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  1. Not sure on hw sharing rules specifics. It is after all a competition and not just benching for fun.
  2. Sorry I'm not into Intel processors. So any suggestions I have would be to buy a better motherboard....
  3. Funny but why such a low clock speed? You're only giving the hint away that end result sandbagged subs will be submitted later.
  4. Oh if thats normal then my apologies!! I did get it download and ran the benchmark. Thank you
  5. Trying to DL 482MB HWBOT X254 benchmark. It's pretty slow, over 20 minutes to receive entire file. My dl speeds test ok? PING ms 14 DOWNLOAD Mbps 175.53 UPLOAD Mbps 11.79
  6. Looks like a pretty decent overclock. If it's stable for gaming, then your on the right track. How do the temps look?
  7. Its about time. Do what you gotta do. I aint taking personal stabs from any one. Here or anywhere.
  8. Hello! Hopefully we didn't offend you in some way to make you magically leave for seemingly no reason. If you needed information, you could have contacted one of our three team captains. Be well, hope it all works out for you..... Jon
  9. cpuz core cuts.... Well you always have to validate core 0 only. So if other cores draw too much from the 12v rail, its time to shut them down, increase current and increase overclock. Not me. I run naked Ryzen 7 2700x at 4500mhz on 4 cores plenty fine. Not many of my personal needs extend beyond the need for increased core count even gaming. You can see at Warp9-systems.com I like that hwbot lets us cut cores. I learnt processor does tricks!!
  10. So state the reasons. Whatcha trying to hide? Entire team? Hardly but I bet we could summon a few more members here to explain to you what legacy means. You obviously dont get it...
  11. Here we can only play by the rules. If its accepted, then we deal with it. I personally like most of the benchmarks. Having variety is good. Nobody says you have to run x benchmark.
  12. its a competition to beat another score. If I have the same tweaks as you, why would it matter. If you need advice for old hardware and legacy benchmarking, swing by warp9-systems.com and do some learning or relearning. If not, then perhaps some other teams forum. The way you word it.... Like people cheating. No.... Its people taking the time to use legal known tricks to beat your score that you where to lazy to tweak out a bit. Reservez rightz to pull man card. Instead of bitching about tweaks, try practicing them and then become an overclocker. (In general, not solely directed to you.) Wow you over clocked DDR4 on windows 10. Such a hard core oc addict man. (In general, not directed solely to you) But who ever said competition was easy any ways. Just because my Nike looks cooler than your reebok pumps, doesnt mean I can run faster.
  13. I have a couple recent submissions with TEC cooling. It is strictly TEC on top of cpu, not chilling a liquid with the TEC. I choose water chilled category which is somewhat accurate, but not really at the same time. I run geothermal or a tap to drain liquid cooling. Im not decided if thats chilled or not but I submit using chilled category. Can an admin help with proper category for geothermal and or TEC?
  14. The legacy benchmarks is what started HWBot and the need for people to feel competitive and be rewarded for it. If you haven't or are not willing to run Legacy benchmarks, then (in my opinion not at any one here directly) your not a bencher. you haven't experienced it, you can't be it. Perhaps some game benchmarks to gather the gaming crowd. Lots of titles with built in benchmarks. Shit even Crysis. The old saying.... Can it run Crysis? lol.
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