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  1. Dear HWBOT, OGS, Splave, Xtreme Addict, rsannino, Rbuass, mllrkllr88, bigblock, Luumi, Rauf, keeph8n, Dancop, ikki and many more are great overclockers. I do bow before them as I'm only air and liquid guy.... But bear in mind: we Enthusiast can't and will not obtain similar scores. We are operating after the gap and there is more: Fun fact is manufacturers makes BIOSes for their cards. Exotic also - I just got to know. Like ASUS made 600W BIOS for Strix. It is impossible to get this BIOS even if you would like to go for NDA if you're not a partner. So... the Elite or people who are already partners with ASUS (or others) will get 600W BIOS for example. They will beat every records. Others will be trying to compete with standard 450W BIOS. The Enthusiasts which are not manufacturers partners will be competing on much lower cooling capacities with 450W BIOS. Then comes the gap in scoring... Our points are just scraps of the scores from Elite/Extreme group. Despite we are trying to compete and testing our possibilities on every platform there is... we are not really getting anywhere close. But does it really depends only on time spent on overclocking or event on the sample of hardware that we have? I think not. Couldn't HWBOT establish much more divided scoring in different Leagues? Including the gap in scoring between Elite or sponsored result just seems more and more unfair. I am a patron of Benchmate - this should be obligatory for any benchmarks in Enthusiast, but enthusiast should have different scoring. Rookies nad Novice should be divided for Enthusiast Rookies/Novice and Extreme Rookies/Novice. If submission is for Enthusiast type of score rig picture and Benchmate is required. Right now operating after gap is just killing the fun more and more. You can have like 1st score in Enthusiast league and get 2.3pts... despite you were better than next 600 scores and even 20% better than average. Because there are 25 Extreme league scores better than yours and no 1 with LN2 is 30% better than yours . Think about it for the next year HWBOT Team ;)
  2. Dear @Gainward I can't as this CPU was sold long ago. As I remember I moved BCLK to 106.9 and pushed Vcore a bit. There are many times problems with USB on many platforms when jiggling BCLK. It depends really on RAM timings. It might be that yours are much more stable. You have 800MHz, I had 1140MHz absolutely max for this CPU.
  3. Thank you very much @l0ud_sil3nc3. I'll try with 3970x Shame I haven't had asked faster.... ehhh, I already send the 3990x CPU and MB ZIIA away. Maybe someday I'll have it again.
  4. @LEEGHOOFD oh you tricky little monster. Thanks, now I cant sleep. Riddles....everywhere
  5. Hi. Is SLI allowed? As this benchmark is not truly for CPU but it's GPU bound - Please compare 2070 Super with i9-7980XE @5GHz on water against 2080TI with i9-10980XE on waterchiller @5.3GHz 13K vs 21K points. | If it's meant to be GPU bound just say it's meant to be like that. Thank you.
  6. Sorry didn't mean to put You anywhere, sorry 🤣
  7. Dear @Karta Thanks for a reply. Well I just don't like cheaters and so I don't want to become one. And as for Apprentice - I don't have more space, I cannot take more that I've already taken. Also playing with LN2 or LHe when kids are running around is not a good idea. I'll stay where I am. I'll just release a pressure on the result. Oh, and I like Enthusiasts as this is much more persistent outcome. Believe it or not - I'm taking some staff out off closet, put it on a benchtable, loading a profile (usually sitting there in BIOS), regulate the different part (GPU, RAM) and voila = there it is again. I'm working like 12-14h per day so Apprentice or Extreme is not for me. Cheers.
  8. I just went through some submissions, some forum threads. And I must tell You all it's getting unfunny for Enthusiasts: Ice Bucket Challenge vs Winter Is Coming :) CPUs / GPUs with ambient below 18*C. Cut dates, same scores as there were before. I think Benchmate will have to be demanded due to this whole crappy behavior for whole Enthusiast scores. Really. I bought water cooling for RTX cards, and after today's reading HWBOT submissions I just do not really see how using it in ambient 24*C might give me any good scores against people who uses buckets of ice and water or are sitting in jackets with all windows open to get ambient or even almost 0 because it's winter... Damn, that's so depressing and discouraging.
  9. I need info is this allowed practice? I thought we were benching on ambient. I can see that someone made Ice Bucket Challenge... cutting the date out of Print Screen. Hmm.
  10. Ok.... How much time do I have to submit new scores? For ex. 2x 2080 - the ones I have never uploaded - from 2019. They're just sitting on the disk as I have to find pictures at my phone ;) and I was benching AMD lately.
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