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  1. Nicely done mllrkllr88 ! very sporting of you too ;) I live too far so dont really count me, just felt the need to appreciate your gesture !
  2. nope .. nu ajuta plus vezi ca eu nu am vrut sa scot team info, doar bestOC, fix ca la der
  3. la ce field ? ca nu am field bestOC si restu incercat dar nu-l afecteaza
  4. hehehe, sounds like fun, well I could try, think 3core hyperpi will work too ? btw side question, howd u make ur sig so clean ? I can remove the best oc no matter what
  5. can I ask you to fix this one too ? http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2363540_ I dont know why they are posting like this
  6. rofl, now I dont know how that happened sorry and thx
  7. yap, tried doing that but without much success but heres the funny part, I also tried disabling all but 1 core from bios and same fail
  8. guys I spotted something odd, submitted some e6300 stuff and its not being rated right, I mean this here http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2363525_ It says 1 of 1 .. now I know Im 2nd ) and there are more submissions there now the CPU is selected correctly, if you click on it from within the submission, it does go to the e6300 page.. a glitch Im assuming, perhaps something thats already known, but in case its unknow TIA Dan
  9. anyone know this one ? not a big deal .. but Im constantly missing this one because it either wont run on win7 or wont run at all on multi cores I know Ive seen ppl do it, but how ?? TIA Dan
  10. oh I see, somehow I never think like a cheat bad cheat,but also bad cop I guess in this case I actually like no1, the avg, motivates you to try for higher and also affects the old score, as it has been matched, meaning it lost from its status no matter what
  11. actually imo it should be the other way around, efficiency should be first, so smaller mhz = higher score, since its a more efficient run
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