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  1. Just a PSA, For those who think they can just look at retail photos to see if the sticks they are buying are a1 or a2 DO NOT trust it. Some retail photos are not what actually ships to the customer. So again, do not base your purchase off of retail photos, best thing you can do is google the model number of sticks you plan to buy and find customer photos of the kit to see where the capacitors are. Also, i cant confirm or deny this capacitor theory, but my a1 sticks definetly have the capacitor above the notch and my 1 kit of a2 do not. So it would appear to be a plausible theory.
  2. Awsome! You're just growing up so fast......Have fun at the big kids table, don't let them bully you around and don't let them steal your lunch money.
  3. Isnt it also the staffs job to disclose in advance ALL the rules of a competition before the competition begins. Like you confirmed these "bugs" were known about for a long time, why wait until last minute to change the rules thus causing some people to have wasted maybe hundreds of dollars in cooling trying to strive for what they believed was an acceptable score since rules said nothing about a points cap or whatever. Thats like playing an entire card game, and being one hand away from winning the prize thanks to a bunch of wild cards you luckily got and then dealer says "oh yea we decided wild cards wont be counted at all". In my opinion, stop trying to blame benchers for mistakes that the staff makes. If there are known "loopholes/bugs" make it known in the rules that things wont be accepted. If i tried blameing customers for oversights i made that caused them to have the ability to cheat the system, my boss would have a stern talking to with me. .....and thats all i have to say, i think. Enjoy your day/night.
  4. Xtpoop is bugged, has been for a long time. It spits out crazy scores. Its been "fixed" more times then i feel like counting....needless to say thank goodness whoever works on "fixing" xtu doesnt have a job that could harm people, deathcount would be real high by now.
  5. Either weekend for me. Ill be there for at least a few hours one of the days. I live 2 hours away so no hotel for me. Just myself will be attending.
  6. Hopefully your "artwork" is more finished then your screen shot is...becuase it looks like your missing some stuff.
  7. thanks guys. think they still have a little left in them. just need the CPU to cooperate.
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