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  1. Just for laughs: Delivery came. I've ordered i7-8700k. I've opened the package -> i9-9900kF. Shit. Went to PC and checked e-mail. "We've seen you have bought LGA1151v2 board. We had no i7-8700k so we sent you i9-9900KF!" Oh Happy day. No competition here than. :)
  2. Hi VING ;) You have sub picture and sub data memory timings mismatch. Just saying ;) Have a nice day.
  3. @_mat_ I couldn't find AMD SDK 2.9. Do you have any working link to this compilation? Cheers Peter
  4. @_mat_ Thanks a lot. I'll try to install other AMD APP SDK as I have Installed: AMD-APP-SDKInstaller-v3.0.130.135-GA-windows-F-x64 and newest by AMD-SDK-InstallManager-v1.4.87-1 maybe 2.9 will get along with GPUPI on this Windows build... Thank for the help and quick response. Have a nice day to You all.
  5. @KaRta vcredist which one - those are Visual Studio - I have 2012 .2013. 2015 in x86 and x64. Please check which one do You have in the system for AMD Ryzen 3900x GPUPI 3.2 and 3.3.2. Thank You. @StingerYar - the card is NVidia GT 710, drivers are present and up to date ----------- I have tried with 2012 versions only, 2013 versions only and 2015 versions only. 2013 x86 is required to run Legacy versions. None of the standard version works Hmmm.
  6. Dear Fellow OC'ers. @StingerYar @safedisk I find myself in a strange position with this CPU / system W10. Everything is up to date. But I can't run GPUPI 3.2 Despite having Visual Studio 2012 , 2013 & 2015 I'm still unable to run standard version. After Installing Visual Studio 2013 x64 I have run Legacy version. I have seen You both running those 64bit versions just fine. Is there something else I should've installed? Cheers Peter
  7. Nice. Congratulations. I knew the day will come. But I'm really happy to see that it was not easy config and not standard Nvidia cards.
  8. Hi @Massman Is there a way to sort Global Masters by league? We can sort it by region and country, but it would be nice to sort it this another way. Thanks Peter
  9. Hello OCers. I have a question: what is VCCU voltage for? The answers from ASROCK in the OC Formula Manual are as always nothing more then a one phrase. Do you know what setting should be inserted at high overclocking levels? There is nothing on the web. I'm a little bit confused. Peter. ADVenturePO
  10. @_mat_ Avalanche has problems, and he is all time trying to prove that i'm just a shitty overclocker. The explanation above was to show that I haven't had pure value and performance advantage. The argue started under discussion about multi cards scores. Thread is closed. He just wanted to pin me elsewhere. Cheers 😃
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