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  1. Wow, congratulations! Would have expected Samsung B-Dies as well, but just got the press release after I saw this as forum topic. According to it the used Micron E-Dies offer better temperature/voltage scaling with less hassle than other ICs ("plug & play experience" to quote OGS).
  2. Kudos to G.Skill for keeping these competitions alive with an even increased cash prize pool!
  3. Asus Maximus X Apex (UEFI 1301) + Core i7-8700K
  4. The kit was just part of a review aimed at mainly gamers for daily usage, so unfortunately not. But the kit is still here. So if I find some time for additional tests, I can add some results here.
  5. Only ambient usage here, but had the same G.Skill kit with SK Hynix H5AN8G8NCFR-TFC a few months ago. The kit was HCI-Memtest-stable e. g. @ 3866/16-20-20, 3600/15-19-19 and 3333/14-18-18 at 1.35 Volt if you care about scaling. I raised tRCD and tRP simultaneously, so maybe one can handle lower values.
  6. So you mean you don't want us to test if our antivirus software actually works, get rich in a 100 % secure Bitcoin casino, buy Viagra for the very best price and meet with all the ladies that are desperate to get to know us? How dare you, sour looser? 🖕
  7. For me it's interesting to see that Vince's run is faster for all finished batches after the first one with an advantage of up to 28 ms after batch 9 finished. From "Batch 19 finished" to "PI value output" however his system needs 114 ms, while Slinky is noticably faster with 98 ms. At first you might think that the higher-clocked 7980X with faster RAM outperformed the lower clocked 7960X with slower RAM in this phase of the benchmark in some way, but watching at the statistics segment it seems that some small hickup with Titan V #2 lead to the loss of the WR. Slinky's values are way more even in comparison. Anyway, congratulations!
  8. It's a shame that the likely highest % overclock for any Intel CPU ever goes unnoticed for several days and is worth 2.0 hardware points and 6.1 hardware team power points. I still think a ranking/reward for OC in % would be appropriate to reward the effort and awesomeness and motivate people to push even harder. Anyway, kudos to WYTIWX. Fantastic result, very well done!
  9. It's a mobile CPU with locked multiplier, so unfortunately not.
  10. How could I miss this? Very well done, great result! I just like that you guys kept it at 5-5-5-15 in Dual Channel. :ws:
  11. Had 2 × 8 GiByte G.Skill TridentZ F4-3200C16D-16GTZ (dual-ranked) with BIOS 1001 + R7 1700X and wasn't able to achieve DDR4-3200 (air-cooled with up to 1.2 Volt SOC and 1.4 V DIMM IIRC). However even at DDR4-2666/16-16-16-36* the real world performance was on par with single-rank B-Die modules at DDR4-3200/16-16-16-36*, in some cases (7-zip compression) even distinctly superior. I have not tested the new BankGroupSwap option yet, but from my point of view dual-ranked E-die can be a great alternative to single-ranked B-die depending on your setup. * not squeezed out obviously
  12. What is the purpose of this thread? By listing all NDA-breaking (/not NDA-impacted) sites you just build a complete source list for everyone watching out for Kaby Lake info before the NDA officially ends. Just put the site name plus "Kaby Lake" into a search engine and you're ready to go.
  13. I can confirm it appears with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Actually I would like to see a statement by the administration as I have the apprehension that neither the links nor the placement are approved.
  14. 2006 @ XS forum: "What's up with Hwbot? It's down again." 2016 @ Hwbot forum: "What's up with XS? It's down again."
  15. Well, I guess it's complicated or I'm just really out of it. When I was trying today to install the Intel OpenCL runtime v16.1 x64 at first I got a message that it's not possible to install it, if there's an Intel graphics driver installed. Ok, so I just removed the graphics driver as I'm not using the IGP at the moment anyway. Then at next I got the "a higher version of the OpenCL runtime for Intel Core and Xeon Processors is already installed" message. So as suggested in the GPUPI guide I deleted the OpenCL key including all subkeys in the registry at path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\OpenCL. However the OpenCL runtime installer still complained that a higher OpenCL runtime version is already installed. So I removed the whole OpenCL folder from C:\Programs (x86)\Common Files\Intel\, too. As you can imagine that had no effect as well. (I made backups of the registry key and the folder.) So at the moment GPUPI doesn't recognize any OpenCL CPU driver and the most recent OpenCL runtime installer claims there's a higher OpenCL runtime already installed. :banana: When I tried to run GPUPI yesterday different batch/reduction sizes made no difference. Apparently I have/had OpenCL 2.0 driver installed.
  16. I would like to run GPUPI 2.2 on CPU, but after the step "Compiling OpenCL kernels" I get the message "Error: Could not create series term kernel 0!" It's the same with the 32 and 64 Bit exe. (Runs fine on GPU though.) Is anybody familar with this issue? System: Win 10 Pro 64 Bit, Core i7-6700K, Asus Maximus VIII Extreme (1701), Geforce GT 650 (359.06) HPET is enabled, GPUPI uses Intel OpenCL 2.0
  17. Have you tried right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing the option called something like "showing windows side by side" already? The Super Pi window should appear on the screen in a way similar when you move a window on the left or right side of the screen in newer Windows versions.
  18. WTF no 64 bit version?! Just kidding, excellent news for retro bencher! :woot:
  19. Well, after curved displays curved mainboards will be the new hype! Bent like this --> :banana:? It's easier that way to put it into a washing machine, right?
  20. Wrong keyboard! You have to use the old one.
  21. Welcome! Have you tried raising the core frequency only? With 1.2 V Vcore it's for sure possible to push the core frequency further, but cache frequency is another topic.
  22. Epic score! A stable power supply sometimes really pays off.
  23. Folks, unfortunately I'm not able to offer help, but I want to say I honor the effort you put into benching these old machines. :ws: The oldest PC I've ever used had a 286 CPU inside, but it was DOS only. At least for me it's very interesting and I'm crossing my fingers for your success. While waiting for the next button to respond you can have a watch at this video. Those guys will tell you how incredibly fast a 486 actually is. At 6:37 for example you can see how they were benchmarking hardware in the 80s.
  24. I don't know the normal value, but 6.4 MB/s shouldn't be the real performance of the used Seagate HDD. HDDs produced at the end of the 90s should deliver at least an average double-digit transfer rate. The graph shows a rather steady transfer rate, which is common for flash devices, but not single disk-based storage devices. If not seriously hold back by the read/write head performance HDDs transfer rates are significantly higher at the outside of the discs due to the increased radius at the same rotation speed. Steady transfer rates are a hint for a bottleneck, likely interface-related (PIO mode etc.). 76.2 % CPU usage might be a drawback of course.
  25. Welcome to the Hwbot forum! Hm, what's exactly "low profile" in your eyes? The 780T has enough place for tall coolers, so why limit the cooling capabilities by installing a tiny cooler that needs high rpm fans to achieve mediocre cooling performance? I mean if you prefer low-profile coolers there should be a technical reason for it, so maybe you could tell us about it. Maybe you are using RAM with tall heatspreaders or you just prefer top blow coolers over tower coolers? But these also vary a lot in size and cooling performance. Real low profile air coolers like the Noctua NH-L9a (total height 3.7 cm) are mainly designed for a max TDP of around 65 Watt. An A10-7850K (95 Watt TDP) might be manageable depending on your daily-usage conditions (low case temperature, not much full duty, mainly idle state), but an full-duty overclocked operation is just way out of the operation range of any low profile air cooler. The only way to get such amount of heat under control would be to add server grade air throughput, but that means server grade noise too.
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