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  1. A very over complicated HWBot the past few years. Can we add points if I OC with a hat on please?
  2. I use Tap to drain liquid cooling with a water delta that's usually under 10c all year round. I'm honest and make submissions under the "chilled" category.... as it should be.... However, I do run a TEC sometimes and haven't a cooling category for submitting, so I think the last time I did it, posted it as stock on an air cooler. WELL I LIED!!!! HAHAHAA...... But I'm already extreme league. Should it matter then?? The Athlon 220gewas done with a TEC for cpu-z and was running roughly -15c with some idle temps as low or lower than -30c. I've asked before about a category for TECs so I can submit properly, but am forced to LIE about it unintentionally. Yes.... I use TECs. Help me help you help others help HWBot get it straightened out. 👊 EDIT: That's TEC to Cpu.... Not TEC chilling water FTWs.
  3. Im in. Hope you fellas don't mind if I cuss like a sailor. haha
  4. Go to forums and at the bottom, request HW. Give all requested info, screen shot, cpu-z validation (stock) vender links.
  5. Wango Tango I Overclocko!! We should rock the HWBot forums more often. Good tunes!
  6. When I joined there was no such thing as cooling categories. It should have stayed that way. Liquid on the rocks any one? I prefer whiskey.... but hey who's chilling that cold anyways.
  7. Perhaps the hwbot forum should create content of it's own to attract readers. New content at least daily. Heck ANY type of electronics content would bring readers to this forum. Stagnant it remains without HWBot being actually active. Reviews write ups, comparisons, testing, modding pictures, videos, eye candies.... Most popular thread..... "Is overclocking dead or dying." That's no good at all. I don't wanna read threads like this in the worlds overclocking database forums to be frank. Yea, that's right. Just hit that little like button down there.
  8. OK thank you Mat sir!!! Your answers really help me to understand how Benchmate works, and I think it will be a good thing. Keep up the good work!
  9. That's pretty sweet. I'd like to see the old Aquamark wrapper removed. Didn't like it then, don't like it now, especially when my driver crashes mid bench!! lol. So on that note, being a wrapper as it is, when a benchmark fails, how will the wrapper handle it? Will it automatically close itself if errors are found such as a driver crash ect?
  10. Of course I use W7. (or earlier). I have a much better understanding of benchmate and it's implementations now. Thank you for the explanation. I am wondering about Aquamark for example. Is the old wrapper going to be removed or doubled up by benchmate? Assuming I am running W10 and AMD for example?
  11. @bolc This is still in the works. Meaning not finished yet. It's worked on everyday. Give them some time friend. Rome wasn't built in a day you know.........
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