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  1. Nice. Congratulations. I knew the day will come. But I'm really happy to see that it was not easy config and not standard Nvidia cards.
  2. Hi @Massman Is there a way to sort Global Masters by league? We can sort it by region and country, but it would be nice to sort it this another way. Thanks Peter
  3. Hello OCers. I have a question: what is VCCU voltage for? The answers from ASROCK in the OC Formula Manual are as always nothing more then a one phrase. Do you know what setting should be inserted at high overclocking levels? There is nothing on the web. I'm a little bit confused. Peter. ADVenturePO
  4. @_mat_ Avalanche has problems, and he is all time trying to prove that i'm just a shitty overclocker. The explanation above was to show that I haven't had pure value and performance advantage. The argue started under discussion about multi cards scores. Thread is closed. He just wanted to pin me elsewhere. Cheers 😃
  5. Dear @avalanche Please, get some knowledge... from Google maybe? https://hwbot.org/submission/3786224_h2o_vs_ln2_gpupi___1b_4x_titan_v_0sec_991ms/ - 2 times more pricey cards and chiller. https://hwbot.org/submission/3769407_kingpin_gpupi___1b_4x_titan_v_0sec_996ms/ - 2 times more pricey cards and Liquid Nitrogen Please compare specs. I wrote you how many different timings and CPU speeds I have tested to get best workflow with those cards. Render Config RTX 2080 Ti TITAN V ROPs 88 96 SM Count 68 80 Shading Units 4352 5120 TMUs 272 320 Tensor Cores 544 640 Theoretical Performance RTX 2080 Ti TITAN V FP16 (half) performance 26,895 GFLOPS (2:1) 29,798 GFLOPS (2:1) FP32 (float) performance 13,448 GFLOPS 14,899 GFLOPS FP64 (double) performance 420.2 GFLOPS (1:32) 7,450 GFLOPS (1:2) Pixel Rate 136.0 GPixel/s 139.7 GPixel/s Texture Rate 420.2 GTexel/s 465.6 GTexel/s Also: be aware, that in Octane, Vray and Redshift for a single card records are mine and done with Titan V. FE: Octane : 467 pts with Titan V vs 367 with RTX 2080 TI. Judging by the price and specs Titan V is better. But I never had 4x Titan V with LC at once. Cheers.
  6. And even more @avalanche I was beating this GPUPI scores for 3 days. I have invested in CPU LC Loop over 1000$ more to beat them. I have tested those GPUs with CPU at multipliers 44, 45 , 46 and 47 with RAMs 3200 - 4000Mhz with Timings like 14-14-14-28, 16-16-16-28, 16-16-16-32, 17-17-17-34 And my score is taken by 10 and 16 cards. No... there was absolutely no effort in defeating H2o vs LN2 and K|NGP|N.
  7. @cbjaust Thank you for explanation.
  8. #avalanche, Really? You're 100% not in that business. If you'd be, you'd know why this 10 card 2080 Ti server didn't make a score in 32GB. (overheating or too low power supply) You would also know how much time it take to even start a benchmark with 16 cards connected to single system. My business is my business, my passion is something else. I'm not selling servers. 😃 If my product is weak than why the hell 10 cards didn't make it 2x faster? 😎 Why did I defeat 4 Quadro 6000, 8000 nad Tesla cards in all rendering engines? I repeat: it was shitty construction with no OC. No effort and only one benchmark. Read this avalanche: I earned 1st places correctly. Why the hell am I not getting points due to the gap to wrongly made score? If my desire to be in the 1st place is wrong, why the hell are we even trying to beat those scores here? Funny that you're making that point here... well you are my direct competition with 1362 points in Enthusiast League... (1311 is my score) If I'll get those points for 1st places in those benchmarks I will be higher in points than you are. Something smells bad here avalanche. Aren't you playing your own game here?
  9. @Mr.Scott Totally right there:) I'm at liquid metal all the time... I should have turned into T1000 already. @Leeghoofd Please explain. I did not meant to be rude in any way. Cheers
  10. Hello OCers and moderators. @Leeghoofd @Massman @richba5tard @Christian Ney @TheMadDutchDude @Turrican @k|ngp|n @H2o vs. Ln2 I have a question : who is the programmer responsible for 3 moths of having 16 card result sitting in 4 card competition? If someone submits 16 core CPU result into 4 core CPU category the sub is instantly blocked after reporting. Here we have strange situation: 16- and 10-card machines are sitting in 4 cards World Record category, destroying other scores with gap... and no one is doing anything about it. Strange... isn't it. How do you find that score OK? https://hwbot.org/submission/3991289_x_computers.eu_gpupi___1b_4_geforce_rtx_2080_ti_0sec_639ms There are categories of 5, 6 , 7 ,and 8 GPUs - you can find it here: https://hwbot.org/benchmark/gpupi_-_1b/ Or this one: https://hwbot.org/submission/4159675_macdaffy_gpupi___32b_4_geforce_gtx_1080_ti_52sec_442ms Again You have up to 8 cards category https://hwbot.org/benchmark/gpupi_-_32b/ And MacDaffy sits in 4 cards category while using 16 cards!!! What is happening? Move those results to max cards categories - easy. Why don't you do it? Cheers Peter
  11. and whats wrong with this one that it was thrown out? https://hwbot.org/submission/4187812_
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