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  1. Very nice! If off all cores without 3, result must be 5500-5600 MHz around.
  2. Probably, the question should be singled out as a separate topic. Need advice on choosing a best motherboard for 4980HQ. It turns out that 1) Gigabyte does not support Crystal Well (4980HW is the flagship of this line). 2) Asrock incorrectly detects voltage, so, unfortunately, OC Formula is also bypassed, example my Z97 showed in BIOS: CPU Vcore 0 - + 4.080V CPU Vcore 1 - + 4.080V CPU Vcore 2 - NA CPU Vcore 3 - NA 3) Crystal Well works correctly with 87 chipsets, but not always with 97. I have to choose from what is left. So, It is unknown how it will work with the Z87 OCF. Someone has experience with CrystalWell? I found few articles in web https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/feature-high-end-intel-z87-motherboard-shootout/temperature-power-consumption-overclocking-35 but here not Xpower, Evga. Favorit here is VI Extreme. Also add VRm list, from Z87 best - Xpower, but Evga Classified not presented, so the list is not final, not to mention the overclocking capabilities.
  3. Gigas have got issues with Crystal Well (4980HQ is top this), so i warmly treat gigabytes, but in this case it is an insurmountable obstacle.
  4. Thanks for answer. First OCF i`m bent pins (my bad) in socket , attempting finalised lost of one. Mobo starting but only ten minuts a worked. Next 4 months this mobo see many attempts to solder this one pin. As final - lost next 5 pins. Next two repair mans did not want to do anything. The fourth agreed to re-solder the socket, re-soldered it twice, but the result is disappointing. Today I went on a 5 trip, this time a service center. Second OCF - first day has been trouble with IO bios, rewriting, but the first time it did not turn on. There could be attempts to turn on, but after a moment it went out. For a month I tried to work with her, I even made three validations on XTU. It was a successful binned 4980. But then it got worse. Overclocking became impossible. In the end, the last week at the tenth minute, everything began to freeze hard without overclocking, even if it was possible to start it for the hundredth time. Today, she also went to the same service center
  5. I have got two Z97 OC Formula, but both sadly with issues. Maybe couldnt to repair. CPU is 4980HQ and 5775C . I ordered a third one. But the repairman told me today that this model is not stable, they are buggy, he had 30 pieces, and all are buggy. What can you advise? I have compiled a short list of possible applicants: Z87 OC Formula MAXIMUS VI EXTREME MSI Z87 Xpower Evga Z87 Classified MAXIMUS VII IMPACT MSI Z97 Xpower Evga Z97 Classified Any opinions to appreciate.
  6. I just missed the video where you talk about this. https://youtu.be/hASk0Pmotqc Now I'm looking. I have wanted this radiator for a long time, already for a many of years, several times the deals fell through.
  7. Wanted TFC Monsta radiator.
  8. Thank you Semen. I hope 2500C9 have got true Powerchip? Luumi very like model this ram.
  9. I purchase yesterday 2 modules - one 2500C9 and 2nd - 2133C9. 2Gb sure both. I can't find any info about chip on this ram. 2500C9 i know - PSC. But 2133C9 - Elpida? BBSE?
  10. Awesome offer. history here! As far as I understand, a very small number of boards have the required connectors for this OC Touch Controller?
  11. Number here a absolutely amazing, better then most on cold. What is your's setup water rig?
  12. Kashtan

    Z97 OC Formula

    Buy direct from China, please close.
  13. Kashtan

    Z97 OC Formula

    Look on all offers.
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