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  1. Thank you very much @l0ud_sil3nc3. I'll try with 3970x Shame I haven't had asked faster.... ehhh, I already send the 3990x CPU and MB ZIIA away. Maybe someday I'll have it again.
  2. @LEEGHOOFD oh you tricky little monster. Thanks, now I cant sleep. Riddles....everywhere
  3. Hi. Is SLI allowed? As this benchmark is not truly for CPU but it's GPU bound - Please compare 2070 Super with i9-7980XE @5GHz on water against 2080TI with i9-10980XE on waterchiller @5.3GHz 13K vs 21K points. | If it's meant to be GPU bound just say it's meant to be like that. Thank you.
  4. Sorry didn't mean to put You anywhere, sorry 🤣
  5. Dear @Karta Thanks for a reply. Well I just don't like cheaters and so I don't want to become one. And as for Apprentice - I don't have more space, I cannot take more that I've already taken. Also playing with LN2 or LHe when kids are running around is not a good idea. I'll stay where I am. I'll just release a pressure on the result. Oh, and I like Enthusiasts as this is much more persistent outcome. Believe it or not - I'm taking some staff out off closet, put it on a benchtable, loading a profile (usually sitting there in BIOS), regulate the different part (GPU, RAM) and voila = there it is again. I'm working like 12-14h per day so Apprentice or Extreme is not for me. Cheers.
  6. I just went through some submissions, some forum threads. And I must tell You all it's getting unfunny for Enthusiasts: Ice Bucket Challenge vs Winter Is Coming :) CPUs / GPUs with ambient below 18*C. Cut dates, same scores as there were before. I think Benchmate will have to be demanded due to this whole crappy behavior for whole Enthusiast scores. Really. I bought water cooling for RTX cards, and after today's reading HWBOT submissions I just do not really see how using it in ambient 24*C might give me any good scores against people who uses buckets of ice and water or are sitting in jackets with all windows open to get ambient or even almost 0 because it's winter... Damn, that's so depressing and discouraging.
  7. I need info is this allowed practice? I thought we were benching on ambient. I can see that someone made Ice Bucket Challenge... cutting the date out of Print Screen. Hmm.
  8. Ok.... How much time do I have to submit new scores? For ex. 2x 2080 - the ones I have never uploaded - from 2019. They're just sitting on the disk as I have to find pictures at my phone ;) and I was benching AMD lately.
  9. What exactly do you mean? I'm trying to understand but I do not...
  10. Thanks. This is huge cooling. My 1st choice was Kryos as a waterblock - this one has a thermometer. Well, Velocity is better but I can't check temps now. Ambient is 23*C so for this cooling it will be at max 24-25*C .(With i9-7980XE @4.9 and 2x 2080 TI at 29.5 ambient temperature of water was about 34 deg C.)
  11. Ha! So here are ya OCers discussing what the heck went wrong with League participants, aye? Oh well, I tell ya. Three ways there are to start overclokin' mates: 1. Need of computing power 2. Curiosity (what can one achieve with his new build) 3. People want to show off with their new build or want to compare it with others. 99.9% of them will do it on some kind of ambient cooling at the beginning. Well the first one doesn't even need to participate although may want to compare against others. Results: if there was someone with extreme cooling who took his model of CPU to bench it - > "you're a dumbass. He has 100 + points. You have 2.1 or 1 point. Go away silly bastard!" The second one will have the same slap on that happy face. Curiosity fulfilled Third one? Oh. He will add his 3-5 results and... maybe he'll not delete account in shame. Maybe. Why is it like that? Some of You jumped at me when I asked Is there a fun being Enthusiast OCer still. Now think about it. I made on ambient 4.425GHz with 3970x. There are no better scores for this CPU with ambient cooling. And... I got nothing. No points almost at all. Now go for any decent web portal to check this CPU review - 4.15 -4.25 - max for them. 4.3 at one I think there was - booted but unstable. So for destroying almost anything about this CPU on ambient, Enthusiast, Rookie and Novice Overclocker will get zero points almost or as one may say - points of shame. Now. I will try to do best scores with 3950x... What say ya? Will there be a point for me? Or for anyone who will be best in ambient cooling with it? Who will totally overcome portals reviews? No. There will be no points. You were talking about prizes. Nobody cares too much. People want their results to matter. Not being slapped in the face by : you are not a real overcloka! You can shove this build of your in tha ass. At the beginnig of this year I wanted to finish with HWBOT. But I stayed because it is comfortable for me to compare my achievements of regulating hardware with others. | And as this is mostly only one portal like it, I will stay. But you know what? With 3950x I will not sit like 3 days to get the best possible scores. Why? Because now I know - we, Enthusiast will get almost same amount of points for whole set of this CPU benchmarks - 10-15 max. 20 pts for a guy with best binned chip. That's how you're killing passion in people by destroying points for Enthusiasts. Oh. yes! There is this 0.01 % who will start with Extreme OCing and maybe half gets nice results and stays. So there are two guys like this per year. Awesome. Told ya. Verification enhancement. Cooling types divided: EXtreme (LN2, LHe etc), Sub Zero :Dice, SS, Phase , Ambient : Air, LC - or similar. Points from Extreme, especially sponsored subs cant make a gap for Enthusiasts. That's crazy.
  12. Oh. I new you'd be freakin hard in this discussion. 1. Server CPUs can't be bought? Allegro(.)pl , ebay(.)com - no problem 2. I'm a boss. I'm a one man company. I'm making project of workstations. Those are fully mine. (don't have a secretary though ) 3. My friends have easy access to cards, CPUs and other stuff, although they're not competing, while they could. 4. Well, tell me your cooling setup is also a standard enthusiast cooling type 5. For me, here in Poland, it's more likely to have a new hardware, than good old hardware to bench. ex: GTX 570, 580, 690- bought them to overclock, cleaned it, changed pastes, changed BIOS - shitty scores. 6. I have also a lot of hardware to make repairs as people are turning to me because I'm known in arch-viz. 7. Well, my family would not accept -5C in the kitchen, ahahaha. But thank you for you insights and Congrats about 1st place! (You're just pissing me off there really hard ) Cheers.
  13. Dear OCers. Well, people always tend to push things on their side. Please take a look here and read the first post if you missed the point. Damn, North Korea than is a nice place.. @yosarianilives This thread is about GAP, types of cooling and having fun, not frustration over the points. 1. No. Elite vs Everyone Else will do no good - there are Extreme OCers with LN2/LHe abilities - this will just prefer them, despite using same cooling as Elite. 2. I've stated before: In the YT era it might be a good practice to fully enforce video proof. Might be non-public. 3. Using Benchmate? 4. I'm not extreme - is there a difference with -90 deg. C on Dry Ice and -90 deg. C on LN2? I truly don't know. Explain please. @speed.fastest Well exactly. @Mythical tech There are things to bring ambient down. Look who do you have from Greece. It's really hot there most of the time. At summer at my home I have an ambient of 30 deg. C but at winter I can go as low as 17 deg. C. But this is still cooling using ambient. With LN2/LHe/ Dice/ Cascade/ Phase you do not need to think about ambient as long as humidity allows top bench. This: I'm sure was just to piss people off. Ignore. Whoa: 1. No one on HWBOT have main points for challangers, but yes I do value this change in thinking toward competition for wider audiences. 2. frequency limited TC or CC? - Nope, I don't. Never said anything like it. But the points distribution over type of cooling with video proof - yes. 3. No, I'm just suggesting that having already split Ambient and Extreme Cooling with different demands about validation, and seeing that new lithography is all about cooling - it is a logic step to take and divide those types of Overclocking and also competitions. 4. Announcements - Oh... I'm thrilled, las time I dropped a lot of places down Exactly for the gap. @macsbeach98 Don't get so angry, people. Anger marrs beauty
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