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  1. Saw the new restriction of 2p max, it solves everything. We get to see cool 2p oc but don't have to worry about data center server.
  2. Let's hope, old edge case hw is way harder to get than new
  3. W8 multisocket 940 is allowed wat, Opteron allowdd then?
  4. Just needs to be a different model of whatever the main component is, cpu for 2d, gpu for 3d. And each sub needs to be from a different team mate. All other components can be shared. For example you can share gpu and storage for PCMark as long as cpus are different
  5. Both Iris XE 80 and 96 eu are currently listed as pcie 4.0 even though they're on the same die as their cpu and connected with ringbus not pcie. They should be moved to integrated because that's what they are, not sure if gpuz is misreading or not. If it's to keep them out of comps I would recommend just banning all mobile cpus as you have things like 6770hq that are faster than ln2 10900k and it would prevent having to find rare hardware for comps/buying every nuc intel ever releases.
  6. Not sure why gpu-z is wrong, that cpu is supposed to have 80eu. But also score is extraordinarily low.
  7. Noticed we have 3dmark wildlife but not wildlife extreme, do we want to add it? I know we generally have all 3dmarks it seems
  8. Is this supposed to be 3 subs to make you use all 3 families or just pick two? https://hwbot.org/competition/HWBOT TEAM CUP 2021 - NVIDIA GPU/stage/5299_3dmark_-_night_raid_(gpu_family)_-_ddr3
  9. Okay, have a few questions about stages: amd x265 1080p ddr2 - Is the idea to have a sub each with a single core and a dual core cpu? intel wrpime 32m ddr - does s478 banned mean you're encouraging use of 4coredual and qx9xxx cpus? amd 3dm01 ddr - are we supposed to have one sub with s754 and one with socket A? catzilla 4k ddr3 amd - 2x cards or dual gpu card? Same for Nvidia 3dm06 ddr2? nvidia nightraid ddr3 - one each from 500, 600, 700 series? Superpi 32m - one each from am2 and am2+? intel ddr3 igp 3dm05 - mobile haswell? Socket adapters? intel ddr4 igp night raid - mobile tigerlake? Other iris pro? Maybe desktop only?
  10. This cpu is am2+ only so it should be moved to am2+ from am3 like 940 be is. Attached pictures show 715 on the left and as can see has extra pins like all am2+ and physically won't fit into am3 mobos.
  11. On similar but "more reasonable" idea, xeons and optys allowed where it makes sense?
  12. All looks good so far, and the earlier it starts the more tc I get to enjoy lol.
  13. Cool to see it happy on X570, renoir hated anything not b550. Now we just need 5300x so we can fullpot and see ALL 7740x golds die
  14. So wants tight timings, interesting. Can run way high fclk than 2200 too, did you try 2500 yet?
  15. You tease with effecient pretest, did it scale with fclk at all? Did you try more?
  16. Hopefully leeg starts announcing stages soon so we can start sourcing things that come from further away
  17. What ic did you use for mem? Not sure if 1800 8-8-8 is "playing nice" but sounds at least not as terrible as possible lol
  18. Yeah definitely have to have users help report them
  19. Problem cannot be truly fixed until geek6 because the changing workload size was not designed with the understanding that cpu cache would get so big. Anyways needs to be 2gb minimum end of story.
  20. The workload is sized depending on memory size, under 1gb the workload is 50mb and mostly fits into cache which is why it is so much faster. So now the memory latency test doesn't hit memory, it's as much a tweak as running ram cache for a storage bench thus it must be banned. 1-2gb gives workload 100mb, 2+ gives 200mb workload which will hopefully be at least a year or so before that fits in cache. We need to remove all scores with less than 2gb end of story.
  21. Some imc can handle it cold, I'm pretty sure I had a 960t that couldn't post above 800 mhz fullpot but didn't give a shit about 4 dimms.
  22. Doesn't look like a mobile device, if I can't run android x86 nobody can lmao
  23. You can probably get away with it in most benches, it's what I needed for 5.5. But in Avx2, especially heavy Avx2 itsa no
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