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  1. Yeah I forgot I had this but probably bought it cause 6330 sounds like a weird oem sku
  2. If this is allowed in 3 core I'd think that would happen at the same time. Who knows how completive they would be with lower ipc, but at least we could stop binning memory ics for am3 bclk...
  3. Didn't even know, this chip will be strong for benches cause it could probably validate over 8 on the first two modules and 7.9 on the third. Can't wait for 1c/cu to move to these so I can get globals with this chip
  4. Was great benching with techtested, JCOC, ForksOC, and fzrdontdie. Thank you so much International Computer Concepts for sponsoring the event!
  5. HUUUUUUUUUUUGE! It's been a BLAST Ocing with you can only hope we do it again sometime.
  6. Avx vnni is an interesting compromise for when the e cores are enabled, it's the avx512 instruction except 256 bit. Not sure if it's any faster than Avx2 or if it has more to do with allowing easier software compatibility.
  7. I see two scores showing which makes sense as only two Frenchmen have subbed so far from what I can see
  8. For pcmark 10 obviously ramdisk and ramcache is banned, but is using another ssd as cache legal? Sorta like how optane is supposed to work
  9. I had to use ram cache as well, but it's a pain in the ass to get it working right. Took a lot of troubleshooting before I finally got the cache to actually cache read and write, was thousands of pts behind with faster cpu until I got it right. The most annoying part is as you'd expect cache doesn't cache the first run so you need run multiple times which sucks on a long bench. At least I'm in ss not ln2. So glad ramcache is banned in pcm10, hopefully the benches that still allow it get pulled entirely since banning it would just mean old scores can never be beat.
  10. This was way too hard... The fact that a pcm that allows ramcache is still on hwbot is unfortuneate
  11. Who's got a collection of p5800x's? Only about $3500 for the highest performance one
  12. I'm gonna get so many team and hwpts compared to now, I love it!
  13. Make sure to comment if you're going so anyone not on Discord can see people will be there
  14. This score is amazing, do not think this will be beat for a while. Huuuuuuuge chip. Best way I can think to honor our fallen friends legacy
  15. What is defective on it?
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