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  1. Yes cpuz somewhat makes up a name when you unlock cores, for example 650t unlocked becomes 1500t
  2. Comp thread says 6 cores, but rules page does not so was confused. Anyways, if anyone can get a Ddr3 lga 2011-1 board to run some e7 v3/v4 xeons for sweet 24 core Haswell action. Should get 60-80 fps, and only for about $5k on ebay
  3. I notice you switched board and saw better performance at same cpu and lower mem clock, perhaps better "hidden" submitting baked into bios?
  4. Would love to see igp score on this chip for team cup, you shouldn't lose any cpu mhz if your board can deliver and I believe that having igp enabled lowers the cold bug on these chips.
  5. No reason that names need to be transparent to users, should only be shown to mods and team captains.
  6. I think he got confused on the first, for the second I'm gonna have to ask his thought process 😂
  7. With these comps you may as well be, missing out on some major cash flow
  8. I hate to ask more questions but at this point fuck it, for the igp stage it says haswell (pentium) for allowed arch, does this imply that haswell i7 and i3 is not supposed to be allowed? If they are then is xeon allowed? Because xeon 1275 v3 with p4600 graphics running stock beats all except 3770k and 4770k igp for ice storm. So even running this xeon stock would beat a pentium g3258 OC'd to the wall or an i3 4170 (3770k is the only ivy igp worth running at all)
  9. There is, a very small one. They post at 266, board currently only allows set 300 in bios and setfsb is a dead end so far. Looking into getting more fsb and better mem straps.;
  10. wow! don't see these bois on the fp everyday, was chipset not able to go further?
  11. You must've missed the comment where I said we did testing on a p4 (needed it to flash a newer bios). But honestly what outward physical difference is this rig gonna have with cpus switched and nothing else changed?
  12. I live about 2 hours away from Darth so sometimes we bench together. Didn't realize there was an issue with using the exact same rig pic when only the cpu was swapped. Next time we'll make sure to get a pic of the rig from a different angle for each cpu used on the same board/mem/psu/gpu/pot combo.
  13. Also need to figure out hardmods on this board, starting to realize I maybe should've tried hard to get a 4coredual
  14. The bios only allows to set up to 300 fsb. Set fsb only gave us 5ish fsb, likely due to memory timings trained not allowing much movement. Am currently researching to see if there's a way to get more fsb, or if I can figure out modding this bios. So far the only modded bios I've found for the board gives the 5:4 memory divider instead of the 3:2 divider that you get forced with 1066 fsb chips. If you know of a bios that gives me what I want or know about modding AMI bios I would always appreciate Also looking to get it to force yorkies to post at 266 fsb so I don't need to pad mod them to get a post.
  15. I'm curious who you think sold the sub to who You're wrong but I'm curious who you think is less likely to run a bench, this should be funny
  16. Sorry, realized what you were really asking about after I answered. Edited answer above, but basically board resets cmos when it loses psu power, we turned off the psu when we swapped cpus and didn't bother to fix the time in bios so it always posts initially at 12 am. We had done some testing on a p4 and found that this board will post right up at it's max allowed set of 300 fsb so we didn't take a lot of time OCing it.
  17. We subbed at end of session, what's the confusion? If you refer to system time, the cmos battery must be bad, system clears cmos when it loses psu power so time goes back to 12 am when system restarts. Board sharing is allowed no?
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