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  1. Both wearing t-shirts, shorts and sporting bad hair...definately something going on there, LOL!
  2. Says blocked because no resolution shown...resolution is noted in detail tab. http://hwbot.org/community/submission/2147444_rickss69_3dmark2001_se_geforce_gtx_580_109889_marks
  3. Yeah, go ahead and record your Lightning Bones, haha...
  4. Please be certain to follow the rules by posting your submissions at OCA to be certain you qualify for any prizes. Don't forget the official wallpaper as well... EDIT: You must also register at OCA to be eligible.
  5. I remembered...delete the dll file in the folder.
  6. Does anyone recognise this error at the end of a run?
  7. Well, I have no dog in this fight but if the screen is not proper then I say it should go to the next submission. Lord knows if it were anyone else the same would be said. The rules were spelled out from the beginning. Limitations: - Only use motherboard manufacturered by MSI. - Only make submissions with a GMA HD videocard. - Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig. - A verification screenshot is required. - Only use driver version: 2202 - Retail hardware only - Only members of Latin America, North America may participate. - CPU-Z mainboard tab must be visible - Use the official competition wallpaper: DOWNLOAD
  8. Wish I knew what he said. That score won't hold up tho...no modding here.
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