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  1. On 9/11/2018 at 5:02 AM, Leeghoofd said:

    I hope Frederik can resolve/fix some annoying bugs like the links that don't work, etc

    Biggest issue is

    Ehh. I've been holding my breath for Half Life 3 and died a few times along the way....

  2. Ah well. I have all my screen shots saved. Even the ones that where a lead to my final submission here.

    I'll fill the OC museum at Warp9-systems with them to preserve. 

    You all are more than welcome to fill our museum. And you dont have to worry about filling out a form or silly rules. It's just for show and tell.


    Again, that's Warp9-systems OC museum. Hope to see some of you guys pop in some subs!!

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  3. 14 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

    Well I took a decision: if nothing changes before the end of year , I'm ejecting and will leave this site/scene behind me. I'll support the site till Country Cup is finished and then its up to somebody else to steer this rudderless boat. 

    I feel sad because Roman and Eike are both one of a kind and are true sports and I feel like I'm abandonning them. I can't imagine how it is to be in their shoes right now.  9 months down the road and they still can't get access to the code. I guess it  must be even more frustrating for them than me, as they invested heaps of cash. The Bot can be so much more but it requires constant attention, something which has been neglected for years now.

    I'm getting drained, day by day. Users don't understand why all of this is happening. It is so frustrating and exhausting that emails regarding serious bugs and requests remain just unanswered. Currently  the bot is crawling, adding/removing rules/stuff and moderation is a nitemare or just even a plain no go. Now the 504 error is back again. Only leaves me to wonder what's up next?

    Less than 3 months left, enjoy it while it lasts....

    Thank you Alby. Just thank you. I've enjoyed Bot for many years. Thank you. That's all I got left. Just Thanks dude.


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  4. Lol. Whatever. It shouldn't even be part of the discussion from veterans any ways.


    Still all for gamers taking interest in hwbot.

    Compare gaming benchmarks is what kids want to see. 

    YouTube gaming comparisons is probably some of the most watched tech videos. 

    It ain't about the cheats but bringing some variety.

  5. 17 hours ago, TerraRaptor said:

    1% is still too much. 

    Do you? I'm quite sure you won't catch me if I start cheating. 

    I'm nowhere close to be hardcore gamer yet I was playing Asphalt8 for a couple of years - rankings in one of the most popular games were full of cheaters. Even online events had lots of those. I think that most AAA titles with online functionality (so that they offer human vs human competition) also implement quite serious protection against cheating - auto aim, trainers etc and still they have a lot of such issues. And those protections also make things more complex for usual gamers, so why hwbot shouldn't implement the same protection for its 15y heritage?

    I don't need to catch you, the submissions have moderation. And they KNOW exactly when something doesn't look right. 

    OK, so the benchmarks that DO give points across the board are known stable and consistent

    Gaming benchmarks would just help bring people to HWBot. 

    But if you want to venture off to gaming cheats vs benchmark cheats, you're in the wrong section of the forums for that. HWBot isn't a gaming platform, but should cater to the benchmark, which, if I'm not mistaked, "auto aim cheats" simply just do not apply. 

    Anyways, you'd get caught cheating here. If you want to have a challenge and put cheats to use, try the socket 462 platform and see if you can even touch the legitimate benchmark submissions first, then we'll talk.

  6. 15 minutes ago, TerraRaptor said:

    Simplicity in general is also simplicity to cheat and take high spots. HWBOT was and is database of results in different benchmarks. Making simple validation will ruin the validity of this database - people are people and cheaters will exploit that simplicity to gain top rankings. Look at Aquamark - first only screenshot of am3 window was required, then screenshot in am3 pasted into paint plus cpuz/gpuz, then wrapper - just because there were too many cheaters using simplicity of early validation rules. 

    99% of people don't take the time to cheat. 

    We all know who did cheat in the past.

    We all know (for the most part) when a score looks completely out of whack.

    We all know the cooling categories are cool, but using Dice and saying it's "chilled liquid" is bullshit. 

    It's a bullshit excuse to over complicate something that people should have ease of access.

    Yes BenchMate can focus on this aspect, but really needs 100% implementation to work. It needs to be able to fill out the entry for completely and truly so that it's a viable approach to a situation that's not getting better.


    Then, nobody really knows about HWBot. What some 2000 people might actively benchmark every year out of 7.5 BILLION people on the planet at least half with some sort of access to a computer??? 

    It's a Niche thing that had a hey day like bell bottoms. We can hope it comes back some day.


    I really think a gaming category to focus on gamers would be a very smart move 

    All in my opinion respectfully.

  7. Just now, Mythical tech said:

    Which is why something like benchmate has the potential to really help. I know a lot of people hate it but it might be needed to keep hwbot alive and keep new people coming in. 

    I can't sell a half working program. The "submit" button is useless. Then the little bugs that come with it. I was getting it to just not work correctly being on the edge of stability. It's counter productive in this aspect. Must be filed to the desktop for the verification pop up to appear. 

    What happened to just set it up and run it, screen shot, put in a little information and done. 

    The stuff in the form that is not required to submit a score should be completely removed. It just makes it cluttered and confusing to new users.

    People like/need simplicity. We really should head that direction imo.


  8. 2 minutes ago, rbuass said:


    All that is at every single OC forum that's still around. The OC information is easy to come by.

    But yet.... all the OC forums are dead. 

    So unless people search specifically for overclocking forums, they find non active or very little activity on these forums. They get the info needed (mostly all OC knowledge is public) and they move on. They don't even register most of the time. 

    But you're right! How do we get people interested in this?? It won't be easy bud.

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  9. 1 minute ago, TerraRaptor said:

    I also thought OC is out of interest for most young folks in my country until I recently joined local HW channel in Telegram - people do overclocking with their setups, test 'em in games and discuss interesting modding projects. The thing is HWBOT is not interesting for them. Interest in OC doesn't mean participation in hwbot. Casual overclocking/benchmarking is alive, hwbot should just find the way to invlove these people into community.

    But that's the thing. I actively look to recruit from the most popular forum in the world right now.

    99% of them are just interested in setting up, minimal tweaking and then off to the games. 

    There really is not a lot of interest to overclock. Cpu and Gpu released with no head room. none. 


    Not like back in the day when you could eek out 500mhz from a cpu (on average) and really gain performance percentage figures.


    So being actively trying to actually FIND and recruit people that take an interest in competitive benchmarking (cooling and scores set aside) seems to be a very limited crowd. Super limited. I've found 1 recruit, brought him aboard and he's enjoying himself. Thankfully.

    The HWBot thing was the hardest part and we all had to assure and encourage him.. He was getting frustrated with HWBot, rules, submitting legitimately and move on to the next bench. It so hard for a new guy to come along and work with HWBot. Took this gentleman probably a week to get one good legitimate submission in. That sucks. I can't sell that.

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  10. The submissions should be made easier imo.

    It's difficult to get new recruits to figure it out by themselves. Each recruit requires his hand being held through the entire process.

    Most of the younger crowd looks at userbench and havent even heard of hwbot.

    This information is self collected. Spent the last 6 months or so at LTT. I'm the only one to ever mention hwbot at that very popular forum.

    However I'm not allowed to advertise, so I have to be careful when I do mention hwbot.

    Also, processors and video cards boost themselves. There's absolutely no reason to overclock. Mostly mentioned in forums to simply enable XMP and PBO and done.

    OC days are gone unless BIG and drastic changes are made....which probably ain't gonna happen. It's a dead end hobby unlike RC cars or crafts.

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