr3 z170
  19. I'm gonna sound like an ass for a second here but hear me out guys, almost all the ddr1 stages require 4coredual which is a very rare board so how different is allowing z170 ddr3 boards when they're a little less rare and the stages where it would even be relevent are all single core benches so it'd be a simple case of drop in 7700k, 7350k, etc. Just saying if we're allowing s775 ddr1 we ought to allow z170 ddr3 Alright that's the end of my case for allowing them lol, other than them just being cool but most niche hw is for me.
  20. Hmm interesting concept, only a few benches but each bench is on each mem type.
  21. Yes but how can we debate the official stages for a week if we don't know what they are 😉 Unless you mean to say "debate your ideas, I'll make an official list at the end of the week" in which case I definitely misread lol
  22. Maybe I'm missing something, but should they be listed somewhere this week so we can say "this doesn't work" "keep this stage" etc?
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