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  1. @_mat_ Just wanted to give a shout out that Benchmate seems to be working very well and want to thank you for all the effort you've dumped into it. The online submissions seem to work great and that's a plus for sure!! Keep up the good work! ~Jon
  2. My friend, it's been a bad year at my house. 9 months, wife finally landed some part time work. Sold my hot rod 1981 El Camino. Sold my 1997 Escaper 5th wheel camper. Son on and off temp jobs all year. Right now debt outweighs the income, lucky to still have a place to live at this point. 10$ a month I cant even do that much. Tell my personals so there is a clear understanding that this is probably one of the worst times to ask for donations. Only because donations could better be used to people that need it more. Unfortunately, I do not have a patreon account. Nor can I find the strength to swallow my pride. For that, hats off to HWBot for having more balls than myself.
  3. I can do that. Will have to wait till later after work though.
  4. I have included in my recent bad ass submissions on socket 462 the tweaks used in notepad in the screen shots. Is that useful in the submissions then? Or should I just comment on my own subs with this information? Also have screen shots that lead up to the final submission. Should I include those in my submission from now on? Sometimes I have like 9 or more screen shots, probably cant fit them all though....
  5. Cool. I have Socket A on the bench right now. valid.x86.fr/cbpfzc ---- I just want to enjoy the hobby as it is. If you guys want me to tell a mod a tweak, cool. I'm game. Will follow procedure. Thanks for acknowledging my idea and propose a thread. I think something like that would be helpful to encourage new comers when they visit the site. It's like a little bit of sugar to help them get started off. I'm only looking at this from outside to help. Not go circles with it.
  6. The secrets die with our generation and mother fuck the rest of the members. Gotcha noted. Dont expect people to come and tell a mod they found a tweak. That's as laughable as listing the tweaks for each bench. Stalemated.
  7. AGREED!! But the tweaks thing. Is the cheating so big an issue "suddenly" where we would need to actually address this in the fashion that we are? Should have done that 10 years ago when this was popular. Better late then never?? Where you here 10 years ago? What differences from then till now can you see where we can make these improvements?
  8. No, you must have missed my point. To make an even playing field, the rules need to state what's ok to use and what's not. It's not about handing things over. What was it now? Hit run and win?
  9. That wont happen. You know that. The new guys probably dont even know to look. Find buried threads for tips and tricks? Look on forums that dont exist because half of them closed from lack of OC interest? You guys are reaching here.
  10. I'm on the correct team for any tweaks, bios mods and anything in between. Your comment is focused at the new guys not me unfortunately. I dont need to "earn" anything. I've been participating at the bot since beta rev 1.
  11. That was sloppy. For points, I'm not explaining tweaks to any moderators here after being asked for donations. My donations should give me a free pass to bench however the heck I want too.... lol. edit: That was more of a joke in case you missed the lol at the end.
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