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  1. Yay points for everyone!!! Sounds like better things to come. The hardware grinders should have their place too. Good ideas.
  2. I should come in crying more often eh??!! Nice job gents. On the right track!!
  3. Thank you sir Der8auer! Would be nice to have some more frequent updates on the progress, ideas and inspiration from you. That's all we really ask for. Keep us informed, we can live happy with that!
  4. or just bug fixes to what's currently running
  5. Unfortunately, Alby leaving isn't my concern. That's HWBot's concern. Our team's concern is keeping my team optimistic and hopeful. With a 15 month total wait time for any improvements or just bug fixes to what's currently running, plus the years already before hand, my team is dwindling. Replacing star benchmarking individuals is super difficult as it is. Need to teach recruits from the ground up. And then there's no competition left for the few extreme benchers of the world. We cannot maintain a team with nothing to look forward to. We cannot maintain a team with diminishing
  6. 8 more months... Can you define first gear? What exactly is the phase 1 plan? Why does the public remain in the dark? Why can't we fix the current bugs now? That's 15 months from OP to first gear. Let the issues just keep piling? We're benching in the dark over here. Just want you to know and acknowledge that. (To whom it may concern)
  7. This is super important. We are having trouble keeping team members interested in continuing the competitive overclocking sport/hobby. Concerns of closure due to non profitable business transactions and/or lack thereof, leads many to believe the worst. Many people are no longer optimistic with little to no feedback, many in the community guessing "that's it, you're at the end" is a sufficient way to describe an outcome.
  8. 3215 users this season submitted (2020)
  9. Ehh. I've been holding my breath for Half Life 3 and died a few times along the way....
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